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10 Things You Didn't Know about Aaron Levant

What do you know about Aaron Levant, the founder and CEO of NTWRK? You might be surprised to know that he has one of the most unique business ideas ever conceived, that of using a smartphone app to conduct what amounts to a QVC-type trade show event featuring celebrities. It doesn't sound like anything that would be even remotely successful, yet it has proven to be tremendously so. Obviously, it takes someone that is fairly special to pull something like that off. That probably makes you want to know more about him, so here are 10 things you might find interesting.

1. He’s been creating ways to make money since grammar school

Levant says that he was thinking of ways to make money since he was a nine year old who thought of his very own car magazine. The thing is, he didn't just think of the magazine and then let it go. He thought of everything from the stories to the layout and made it something that people would want to read. In a very short amount of time, he had a successful business with this magazine, circulating it to practically everyone he knew and even a few people that he had never met before his entrepreneurial endeavor. That's not bad for somebody that hasn't even reached the age of 10 yet.

2. He loves Hollywood’s red carpet

He says that he has always had a soft spot for Hollywood's red carpet and as such, he has thought of ways to bring everything about the fashion, the style and the celebrity into a single environment, the company that eventually became NTWRK. He says that celebrities now have an opportunity to become the voice of a particular brand that they are fond of or even to sell something that is close to their heart in their own right, and it all can be done through his app. Of course, it also provides an avenue for celebrities and fans to connect on a deeper level, something that many people are looking for these days.

3. He finds ways to give people a voice

He also finds a way to give people from all walks of life a voice. It isn't always about celebrities selling something that they are fond of. It isn't even about finding ways to help them connect with their fans through a particular brand. He says that at its very core, NTWRK is about giving people a voice who may not otherwise feel like they have one. He's quick to point out that celebrities don't always feel like they have a platform from which to speak, despite their celebrity status. This provides an avenue to change all of that in a setting that is both comfortable and familiar.

4. He definitely isn’t afraid to try new things

He's never been afraid to try new things. In fact, he's constantly thinking up new ways to make money or something that he can do differently which has never been done before. He says that's part of the thrill of being an entrepreneur. The one thing he never wants to become is too afraid to at least make the effort. He says that anybody can dream. However, it's only the ones who are genuinely serious about their success who choose to take things to the next level.

5. He would rather try and fail than play it safe

On that end, he would much rather try and fall flat on his face than play it safe and never even have the opportunity to succeed. He says that so many people who want to start their own business (or do anything that they're not already doing) have a tendency to play it safe, refraining from taking that step. In the end, they end up wishing that they had at least tried. He's quick to point out that it's much better to make the effort and find that you're not successful than it is to be too afraid to take a chance because that is a decision you will always regret.

6. Despite being driven, he actually has a very casual demeanor

Entrepreneurs are often driven to the extreme, and he is no exception. Despite that fact, he has a somewhat disarmingly casual demeanor. He doesn't like to dress up, preferring instead to blend in with the crowd. He doesn't seem to get terribly wound up about things, either. As far as he's concerned, it's important to give everything in life your best shot, but it's just as important to sit back and see what happens once you've done your part. He says he learned a long time ago that you can't control everything, so trying to do so will only serve to drive you mad and you won't get anywhere in the process.

7. He likes to give credit to his team as opposed to taking it all for himself

He also prefers to give credit to his team as opposed to being a glory hog. As a matter of fact, he says that he can't stand it when people work together with others in order to achieve something, then take all of the glory for themselves. He says that these are the same people who will claim they had no responsibility in any of it when things don't go the way they were supposed to.

8. He sometimes baffles other people

It's not really that uncommon for entrepreneurs to be somewhat baffling. In fact, it's part of what helps them have the creativity and the drive to achieve the things that they do. However, he sometimes baffles people to the extreme. One such example involves developing a company that was immensely successful called Agenda, nurturing it and then choosing to walk away from it just when it seemed like everything was getting to a point that he could actually enjoy the fruits of his labor. Many people thought he was crazy for doing so, but he wasn't about to let what other people thought stop him from doing what he wanted.

9. He never finished high school

Most people don't connect successful entrepreneurs to people who dropped out of high school, but Levant did. Obviously, it has had absolutely no impact on his ability to develop one successful company after another, something that he continues to prove to this day.

10. He refuses to let stereotypes define him

He has always said that he refuses to let what other people think define who he is. People may not believe he can be successful because he doesn't do things the way that they think something should be done, but that doesn't mean that there isn't another way to handle things. He learned a long time ago not to let stereotypes bother him. In fact, he simply sees them as challenges that allow him to break down one barrier after another.

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Written by Allen Lee

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