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10 Rules of Success According to Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor and heartthrob best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Avengers franchise. Other notable Hemsworth roles include Rush in which he stars as 1970s formula one legend James Hunt, the Huntsman in Snow-White and the Huntsman and the 2012 American horror comedy The Cabin in the Woods. The blockbuster star has revealed his top ten rules for success in a series of interviews over his career which we can apply to our own lives. Hemsworth is a great role model for embracing success in any field. Hemsworth embodies the God of Thunder in and his career is going from strength to strength.

Here are his top ten rules for success.

1. Just go for it

Hemsworth admits that he told his career guidance teacher in school that he wanted to be an actor. When the teacher asked him what his back-up plan was he said I don’t really have one. He said that acting was all he wanted to do with his life so he simply put his head down and went for it.

2. Enjoy the Process

If you focus too much on the results then you are not present in the moment was the great advice that he took from Robert Downey Jnr on the set of Iron Man. Hemsworth was feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering how he would pull it all off. His focus was on the forthcoming series and his ongoing role in the Marvel Avengers franchise. Downey Jr reminded him to reflect on what a great opportunity it was and that it was important to have fun.

3. Do things your own way

When faced with playing a real life character, James Hunt in Rush he was confronted with the challenge of dealing with multiple different perspectives and views on how to approach the role. He said that at a social event many people approached him to chip in their opinion and offer advice about how to tackle the role. In the end he determined that he needed to emulate James Hunt and to do it his own way.

4. Face your fears

Hemsworth’s best known character is fearless and laid back. Plainly nothing scares Thor but Hemsworth asserts that it’s important to face your fears day by day. He believes that frequently what scares you the most doesn’t actually exist.

5. Find your path

Hemsworth had an unusual upbringing and his road to stardom was not obvious. His parents worked on a farm in an aborigine community. Hemsworth credits this in part with sparking his imagination After finishing school, determined to be an actor he spent some time laboring until he got his shot.

6. Work with remarkable people

Another Hemsworth rule for success that we could adopt for more successful lives is to work with amazing people. Hemsworth recognizes the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast on Avengers. He says that he learned so much from the different styles.
Great bunch, watching the different styles. Incredible

7. Challenge yourself

Hemsworth acknowledges the role director Kenneth Branagh played with pushing him to challenge himself and look beyond himself to find new approaches to his characters. He says it is important not to limit yourself and not to limit your possibilities. Success is all about taking risks. Sometimes the risks will pay off and sometimes they won’t but it is all part of a learning journey.

8. Have an insane work ethic

Hemsworth is a living example of an insane work ethic as a key to success. His approach to putting on muscle bulk and maintaining it should serve as great motivation and encouragement. The grit he exhibited to get into incredible physical shape to play comic book superhero Thor is inspiring. He described eating (and not fun eating) as being hard but he was determined, put his head down and did it.

9. Work with enthusiasm

Working with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard on Cabin in the Woods gave him a great insight into the need to handle all tasks and roles with enthusiasm. He was deeply impressed by the energy and buzz that the two created on set by their relentless and infectious enthusiasm.

10. Have fun

Of all the rules for success that we should adopt, the one that Hemsworth epitomizes the most is to have fun. His net worth is in the region of $60 million but for all his success the most lasting impression we have of the dashing actor is that he's a funny man and best loved for his characteristic goofing about in interviews and on set.


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