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A Closer Look at the 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium

2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium

The Indian motorcycle brand's Pursuit is the alternative to the Harley Road Glide. Indian's high-performance V-Twin is the answer to the question of competition among the brands with its oversquare engine that produces the rich revs with a boost in horsepower that's getting the attention of riders preferring a big bike but moving away from HD bikes. The Indian motorcycle company is delivering high on the elements riders value with a new sound, improved power and handling, and the aesthetics that get your attention long enough to discover more of the merits of the machine. We highlight the 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium as our pick for the star of the week as we investigate its advantages in the 2022 market and the things we don't like as well.

Overview of the 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium

Revzilla explains that the pursuit is the Indian brand's flagship model in the touring category, but it's no traditional touring bike. It's top-of-the-line with a design that gives the competition a solid run for their money. The new Pursuit Limited Premiums is the brand's next-gen series that has a lot to offer riders ready for a change. The Pursuit Limited Premium is inspired by the Indian Challenger with added technologies and all the bells and whistles you could imagine in a modernized dresser with more than meets the eye upon a casual glance. It's made for touring solo or with a companion on long rides. The name of the model is intertwined with its purpose, and determining what riders intend to pursue is revealed through experience with the bike and exploring its potential as a tourer.

What's new for the 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium?

Indian produced the first Amerian-made V-twin engine for a big touring bike. Since 2019, the liquid-cooled PowerPluse 108 ci with its oversquare design delivered 4.25 in of bore x 3.799 in of stroke. The compression ratio is 11:1. The powerful engine cranks 122 horsepower with 128 lb-ft of torque and it redlines at 6.500 rpm. On the exterior, it's eye candy. The black and grey theme with Indian branding is aesthetically stunning in a sophisticated and controlled application of class and style. It's equal to the Milwaukee-Eight in torque but exceeds the horsepower rating. It's the Indian brand's most powerful engine with performance on the high-end scale in the motorcycle world. New tech for the 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium is another load of new features. It's fully loaded with a seven-inch touchscreen installed on the dash with two LCD units below the speedometer and tachometer. The screens provide riders with essential information including fuel range and level, trip meter readings, and gear position. Riders can check the parameters of the systems through the Ride Command System. It gives readings and adjustment control options for the various rider aids, navigation, audio source, and ride modes.

Other bells & whistles

The 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium offers tons of extras that you would expect on a high-end motorcycle. For entertainment, it comes with Apple Carplay with a catalog of accessory add-ons and upgrades available. Other features include remote lockable storage, TPMS, LED headlights, keyless ignition, cruise control, and more. The premium package for the bike also offers the addition of bright chrome polished finishes for an extra $3K. The premium package also comes with a lean-sensitive ABS and traction control system called Smart Lean Technology, and a heated touring seat for rider and passenger comfort. The cargo areas are spacious offering room for almost thirty-six gallons of cargo. You can also add the optional Pathfinder feature for lean-sensitive lighting through the LED system. The adjustable rear suspension preload allows adaptation for varying weights of riders, passengers, and cargo. It's controlled through the touchscreen menu. It also has an adjustable electronic windshield with up and down controls on the right handgrip. It works best for persons under six feet in height with a choice of shield variations and tints. It's easy to change through the easy-access bolting system.

Handling and performance

The 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium is a heavy bike at almost half a ton, but it takes sharp corners well for a large tourer. It offers a choice of three ride modes including standard, sport, and rain mode, the latter of which is restrictive. The adjustable rear suspension is easy to control through an automatic system with a menu that is intuitive and accomplished with a tap or two on the screen to choose from three adjustment weight options for rider, passenger, and cargo weight. It works through servos that respond to the settings.

Pros and cons gives it a score of 87 out of 100. It's the biggest sportbike in the world with ample power, enhanced performance, and loads of electronic luxuries and rider assists. It's comfortable to ride on long-distance ventures. Reviews put it near the top for its attractiveness, powerful engine, transmission, ergonomics, and instruments. The seat is low for added comfort. The points cited for improvement or items on the wishlist for perfection pick the lack of adaptive cruise control, the excessive weight of the bike, and the fit and finish that could be jazzed a bit. The wet weight is 933 pounds and it requires stamina to pick it up. There isn't a reverse so parking could be challenging.


Pony Powersports is advertising the 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium in a few different color options. The two-tone Maroon Metallic/Crimson Metallic sells for $34,499.00.It's available in a range of color options that cost between $30,000 to just under $39,000. The cost depends on the color scheme and the add-ons. The 2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Edition will cost as much as a car with a six-gallon fuel tank and an mpg rating of 37 combined city and highway. The average range is 22 miles on a full tank of gas.

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