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A Closer Look at the 2022 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Erzbergrodeo

2022 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Erzbergrodeo

In 1995, the first Erzberg Rodeo was held in Austria. It' since become an annual event that kicks off in May or June that has grown to one of Europe's biggest motorcycle enduro events. It wasn't held in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions but it's coming back. KM with its Austrian roots has developed a new enduro bike to honor the event. The KTM 300 edition will be back in a 2022 XC-W TPI Erzbergrodeo model with a few extra's that make it a truly special edition. This could arguably be one of the toughest enduro bikes that KTM has ever produced in its class. Here is what we know about the new KTM enduro and when you can get your hands on one.

An updated Erzbergrodeo bike

A Ride Apart gives us our first glance at the bike with a pending release that is just around the corner. It's a bike that KTM has added a few extra trappings to that results in an enduro bike that is designed to better hold up under the rigors of hard enduro riding. The new 2022 model is based on the 300 EXC TPI that already features KTM's signature Transfer Port Injection technology, with the TPI distinction in the name. KTM left nothing to chance when assembling the blueprints for the design with input from riders who know the strengths and weaknesses of traditional enduro bikes. Their input was used to design the most robust and hardy edition of the 300 EXC to date.

What's new for the special edition enduro?

The 2022 300 XC-W-TPI Erzbergrodeo will be one of the best-protected machines on the track for the upcoming enduro season. New features include radiator protectors, be guards for the brake discs, protection for the slave cylinder, and a new skid plate that is ultra-lightweight, yet fully robust. This is the increased protection to make the bike more durable for hard riding across unforgiving track terrains. It goes beyond that. The new bike will come equipped with wrap-around handguards made of heavy-duty materials that keep the riders' fingers and hands safe from the debris and branches that are common hazards with enduro tracks.

Other enhancements

The special edition KTM Erzbergrodeo will also come equipped with pull straps in the front and rear that will make it easier for the rider to pull the bike through mud pits, sup steep inclines, and through challenging rock quarries. The engine map switch is a fast way to deliver power when in flight. It's also equipped with Metzler 6 Days Extreme soft tires that are designed to handle even the most rugged terrain. The 2-stroke 300 cc engine has been finely tuned with a lightweight and low down torque. The KTM TPI fuel-injection technology gives it outstanding performance and all the power you need in an established favorite for enduro riders in this class.


The design of the new Erzbergrodeo is unique and somewhat customizable. The handlebars can be mounted in four different positions to accommodate the unique riding style and preferences of the rider. They're made of high-strength aluminum material in a tapered styling. It's equipped with a handlebar map switch for fast and easy adjustments of the power curve between standard and advanced. The footpegs feature a self-cleaning design that helps you shed the extra weight you pick up from deep mud pits. The teeth help you to maintain a firm grip on the pegs for that extra support when needed.

All this and good looks too

KTM takes us further into the details of the new model of the Erzbergrodeo. It's fully loaded with the bran's power parts in commemoration and preparation for the special track event with the most that you can pack into an enduro machine. Dirt Bike Magazine expands on the graphics description. On top of the hardware and enhanced durability and protective components, this is one attractive enduro bike. It features the top of line unique graphics that give it the status of eye candy. It's adorned with special Red Bull Erzbergrodeo graphics with a frame finishing coated in racing orange, and anodized hubs on the factory wheels. The handguards are closed and the factory sat features a unique design that makes this bike look like a real speed machine.

Pricing and availability

The new 2022 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Erzbergrodeo will be released soon. It's a special edition bike that will be produced in limited numbers, although KTM has not yet disclosed how many units it plans to produce. So far, plans for distribution are set to commence with arrivals at dealerships in September of 2021. The price in USD is set to be $14,807.

Final thoughts

The track is going to heat up with more excitement for the 2022 Enduro racing season. KTM is making a new contribution with its 2022 300 XC-W-TPI Erzbergrodeo. Time is likely running out for you to secure your bike through your local KTM dealership. The bikes are set to drop at some time in September of 2021. We're just weeks and days from the release of this new hardline enduro bike that will feature a host of enhancements to make it even more track-ready with reinforcements and specially designed components that will help the bike to hold up under the toughest enduro track conditions. it's even equipped with protective and convenience features for the rider. It's going to be an exciting year for Enduro in the 300 class with this new rough and ready bike that is perhaps one of the most capable models ever produced by KTM in its class. We like what we see so far with its toughness combined with sporty curb appeal and a price that appears to be in line with what you will get for the cost. It's time for KTM fans to perk their ears and check it out before they're all gone.

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