Yeehaw 3D: The Best 3D Printer for Kids

Parents may need to buy a much bigger stocking to fit the Yeehaw 3D printer, recently launched on’s crowdfunding site. The Yeehaw is reasonably priced at an early bird special of $249 and is the perfect initiation or upgrade for younger techies. After the special expires, the printer will retail for $500. Printing control is done through a web browser, an app is scheduled for release.

3d printers’ designs and functions are updated and refined every year. A decade ago these type of printers were primarily used by engineers, product designers, and small groups of hobbyists. Now the product’s outstanding prices and the range model creation process has been addressed. This holiday season the consumer market continues to expand and target younger users. Yeehaw is recommended for use at school or in the home and is compatible with macOS, iOS, and Windows.

Yeehaw +has added LED “emotion lights” as status lights to keep you informed about your job’s progress. The printer’s design is completely see-through adding to the educational value. Another plus, the printer calibrates, updates, and monitors itself, totally eliminating the need for machine adjustments by users. There is a one year limited warranty included.

An important selling point is its simplicity, the company claims to be the most user-friendly 3D printer currently on the market. Yeehaw has received both the Red Star and Red Dot Design Awards in part because of the sleek appearance and size. Stylish design and details belie the special features included for newbies of all ages. A clear cover is included for protection of little fingers and to reduce operating noise. Tilt sensors trigger an automatic stop of the print session when the machine tilts or the door opens; the retractable nozzle will lift out of the way eliminating the chances of getting burned.

Yeehaw boasts a database of over 2,000  open-source software choices for printable toys. These are all royalty-free under a Creative Commons (Share-Alike) license, the company gathered projects from various online sites, including Cork Pals and SkullBot Thingiverse pages. The device includes the capability to upload personal .STL model files and creation of new designs.

For the adventurous Yeehaw provides the ability to create your own models using a 3D builder feature in the app. Blocks are used to build your masterpiece on a grid, very simple models are the only option at this time, reinforcing it as an excellent selection for children. Despite the extensive selection of models of toys that can be made, users and testers do find the build time to be slow when compared to other pricier models. Completion of a project may take as long as 6 hours.

3D printers can improve school projects as well as entertain your children. They can work with models that are provided or import their own, adjust the shapes using a ruler or other measuring tool to obtain correct dimensions, and combine a set of shapes to create a detailed model. Both middle and high school students can develop Grade A projects. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) academic programs are the perfect match for 3D printing, reinforcing the vital aspects of the program. These printers further information interpretation skills and problem-solving abilities. Abstract ideas are actualized in a matter of hours. This technology has proved invaluable for English Second Language and at-risk children who are unable to process information at the same rate as their peers.

Educators welcome the stimulating challenges while students fine-tune such skills as sequencing, while creating robots, animal skeletons, and clocks, along with many other items. Missing puzzle pieces can be replaced to fit exactly where the original was slotted. Many schools are introducing the concept to kindergarteners, provide an early base for engagement and consideration of global issues. Adults can enjoy enhancing their décor making table lamps, Christmas tree toppers, and ornaments. Jewelry is another popular option. The truly committed can participate in online forums and communities to learn more and share ideas.

Some more affordable printers may shortchange the buyer with parts, or worse, poor assembly and operation guidelines. Yeehaw comes fully assembled and has no buttons or switches. The device’s footprint is only 21.25 x 13.5 inches, making it ideal for use almost anywhere.

Users need to install the Yeehaw app on an IOS or Android device and calibrate the print head. The app provides instructions to insure the print head is in the correct position related to the plastic base plate. This guarantees that the printed models will affix to the plate as the first layers are printed. The package includes a spool of non-toxic white 1.75mm PLA plastic filament, additional spools are available in several colors and cost about $30.

Yeehaw3D is just one of Indiegogo’s triumphs, the project met 280% of its $25,000 goal and continues to evolve. Indiegogo’s success is the ability to transition an idea to the investor and marketing stages. The group partnered with Amazon Launchpad and coordinates shipping, allows companies to sell products directly, and provides the Order Management platform to track deliveries. Another outstanding collaboration with is with Target, the second-largest discount retailer in the United States.

Yeehaw3D started a campaign for the project with perks for donators. Posts appeared on Facebook and Twitter, strongly contributing to the positive activity. Early campaign backers are rewarded with a discounted price.

Overall, the low price does not reflect less power, quality of prints or true speed of 3D printing. This is the real deal for imaginative creativity. In addition to reading this review, browse the site to place an order or watch the video to explore more detailed information. Yeehaw delivers a unique product to make toys and models, enhancing your child’s potential.

Most consumers want high quality at a good price, duplication is not an issue. It is highly unlikely, given its track record thus far, that certain rumors will affect sales or services for customers of Yeehaw3D. However, gossip was circulating about this company. Allegedly, the Yeehaw 3D printer is similar to one in development at Xiaomi Incorporated, an Apple-like power in the technology industry.  Online sources state that leaked photographs of Xiaomi’s positioned Yeehaw’s rock star launch.

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