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10 Things You Didn't Know about Harry Glaser

Periscope Data is one of the leading companies in the data processing market. The firm has designed a platform meant for data scientists that allows them to create highly-detailed, custom-capable visualizations at a very quick rate. The company serves over 900 customers and is continuing to grow larger every day.

This firm was founded by ex-Google-employee Harry Glaser and his friend Tom O’Neill, a former Microsoft employee. These two decided to partner up in 2012 – and it was an excellent choice, as we can see today. If you are considering working with or investing in Periscope Data, you might want to learn a little more about the people in charge. In that case, check out this article about Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Harry Glaser.

He Has Identified Three Essential CEO Tasks

Glaser is an excellent CEO, and he has even shared exactly how anyone else can do just as good of a job. The first task that any CEO must perform in his list of three is to set the company’s vision. You must do so in a way that fosters clarity and transparency in company goals. Next, you should build the best possible team. To do so, you have to make the right hires and promote a strong company culture. Finally, Glaser states that a CEO should never run out of money. The best way to do so is to refuse to delegate this task to a subordinate or other executive.

He Loved The Last Jedi

While the new Star Wars films have been a source of some controversy, Harry Glaser is still a big fan of the series. In fact, he even expressed some love for The Last Jedi. He noted that it was the first film in the series since The Empire Strikes Back to introduce some new storylines. It also brought the Star Wars universe into the future, went against old tropes of the series, and served as a vehicle for further developing the key characters.

He Has a Five-Step Process for Succeeding in B2B Sales

Periscope Data focuses on selling primarily to businesses. For this, Glaser has developed a five-step method for customer retention, the most important factor in B2B sales. First, one must understand the user by finding out what their precise needs are. Next, a B2B entrepreneur must understand the client’s business and why one’s product is needed. Third, you must map the sales process. This means you will find out who is involved in the process and when their involvement occurs. The fourth step is identifying your competition. You must figure out what it is that sets your company apart from the rest. Finally, understanding churn – that is, cancelled subscriptions – is crucial. After you identify why it happens, you can work on preventing it from happening again.

He Is a Game of Thrones Fan

Harry Glaser is a big Game of Thrones fan, having read the books and watched the television show. He actually prefers the show, as he feels that it is a more effective storytelling vehicle. First off, the viewers don’t have to wait ludicrous amounts of time for the next installment. Another important factor in the television version is that the time constraints mean that the storyline must be condensed. The removal of irrelevant information makes it far more interesting overall.

He Was the Top-Ranked CEO in San Francisco

Based on a list created last year, Glaser was the best CEO in San Francisco. This list, hosted on, uses a variety of metrics to determine CEO rankings. The most important factor is that the ratings come from employees – giving Glaser a direct boost from the team he has so effectively led over the years.

He Is Against an Invasion of North Korea

Harry Glaser took a smart stance on any potential invasion of North Korea. He stated that it is a “large economic and humanitarian dead weight”, and not worth taking over. He mentions that the invaders would need to feed millions of people, tear down prisons and work camps, and completely rebuild North Korean infrastructure. All-in-all, the effort and money are not worth the land.

He Is Set to Speak at the SaaStr Annual Conference

At the 2018 SaaStr Annual Conference, the theme will be “How to Move Forward: Build, Measure, & Scale Diversity & Inclusion at Every Stage”. Harry Glaser is set to speak here on February 8th, and he is a great candidate for it. He has established a diverse and inclusive company culture, and one that is dynamic and marked with strong collaborative efforts. The discussion of the values, policies, and strategies he used will be important for any attendee to consider.

He Recognizes the Importance of Early-Stage Hires

One of the best things a start-up can do is hire the right people right away. According to Harry Glaser, doing so “becomes a flywheel” and will lead to hiring more good people. After all, if you make smart, diverse hires people will be more inclined to work for your company. They will be drawn in by the talent, but not scared off by a homogenous company culture.

He Helped Periscope Data with Massive Financial Gains

Harry Glaser was a driving force behind Periscope Data doubling their financial gains. And not just once, but every three months since they launched. Due to Glaser’s insistence on handling the company’s finances, as well as his instrumental role in obtaining new hires, he could be considered the main man behind these gains.

He Recommends HTML as a First Programming Language

When asked whether HTML or Python would be better for a child’s initial foray into the programming world, Harry Glaser advocated for HTML. Not only does the markup language provide instant gratification, but it also works as a gateway into “real” programming. Plus, HTML is a great way to get a kid to create their own content, even if it’s just a WordPress blog. The importance of content creation is something that Glaser believes in – people should create more often than simply consume.

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