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A Closer Look at The 2024 KTM RC990 Sportbike

2024 KTM RC990 Sportbike

The KTM RC990 Sportbike is a model line of sportbikes built by the KTM, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. This Motorcycle manufacturer proved its prowess with a limited-edition RC 8C sports bike. Even though this bike was not street legal, the 100 units of this limited-run all "sold out in less than 5 minutes" during the pre-order period. Now, the company plans to introduce the KTM RC990 Sportbike, a street-legal bike that journalists consider one of the world's most powerful and fastest sportbike production. This post provides a detailed overview of this motorcycle, considered one of KTM's best models ever made. This fantastic model targets sport riders despite its "street legal" status. It is the second successive year that KTM has released a model legal for the road. Their introduction of the RC8C was received well by motorcycle enthusiasts. It marked an important milestone in their production of motorcycles, considering it is the first bike where KTM has not catered to only extreme sports riders. Therefore, the release of the RC990 will take many bike enthusiasts by surprise. According to spy news, this new model is going to come with a lot of power. It has been designed to offer excellent performance on the road and make riders proud. The motorcycle design allows for reliable acceleration, good handling, and impressive power. Let's have a closer look at its technical specifications.

Ride Quality and Brakes

Many people believe that KTM is losing its touch with the RC series. According to them, the sportbike models from KTM are not as refined as those released in the past. However, news about the existence of this legendary model is terrific for sportbike enthusiasts. The manufacturer might have succeeded in keeping its classic appearance despite adding a new engine. The new powertrain will also be available on the KTM RC990. The suspension of the motorcycle delivers good handling. The brakes on the bike include twin discs and radially-mounted four-piston calipers up front. Safety is further enhanced by the tires providing comfort, grip, and reliable braking performance. This bike comes with a 43 mm inverted fork adjustable in compression and rebound directions. It rides on a mono-shock with adjustable rebound damping, fixed in compression, and is estimated to have a maximum speed of around 185 mph.


The bike has a wheelbase of 1460 mm, providing good stability with a seat height of 810 mm, making it easy to get on and off the motorcycle.

Engine Specifications and Performance

The KTM RC990 Sportbike comes with a four-cylinder engine that displaces 1000 cc's. In addition, this engine features a DOHC with various applications, for example, counterweighted crank throws and a 4-valve cylinder head design. You can also find a turbocharger and intercooler, and catalytic converter on this motorcycle model.

A Smooth and Powerful Ride

The KTM RC990 Sportbike comes with an engine similar to the "890 Duke R design". However, the added engine cases allow anyone to expect extra tuning to deliver outstanding performance. As one can expect from a modern sportbike, this 2024 KMT RC990 sports bike's engine provides good power when required, making it simple for the rider to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. In addition, the model is expected to reach a top speed above 185 mph and offer impressive fuel efficiency.

A Versatile Machine

The bike produces excellent power, and you can use it in multiple ways. The designers of this model embrace the versatility needs of a modern rider looking for a commuter or a weekend stereo bike that can handle race track. The KTM RC990 Sportbike is an effective racing machine, a prototype of a modern racing car. It proves to be an excellent sportbike invention that can handle everything without difficulty regardless of the underlying conditions. The motorcycle has a "WP Apex suspension" designed for the street, but it also comes with a hard racing kit. Furthermore, you can swap the rear wheel and tire to one used in racing. In addition, it's lightweight, making it fast and easy to handle on the road or in the dirt or track. The engine comes with an electric starter, making it convenient for riders to start the machine at any time. In fact, it's a model capable of providing the ultimate comfort to its riders. The suspension can accommodate different kinds of riding conditions. Many people believe that KTM has lost touch with the RC series, but news about this legendary model proves them wrong. The KTM RC990 Sportbike is a precise machine designed for every kind of rider, from weekend warriors to world-class racers. It's a smooth and powerful motorcycle, capable of providing outstanding performance. So if you're are a rider looking for comfort, stability, and safety, this model will impress.

Design and Look

Even though the KTM RC990 has a modern and aggressive look, its design has a vintage appeal in mind. This makes it a throwback to the older KTM models in terms of appeal. Thanks to its lightweight, it proves to be a nimble and agile machine during aggressive rides. With it, you'll enjoy comfort during all kinds of rides. This Sportbike design combines modern technologies with classic elements that offer excellent performance and comfort worth attracting any rider.

Summing Up

The KTM RC990 Sportbike is an improvement of the Austrian bike manufacturer's past classic design. This model comes with many modern technologies and a powerful engine. It's not designed for a particular sect of riders rather for any sportbike enthusiast seeking an excellent riding experience. The bike's performance and comfort make it easy and safe for anyone to ride. But, remember it's still in the testing stage. So, KTM may make further modifications or improvements to this new model before introducing it to the market entirely. Nevertheless, we do expect the bike to be fantastic, and of course, offer superior performance. Therefore, it is no surprise if the KTM RC990 goes through some more changes before the release. With a reasonable launch target of 2024, we have a lot of time to track and update you on any changes to this upcoming model. On the other hand, we hope that the manufacturer builds on all the elements that made this bike legendary.

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