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10 Things You Didn't Know about Jason Murray

Jason Murray is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known for his role as the CEO of a logistics company called Shipium. The company provides technology solutions for supply-chain management and it has done quite well under Murray's leadership. Who is the leader of Shipium and how did he become successful in the technology industry? We looked into his personal and professional background to learn more about his secrets of success in a rapidly evolving business world. We made some fascinating discoveries to share in these ten things you probably didn't know about Jason Murray.

1. Jason Murray is a co-founder of Shipium

Crunchbase confirms that Jason Murray is not only the chief executive officer of Shipium, but he is also a co-founder of the business. It's his first entrepreneurial venture, but it has paid off in a successful operation that offers tech products and services that are in high demand in the shipping industry. He is a native of Bellevue, Washington, in the Greater Seattle, Washington area.

2. Murray is a computer engineer

His LinkedIn profile reports that Jason Murray is a computer engineer. He attended the University of Washington where he studied in the engineering program. He entered the school in 1992 and graduated with his BE degree in Computers in 1996. He is a computer engineer. Jason interned as a software developer at Intermec by Honeywell from 1993 to 1994.

3. His first job was at Bsquare

After Jason graduated from the University of Washington, he landed a job at a company called Bsquare in Seattle, Washington. He was a software development engineer. On the job, he built and lead the Bsquare platform layer, a version of Microsoft's WDM. He was involved in various technical aspects of software development at the company. He spent three years and six months on the job before leaving in June 1999 to pursue other career interests.

4. Jason Murray spent 19 years at Amazon

Upon leaving Bsquare, Murray had the opportunity to join the team at Amazon. In June 1999, he entered the company as a senior software development engineer. After spending four years and eight months in the position, they promoted him to the manager of software development position. He spent almost a year and a half in the job, before they moved him to a new job as the senior manager of fulfillment by Amazon Technology.

5. Jason Murray climbed the company ladder at Amazon

In 2010, Jason got promoted to the director of inventory planning and optimization at Amazon. He spent a little over three years in the job before his promotion to vice president of forecasting & supply chain. Approximately three years later, he was named the vice president of retail systems and services, where he stayed until May of 2018. Murray achieved success when he ended his 19-year career at amazon in an executive position leadership. He learned a lot along the way in his upward climb. It helped prepare him to go out and pursue a new role in his career as an entrepreneur.

6. Jason Murray co-founded Shipium in 2019

Murray is a first-time business owner. Shipium is a company he co-founded with a partner. It signals a new chapter in his evolving career. He became the chief executive officer of the business. It's his first experience in the role, but the company is thriving under his leadership. His many years at Amazon helped to prepare him for the position.

7. He is a good negotiator

Jason Murray and his team spent months on the pitch deck for Shipium, looking for venture capital investors for fundraising. Their goal was to find investors to support the growth and expansion of Shipium's e-commerce logistics platform. They successfully attracted and secured the financial backing of wealthy investors, bringing in $27.5 million in a Series A round of venture capital funding. This feat tells us that he's good at getting his point across. He is also an excellent fundraiser. It's tough for new companies to find investors willing to put their money into a business that is only a couple of years old.

8. Jason Murray is an innovator

Go Skagit names Jason Murray as an innovative leader. He gets credit for helping Shipium develop and achieve its goals with technology recognized as "world-class." They credit his engineering skills, at least in part, as the reason for the company's success. He and his partner Mac Brown bring years of experience as executives from Amazon and Zulily with experience leading teams in the supply chain industry.

9. Murray is an award-winning leader

Jason Murray and his partner Mac Brown are recipients of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Pros to Know for 2022 award. The duo received recognition for outstanding leadership and accomplishments in the supply chain industry. Murray gets credit for owning the software and operations that power the company's platform. He was publicly recognized and acknowledged for his engineering skills and ability to solve complex scaling problems. He and his team have received more than 360 nominations in 2022.

10. Jason Murray is a humble executive

Murray doesn't take all the credit for the success of his company. When presented with the most recent award they won, he acknowledged the team for its hard work and commitment to achieving success. Mr. Murray believes in giving credit where it is due. He showed this aspect of his personality by pointing out the strengths of the Shipium team by giving full credit for their successes to them. It's refreshing to find leaders quick to build up the people who help make their companies run and publicly acknowledge them as the main instigators in company achievements and successes. It's part of being an exceptional leader. Murray has a solid reputation for sharing the limelight with others. He understands that without the hard work of others, Shipium would not have become a success.

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