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10 Things You Didn't Know about Dr. Michael Gilbert

Dr. Michael Gilbert

What do you know about Semios CEO Dr. Michael Gilbert? You might know him as the person in charge of the company that is helping farmers all over the world figure out ways to maintain more permanent crops, but what about the individual behind it all? After all, knowing what somebody does for a living and knowing anything about them on a personal level are two entirely different things. As it turns out, Dr. Gilbert is quite an interesting individual in his own right, as evidenced by the 10 things listed below.

1. He’s trying to help feed the world

He understands that there is a worldwide food shortage and that's something that he's trying desperately to address with the company that he controls. In short, he's working to make sure that every person in the world has enough food to eat.

This is something that he has been working tirelessly at for some time now. Experts have been saying that there wasn't enough food to feed the entire population of the world for decades and it's a problem that he recognized early on. It's also something that he decided to do something about as opposed to just sitting on the sidelines and watching it happen.

2. He’s been involved in agriculture for more than 20 years

As such, he's been involved in agriculture for more than two decades. During that time, he has been honing his skills and gaining every piece of knowledge that he could in order to bring him to the point where he is today. Finally, he feels like he is in a position to do what he has always wanted to do, and that is to make sure that people have enough food to eat.

At the same time, he is helping people who depend on agriculture for their livelihood to ensure that they have a steady income instead of having to worry about whether or not they will have a crop.

3. He’s a scientist down to his very core

He is very much a scientist. In fact, he studied natural product synthetic chemistry and received a Ph.D. in the subject from the University of British Columbia. That is a very specialized niche, one that only the smallest percentage of people decide to pursue.

He is hoping that his pursuit of this subject matter will provide big returns in the way of making crops more sustainable, helping people have more dependable income and ensuring that there is enough food to eat in the communities which are often hardest hit with these types of issues.

4. He’s also a humanitarian

As you can see, he is quite the humanitarian. He is using his knowledge as a scientist to try and help people find practical answers to very real problems that people struggle with on a daily basis. That's honorable in any case. It's especially impressive when you consider the fact that he could place his focus almost anywhere, yet this is where he chooses to utilize his talents.

5. He’s using cutting-edge technology to make things happen

There's no doubt about it, he's using the latest technology and big data to change the way that people grow crops. It's one of the first times that this type of science has been used to make a positive influence on farming communities. At the moment, that focus is placed squarely on crops such as those that grow on trees and vines. Eventually, he hopes to be able to move the technology into all types of farming.

6. He also has experience in research and development

In addition to having a great deal of experience in agriculture, he also has better than two decades worth of experience in research and development, a very rare combination. That puts him in an almost perfect position to do the types of things that he is doing at Semios. Without his education, skill and experience, it would be virtually impossible for him to achieve the things that the company is achieving. In fact, it would probably be difficult to even envision those things.

7. He founded the company himself

One of the things that genuinely sets him apart from other people is that he founded this company. He has a much bigger stake in it than just being the CEO. He set out on a mission years ago to help farmers develop more sustainable crops and solve many of the world's problems with food shortages. Virtually every step that he has taken since that day has brought him one step closer to this point in time. That's a tremendous amount of commitment, not to mention the ability to see a clear path at a time when these types of things weren't even being dreamed of.

8. He’s driven to an extreme

There's no doubt about it, he has more drive than most people could even hope to muster up in a single lifetime. He definitely doesn't let anything get in his way. Once he realizes that something needs to be done, he puts his head down and figures out a way to do it, no matter how much time or effort it takes to accomplish that goal.

9. He’s a proud family man

He may be very dedicated to his professional mission, but that doesn't mean that he isn't dedicated to his family as well. In fact, he couldn't be more proud of his children, something that he makes very clear in many of his posts on social media.

10. He likes to enjoy the little things in life

He also says that there's something to learning to enjoy the little things in life as opposed to becoming so focused on one thing that you start to take things for granted. That's precisely how he has managed to become so successful in his professional life while still having time for his children, and even a few moments for himself every once in a while.

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