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10 Things You Didn't Know about Lucia Goy

Women are still underrepresented in law. According to the American Bar Association, 34% of women are in the legal profession, while 66% of men are in the legal profession. As a result, some women seeking to pursue law may feel the odds are against them. However, some women have not allowed the underrepresentation to kill their spirit. Some women have become successful lawyers, and one such woman is Lucia Goy. Lucia Goy is a Spanish lawyer who currently runs her firm called Goy Gentile Abogados. She has five college certificates and has four awards under her belt. She worked as a professor before co-founding her law firm. So, what else is fascinating about this lawyer? Here are ten facts you didn't know about Lucia Goy.

1. She is Fluent in Four Languages

Spanish is Lucia's mother tongue. Other languages she speaks include English, French and Italian. Since she worked and frequently schooled in the United States, it is possible she learned English there. Her fluency in French and Italian stems from having an Italian mother and a French father.

2. She Has a Strong Desire to Work With International Clients

Lucia found it extremely limiting to work with only local clients. She realized this while working at Uría Menéndez law firm in Madrid. Also, she was aware of her parents' different nationalities. As a result, her desire to interact with people from various countries grew. Furthermore, her parents took her to do her Masters at Harvard Law School, which further solidified her desire to think internationally.

3. She Received an Award From FPDGI

FPDGI awarded Lucia the 2021 Princess of Girona Foundation Business Award, following her impressive academic record and solid professional development. According to FPDGI, their award is meant to recognize young entrepreneurs driven to build a just world in a globalized setting. Since the role of a law firm is to promote justice, it is fitting she would get this award. She received this award during an event held in Toledo. Those in attendance were the mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón; the third vice-president of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño; the president of the Toledo Royal Foundation, Sandra Falcó; and many other important guests.

4. Her First Job Was at a Spanish Firm

Her professional career began when she joined a Spanish law firm named Uría Menéndez. She gained taxation and asset management skills by working in the law firm's tax department. To further improve her skills, she worked at American firms; Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom and Davis Polk & Wardwell. Eventually, her skills made her gain the confidence to start her law firm.

5. She Intends to Open Branches in Lisbon and Miami

As a company continually expands, it only makes sense to open more branches. Also, companies expand so that people not in a particular region get access to certain services. The latter reason drove her to consider opening offices in Lisbon and Miami. To be able to expand in the future, she would habitually connect with her partners in Spain. Through interacting with partners, she hoped that the partners would introduce marketing tools to help her reach clients who require legal support.

6. She is Interested in Working with Asians

She noticed a high demand for international business and residence in Spain from Asia. However, doing business with another country entails a lot of red tapes. As a result, the client may decide to look elsewhere to do business. Also, not everyone is familiar with their country's laws, let alone laws from another country. She expressed her interest in working with clients from Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam to make it easy for them to do such businesses without worrying about such procedures.

7. She Assists Clients Obtain the Spanish Golden Visa

Immigrating into Europe is challenging. For instance, you will usually be subjected to questions through an interview to get a visa. Fortunately, you can obtain a Spanish Golden Visa, which is not that difficult to get. You only need to have made some investments in the country to qualify for the visa. Lucia's law firm specializes in immigration law. Her firm offers legal advice on how to obtain the Visa. Besides legal counsel, she also supports clients by facilitating their arrival in another country with the Visa.

8. She Received Job Application Rejections

With her success, one would easily assume that she was always successful. But, unfortunately, this could not be any more wrong. For instance, she sent her resume to several law firms in New York and got rejected. However, here is a twist: a law firm, Davis Polk & Wardwell, which initially rejected her, decided to accept her job application.

9. Companies Advised Her Against Starting Her Firm

Whether it was due to her youth or age, it is unclear why companies warned her against starting her law firm. Thankfully, she did not listen to the naysayers and started her law firm, which later grew.

10. She Faced Challenges Running Her Law Firm in the Beginning

Initially, her law firm was simple. She had one desk and a computer. Despite not having a big office, she struggled financially to keep it afloat. In the beginning, she did not get many clients. As a result, she nearly hoped. Luckily, some of her mentors were kind enough to recommend some clients to her.


What inspires you most about Lucia Goy? From her journey into entrepreneurship, we can learn how to run a successful law firm or any other enterprise. First, she was willing to take risks. A lot of people discouraged her from starting her law firm. This habit is common with most people today. For instance, they will usually focus on the fact that you could lose your money and forget to focus on the possibility of being successful. Also, as an entrepreneur, you need to think internationally. Normally, people start enterprises to meet the local needs. In a sense, that is limiting yourself financially. By working with different countries, you get an opportunity to earn not only from your country but also from foreign countries.

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