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10 Things To Expect from Ferrari's Upcoming LaFerrari Spider

LaFerrari Spider

The rumors are out. In fact, they are spreading all over the internet. The 2017 Spider is the only product that is connected to the LaFerrari’s future. Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari’s new CEO, conducted an official interview, his first, and identified the rumors about the Spider to be produced, as true. He also was very clear in his recent Automobile Magazine interview that the company has already approached customers who may potentially be interested in the new vehicle.

Whenever speculation becomes news, one prudent course of action to take is to learn what experts in the automotive field expect of any vehicle not yet produced. In the case of the LaFerrari Spider, several sources are making reasonable speculations based on Ferrari’s previous designs and values.

The Price Tag

What often makes the news first is the expected price tag. In this case, as of May 5, 2016, the German website for auto sales, has one unit already listed. The ad on has the Spider listed at €5.1 million, which translates into approximately $5.8 million. Experts think that this price may be excessive, but that potential buyers should still expect that the Spider sticker price will exceed $3 million.

The Amount of Spiders for Sale

It is expected that the number of Spiders offered for sale will be quite limited. Rumors put the number to be built at 50, lists the number of units at 70, and educated estimates believe that there will be less than 100 sold

The Exterior Design

Though prototypes haven’t been circling the Fiorano track for testing yet, design experts expect this supercar will feature distinctive design elements from the LaFerrari to be incorporated in the above the waist area, while below, it will retain the structure of the coupe. In this way, it will retain the unique features that set the LaFerrari apart from other Ferrari models, but rely upon the strengths already inherent in the existing Ferrari coupe.

This new drop-top will have a redesigned roof; most likely constructed with a carbon-fiber panel which can be removed. This will be a significant change from the standard LaFerrari, which has a roof with a slight bubble. This new roof design will give the new Spider a sleek silhouette. When the roof is up, the car will share a similar profile with its sibling coupe.

Expect the Spider to have compensations for the extra drag inherent in its drop-top design. Its aerodynamics will need adjustments, such as possible new wheel designs. But drastic modifications are not expected because Ferrari has already developed finely honed designs which work precisely well. Keeping these intact facilitate production and keep costs reasonable.

The Interior Features

Ferrari has a tradition of luxurious interiors infused with elements of race car design. The cabin should feature surfaces covered with the softest Italian leather, and there should be iconic finishes in two tones throughout. Retained should be the instrument cluster, which may be customized for the driver. The center console and steering wheel will retain their clean design which maximizes driver comfort and accuracy. Ferrari will use its trademark carbon fiber throughout to reduce vehicle weight.

The Engine Specification

It may be the most powerful and fastest production Ferrari in history. Based on current specifications for existing models, it is expected that the car will have a conventional 6.3-liter engine in V-12 format. This engine should provide approximately 780 horsepower and 516 pound-feet in torque. The engine will be combined with a HY-KERN unit in a hybrid drive train. The additional unit should add over 160 units of horsepower, plus 148 additional torque pound-feet to total 950 units of horsepower coupled with twist of 664 pound-feet.


The Overall Aerodynamics

Because the Spider will be a convertible, its aerodynamics will be altered slightly from its sibling models. It could take longer to reach 60 mph from its standing start than the LaFerrari. It could take the Spider 3 seconds, while it takes the LaFerrari approximately 2.8 seconds.

The top speed for a LaFerrari is 217 mph. The Spider may top out below 210 mph. It may also take the Spider longer to complete one Fiorano track test lap than the LeFerrari, which currently can do it in about 1:19 minutes. Though speculation has been high that the Spider will be the fastest Ferrari ever, depending on its design and aerodynamics, that claim is yet to be met.

The Fuel Consumption

Where fuel consumption is concerned, comparisons must be made with the Spider’s siblings because their numbers are derived from the two design inspirations for this new supercar. The coupe gets about 14 mpg overall. The LaFerrari is said to emit 330 grams of carbon-dioxide for each km driven. The LeFarrari uses a lithium-ion battery for its all electric power operation, but Ferrari has not released its official specifications. The Spider most likely will have either of these configurations for fuel, or may be a new hybrid of both.

Driver Enjoyment

The one thing that potential owners seem to crave is the enjoyment they hope to derive from driving the Spider with the top down. Two benefits include being able to hear the powerful V-12 engine it may have, and the chance to have unlimited headroom. Taller owners obviously prefer the latter, but anyone who enjoys gazing at the scenery while driving obviously will appreciate the feature as well. One additional universally welcomed aspect of Ferrari engineering is the legendary smooth ride it produces.


There is no doubt that the Spider is intended to replace the LaFerrari, which is totally sold out.

Ferrari needs to offer another multi-million dollar vehicle with the same kind of exclusiveness to remain profitable. Most experts view this time as a new marketing opportunity for the company; which only required waiting until the hugely popular LaFerrari to sell completely. Now, Ferrari can unveil a new and exciting, very exclusive product, which is only offered to select buyers. This is the right recipe for success over many years.

Pro and Cons

Experts who love the proposed new Spider look forward to its high performance level, power, unlimited headroom and exclusivity.

Experts who are not enthused cite its extremely expensive price, the likelihood that it may already be sold out, and the fact that anyone not already on the Ferrari preferred customer list cannot buy it.

As speculation continues to mount through 2016, Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari CEO, confirmed with Automobile Magazine that the Spider is currently at some point in development and that its future unveiling will take place sometime soon.

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