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10 Things You Didn't Know About David Wright

David Wright

David Wright is an American businessman and entrepreneur currently serving as the CEO of a startup called Pattern. He is a dynamic leader who has taken the company from its infancy to one of the largest in its class in just five short years. We wanted to know more about how he built this company from the ground up to become so successful.

After looking into his personal and career history we made some interesting discoveries. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about David Wright and might find helpful if you're an entrepreneur just getting your start.

1. David Wright co-founded Pattern

According to Crunchbase, David Wright is not only the chief executive officer of Pattern, but he is also a co-founder of the business. Pattern is an analytics platform that has achieved remarkable growth to bring it to world-class status in five years. He has served as CEO since the company's inception.

2. He has a proven track record of success

Most new companies either make it or fold within the first few years of their establishment. Wright led Pattern through the make or break period skillfully, achieving uncommon goals. While most new businesses struggle in the early years, Pattern has experienced growth in its revenue for four out of the five years. The total revenue growth of Pattern has exceeded 300 percent which is astronomical for a young company. David Wright has proven himself and his leadership abilities.

3. David Wright has built an obsessive culture

The company culture of Pattern is obsessive, but it positively reflects this idiosyncrasy. Wright emphasizes the company culture around the success of Pattern partners. Remarkably, the company's customer retention rate is nearly perfect. The analytics firm has successfully attracted a massive array of customers and it has served them so well that the attrition or drop-off rate is minuscule.

4. David Wright is a serial entrepreneur

Pattern is not the first company that David Wright has co-founded. Before pattern, he and Melanie Alder founded a business called iServe. iServe is a tech company specializing in analytics, compliance, marketplace and marketing, retail, and sales. iServe was founded in 2012 and launched in 2013. The startup uses its analytics platform to help companies drive growth and develop their unique brands. iServe also grew into a successful tech company. The company's headquarters are in Lehi, Utah.

5. He holds down two jobs at the same time

David Wright is a dynamic executive who serves as the CEO of two companies at the same time. Both iServe and Pattern were founded in 2012 by Alder and Wright. David has divided his time between the two companies, taking the lead and directing his teams of managers, and helping to develop the strategic plans for both companies simultaneously.

We can assume from this information that David Wright is good at multi-tasking. It's not often that an executive can hold down two high responsibility positions t the same time and make both companies successful, but he has accomplished the task.

6. He is a BYU graduate

According to his LinkedIn profile, David Wright is a native of the state of Utah. He attended Viewmont High School. After graduating, he enrolled in classes at Brigham Young University. He studied information systems management and accounting from 1996 through 2000. He earned his bachelor's degree and graduated with a cumulative grade point average of 3.95.

7. He worked his way through College

David Wright has a solid curriculum vitae that shows he is not only studious but also a hard worker who makes a habit of taking on multiple responsibilities at the same time. While he was still working toward his bachelor's degree, he also held down a few jobs. He worked at TenFold from 1998 to 1999 as application support.

8. He worked his way up the career ladder

After college, David has hired as a manager of database operations at a company called Autoliv in Brigham City, Utah. He worked at Autoliv from 2001 through 2004, leaving after 3 years to pursue other career endeavors. He went on to accept a job as the database team manager for the LDS Church in Salt Lake City.

He started the job in 2004 and spent 5 years, being promoted to the title of Director, Enterprise Information Management in February of 2009. He continued with the LDS Church for another 6 years.

He left to pursue other opportunities after working for the LDS Church for a total of 11 years. David gained a great deal of experience through the years spent working first as a support person for TenFold, then as a DB operations manager, and eventually director in middle management.

9. David and Melanie started their business from Alder's living room

Wright and Alder stand as role models and examples fro what two people can accomplish when they put their minds to it. They started Pattern in Lehi, Utah, out of Mel's living room. The pair used Amazon to sell fridge magnets. Now they use their fridges to show the numerous industry awards they have received for becoming the largest analytics and marketing business on Amazon by revenue. They worked hard and started the company on a shoestring, and went big.

10. David Wright has a sunny future

David Wright has a fairly impressive history. He has been a hard worker and sometimes works more than one job at the same time. Mr. Wright is doing remarkably well in his current business endeavors with iServe and Pattern. He continues to lead the company into its next phases of development.

We expect to hear more about him in the months and years to come. David Wright has an entrepreneurial spirit. He knows how to build a successful enterprise from the ground up even when he has to start small and grow it in other directions. He is a role model and a solid example for young entrepreneurs who have a dream to become business owners.

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