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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Suzuki SV650

The Suzuki SV650 is quickly becoming known as the motorcycle that meets a load of requirements on the list of what a new bike should offer. It's one of those rare models that seems to have it all. If you haven't checked it out yet, then you're in the right place. Here are ten things about the SV650 that you didn't know but will be glad to discover.

1. It's the perfect beginner track bike

If you're in the market for a motorcycle that's suitable for new track riders then you can check this item off your list. It comes highly recommended for this purpose by experienced riders who appreciate its middleweight design and enough speed to be interesting without taking you past the point of no return if you have impulse control issues.

2. It's a naked sportbike

The SV650 isn't loaded with a bunch of funky features that you're probably not going to need. It offers a good upright riding position with good performance. It's a sportbike that gives you the purest performance you can imagine and if you want the bells and whistles then add them, but the odds are you'll be happier if you don't.

3. Suzuki replaced it with the Gladius and realized the error

Suzuki was under the impression that it was time to retire the SV650 and they replaced it with the Gladius which totally missed the mark. The new bike was equipped with the accouterments they thought would appeal to women but it was packed with too much and it simply wasn't the SV650. They attempted to rebadge it as the SFV650 but this didn't work either. It became evident that they dropped a notch in the niche they had once dominated, so they decided to bring back the SV650

4. The new SV650 came with enhancements

The new model received an upgrade to the design with over 60 new parts that enhanced the 654cc V-twin and raised the output from 71 to 75 horsepower. They also used new pistons made of stronger and lighter materials and introduced resin coated skirts to reduce cylinder friction. The result was improved fuel efficiency.

5. The SV650 runs better at low speed

Thanks to more upgrades, the new edition evidence improved low speed running. It has a new airbox with upgrades to the intake funnels that significantly improve the torque. It's spunkier and offers a smoother trot.

6. Engine temperature is better controlled

Thanks to the new radiator which has been combined with a liquid cooled oil filter and a bigger cooling fan, the engine temperature is kept in better check. This means less overheating when it's working hard.

7. The chassis was also revisited

Suzuki was on a roll with the new and improved SV650. They didn't forget the chassis when they were looking for ways to improve the design. We're told that the return of the bike spurred the engineers to design a chassis with over seventy new parts. A lightweight steel trellis-type frame replaced the aluminum of the original.

8. It has a new tank and seat

While they were at it, the Suzuki team took a look at the seat and decided to give it a new shape. It's 30.9 inches and is one of the lowest in its class. The gas tank also received a new shape and it's a bit narrower than the original but they didn't cut down its fuel capacity.

9. It's retooled for a total weight reduction

The new Suzuki SV650 has received a lot of work and with the replacement of old heavier materials, it's emerged from its cocoon. Technology is a wonderful thing and with new lighter yet stronger materials and some tweaking of the design, the new bike is about 15 pounds lighter than the one it booted out of its spot and it's lighter on the ABS version by 18 pounds.

10. It's a modern and improved version of its ancestor

The new SV is a modern motorcycle through and through but it bears the most remarkable traits through the DNA that it inherited from the first SV650. A few of the modern additions include a multi-function LCD dash display which also offers adjustable backlighting, Low RPM Assist function for help with accelerating from a stationary position and a one-push easy start system.

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