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10 Things You Didn't Know about REDX CEO Mark Leck

Mark Leck is the CEO of REDX, which is a Utah-based corporation that helps real estate professionals throughout the United States fulfill their full potential. He started out with a focus on the tech side of things, but like a lot of entrepreneurs, he possessed a wide range of skills, as shown by his current field of focus. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Mark Leck:

He Lives in Springville, UT

Leck lives in Springville. To be exact, Leck lives in the Springville that can be found in the state of Utah. For those who are curious, it is considered a commuter town in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area, which leads into the next point.

His Business Is Based in Silicon Slopes, UT

Leck's business is situated in a region called Silicon Slopes. Primarily, said region is centered on Salt Lake City, UT. However, it includes both Provo, UT and Park City, UT plus their surroundings as well. Like its name suggests, Silicon Slopes is famous for being home to a number of IT and other tech businesses, which explains why Leck's business is situated there.

His Business Is SaaS

REDX is an excellent example of SaaS. In short, SaaS is short for software as a service, which is something that has been becoming more and more popular in recent times because it has a number of upsides compared to the traditional model. For example, SaaS means that the users can be sure of having the latest fixes and features, thus providing them with the most capabilities as well as the best performance.

His Business Helps Real Estate Prospecting

Speaking of which, REDX specializes in using data for the purpose of helping real estate professionals with their prospecting efforts. In other words, the business help its clients find potential customers by using solutions that are grounded in information collected from the real world, meaning that it can help them produce better results than otherwise possible.

Leck Co-Founded REDX in 2003

In 2003, Leck and others co-founded REDX in Provo, UT. There, the co-founders were interested in helping real estate professionals by coming up with a solution to the issue of expired leads. However, considering the other products and services that are now available to interested parties through REDX, it is clear that the business has undergone a fair amount of continuous evolution over the course of its existence, which is to be expected.

Leck Was Responsible For Creating the Solution

Like in a lot of cases, each of the co-founders of REDX brought a different set of skills to their endeavor. As a result, each of the co-founders took on a different set of responsibilities. For example, while Leck was the one to create the solution to the stated problem, others were responsible for setting up the routine operations that businesses need to run.

Leck Was Instrumental In Securing First Strategic Partner of Significance

It wasn't long before REDX managed to secure its first clients. However, it is interesting to note that Leck played an important role in securing REDX's first strategic partner of significance in the form of Mike Ferry, which is a business that specializes in providing real estate professionals with training. As a result, this partnership provided REDX with a huge boost in its efforts to expand its scope to encompass the entire nation instead of being restricted to a single part of it.

Co-Founded United Angels Foundation

Besides REDX, it is interesting to note that Leck is the co-founder of a nonprofit called the United Angels Foundation along with his wife Amber Leck. For those who are curious, said nonprofit is a support group of parents with children with special needs. However, it provides other services as well such as educational seminars to help interested individuals tackle relevant challenges.

Provide Others with the Same Comfort That They Received

The Lecks co-founded United Angels Foundation because their daughter Aubrey was born with Downs Syndrome even though they had undergone the usual round of tests and other examinations. As a result, the news came as a devastating blow. However, the Lecks were comforted by a nurse named Kathy during their time of need, who sympathized because she had had a child with Downs Syndrome of her own. This is one of the primary reasons that the Lecks have gone on to co-found the United Angels Foundation.

Decided to Broaden the Scope of Their Nonprofit Because of Interactions with Others

Initially, the Lecks wrestled with the question of whether they wanted their nonprofit to focus on parents with children with Downs Syndrome or not. However, when Leck spoke with a friend who had a child with a rare birth defect, he realized that the two of them had gone through similar challenges, which is why the Lecks decided to go with the broader focus.

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