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A Closer Look at The 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST

2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST

After dominating the touring industry for a number of years, Harley-Davidson recently made an announcement on the release of a “Faster, Further and Sleeker” Sportster bike. Many of the brand’s fans are anticipating the launch of Harley’s new 2022 models via the new Revolution Max powerplant. According to comments from the company’s board chairman and CEO, Jochen Zeitz, H-D plans to release a Sporty variant soon. Let’s take a closer look at one of these models – the 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST.

New Harley Lineup

Harley-Davidson intends on continuing its impressive run in the touring market by launching the new Road Glide ST and Street Glide ST models to join their current lineup. The company is already teasing its fan base with the top 4 exciting selling points of the new 2022 Street Glide Special. Reports from show that the company is expecting a 50% increase in sales after the launch of the 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST. The new Road Slide ST models serve as a significant improvement in the category with their stylish dark and bronze finishes and torques reaching 172 Nm (127 ft-lbs) at 3750 rpm. They guarantee impeccable road performance as they are powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powerplant and top-of-the-charts Screamin” Eagle Factory performance levels, with power outputs of up to 79 kW (106 hp) at 4750 rpm. Another selling point of the new Harley models is that they provide the most torque and displacement in the brand’s Sportster category.

2022 Harley-Davidson Updates

Harley-Davidson has categorized its new ST versions as elite factory performance models with upgrades to the motorcycle’s chassis, tires, engine, and wheels. This sporty genre also features miniaturized windshields and airbags with raised rear suspension for enhanced cornering. Unlike Harley’s previous ST models that came with the typical Screamin’ Eagle 131ci crate motor, the new ST Street Glide and Road Glide models come fitted with the 117 Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin featuring an improved exhaust, high-flow intake, and a high-performance camshaft to offer the same performance level as its CVO versions. Moreover, these new and improved ST models come upgraded with several Screamin’ Eagle Performance Accessories that help deliver a horsepower of 106 at 4750 rpm and 171 Nm at 3750 rpm.

Street Glide ST Vs. Road Glide ST

The main objective behind the release of Harley’s new ST models was to influence other large companies in the touring market to shift to producing sportier models and improve overall performance. Harley went on to advocate its objective by fitting their new ST models with shorter front fenders, downsized saddlebags, and solo seats. The Road Glide ST and the Street Glide ST models are designed with different features to fit people with different tastes and preferences. The Road Glide ST model has the same performance and styling techniques as the Screamin’ Eagle Factory sportbike from KOTB. However, it is more comfortable and has improved power and handling when compared to the ordinary Road Glide tourer model. On the other hand, the Street Glide ST comes with the standard batwing fairing, but with some upgrades like a streamlines tank console, downsized engine guards, and shorter windshields. It also comes with the option of a Vivid Black hue or a Gunship Gray version for an additional $575. The color options also apply to the Road Glide ST model.


The aerodynamic and distinctive shark nose of the 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST features a triple split-stream vent on its fairing to minimize the risk of head buffeting. The fairing is also fitted with a low-profile dark windshield that keeps the dual Daymaker LED headlamps in place and ensures its bright-white beam clearly illuminates the road while riding. The motorcycle also features a new solo seat that adds a purposeful vibe and exposes the rear fender, along with standard non-extended saddlebags and a downsized front fender. The new ST model also comes with exciting features: a fuel tank console, a low-profile engine guard, a blacked-out front end, exhaust, controls, powertrain, and motorized cylinder cooler fins. A modern and classy look is provided by the Dark Bronze Matte finish on the Prodigy custom aluminum cast wheels, the stylish band colored on the timer medallion cover, the classic script tank graphic, lower rocker box, and the intake medallion. Furthermore, the new Harley ST models come with two color variations, the Gunship Gray and the Vivid Black option.

Suspension, Braking System, and Handling

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST is equipped with rear Emulsion-tech shock absorbers that are fitted with a single knob to adjust pre-load hydraulically. This allows for better performance and handling. The 49mm suspension forks operate based on the dual bending valve suspension technology to deliver ideal damping qualities for a unique ride experience. This ST Road Glide model also comes with a Box GTS infotainment system with two fairing-mount speakers, a color touch screen, a hidden radio antenna, and a Smart Security System with a hand-free and proximity-based security mechanism. The reflex-linked Brembo brakes with ABS are fully efficient to keep the entire ride safe.

Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson

Normally offered as an option for both of the ST models, the Harley-Davidson’s Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements is a collection of mechanisms designed to help the rider maintain their intended ride path through a curve. Some of the enhancements offered include:

  • Drag Torque Slip Control
  • Cornering-ABS
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)
  • Cornering Electronically Linked Brakes
  • Cornering-Traction Control with modes
  • Vehicle Hold Control

Other Features

The new Road Glide ST comes equipped with a number of exciting features, including;

  • A solo seat that exposes the front-rear fender
  • Standard-length saddlebags
  • Blacked-out front end
  • Exhaust, controls, and powertrain with tappet covers and pushrod fins
  • Machined cooler fins

There is also the Boom! ™ Box GTS infotainment system with a hidden radio antenna, color touch screen, and two fairing-mount audio speakers.

Price and Availability

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special ST is sold at $44,995 ride-away, while the 2022 Street Glide Special ST is sold at an average price of $44,995 ride-away. They are expected to be available in all dealer stores around April 2022.


The new Road Glide ST model draws its inspiration from championship-winner King of the Baggers factory racing bikes. Moreover, the 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST offers the unrivaled rider comfort and performance thanks to its powerful Screamin’ Eagle 131ci crate motor and the impressive Milwaukee Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin powertrain. Feel free to visit Harley-Davidson’s official website for more information about the model.

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