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A Closer Look at The 1,063 HP Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar

1,063 HP Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar

Mercedes announced its work on the concept for the AMG One in 2017. The automaker was intent on producing a street-legal Formula 1 car. It's been in the works for half a decade. The 2022 Mercedes AMG One edition is the instigator that's stirred up all the hype. Those following the saga have been patiently waiting as Mercedes experienced numerous delays in the project. Mercedes took on the monumental task of engineering its finest efforts for the 2022 model year and the first of its kind for the brand. Here is what we know about the 1,063 HP Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar. At first glance, the new AMC One looks like something that came to us from the future. Its novel sculpted body creates an other-worldly aesthetic that feels foreign, but it grows on you quickly. Open the doors for another surprise. The dihedral styling draws them up and out of the way for a smooth entry or exit. The cooling vents in the front add to the mysterious and ultra-cool aesthetic that helps us understand why Mercedes took so long to complete the details of this model year. It's nothing short of stunning from a visual perspective.

A closer look at the 1,063 HP Mercedes AMC One Hypercar

Hot Cars picked up the news on the upcoming release of the new hypercar and ran with it. They were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with the vehicle. The production car representing a marriage of track and road rolled off the assembly lines, and here is what we can expect. The AMG-One comes equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo hybrid V6 power plant. It's matched with four electric motors. They placed two at the rear and the other two in front. The new street-legal Formula 1 car was worth the wait. the total horsepower generated by the power system is 1,063. It's on par with Formula 1 engines now used on the track.

A labor of love

Anyone with a fascination with fast cars can understand what it means to love an inanimate object, or how an engineering team could fuss over details, both large and small, in creating the hypercar of a lifetime, the likes of which the world has not yet seen. Hypebeast confirms that Mercedes presented the concept for the vehicle five years ago and it's taken all these years to bring the project to completion. It's the stuff that dreams, for many, are made of. Engineers studied current formula 1 hybrid technology to transfer the street-legal aspects to the AMG One. It's the first time they've achieved a production model with a high horsepower rating in a hybrid powertrain. If you're interested in its performance ratings, it claims to screech from a standstill to 62 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. The top speed is said to be 219 mph. Have we got your attention yet? But wait, there's more. Mercedes took out their microscopes to analyze every small design detail to ensure that everything offered a verifiable benefit for vehicle performance. Everything from proportions based on its mid-engine placement to the arches of the wheels and cool sculpting of the body.

Interior Features

Yahoo News reports that the interior of the new AMG One is stripped on the inside. Engineers made space for the driver and one passenger. The interior is matte black with a digital instrument panel and two 10-inch displays. Yes, there is an infotainment screen and it's in the center of the dashboard. It's equipped with cameras to show what's behind you through its rearview mirror. The pedal box and steering wheel are adjustable to ensure that the driver can find the optimal position. If you're familiar with racecars, the interior is inspired by similar features on the inside. You'll pay more attention to your driving than to fiddling with luxury bells and whistles. You'll be too busy trying to adjust to its Drag Reduction System and how to lower the downforce to hit the sweet spot for speed on the straightaways.

The exterior

The car is low to the ground and features a carbon-fiber body in a curvy and sexy shape with giant fenders in both front and rear. It also sports nine-spoke magnesium forged wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, a tiny waist, a dynamic scooped roofline, and a vertical shark fin with a huge rear wing for aerodynamics.

A dream for the masses

Mercedes is producing the 1,063 HP Mercedes AMG in a limited production run. Mercedes is only releasing 275 units for 2022. Although the exact delivery date for the vehicles has yet to be determined, it is rumored to happen sometime later in 2022. The price of the new street-legal Formula One car is set at $2.7 million per vehicle. Mercedes confirms that all 275 of the projected examples of the car have been sold on pre-order agreements. There are none left to buy. The high-performance hybrid has officially been sold out and the first unit has not yet hit the dealership or showroom floors. As expected, it's not going to happen as the new owners will receive their vehicles as they roll off the final inspection lines. Mercedes echoes our sentiments about the appearance of the new AMG One by welcoming casual browsers to the future, which is what we envisioned at first glance.

Final thoughts

The Mercedes AMG One is finally coming out of hiding and it's preparing for delivery to its new homes. Just 275 units will roll off the lines sometime in late 2022, to the owners prudent enough to secure their editions with a hefty price tag of $2.7 million. If you enjoy the sensation of flying when driving, we're sure that the new 2022 Mercedes AMC One won't let you down.

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