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A Closer Look at The 2022 Morgan Super 3

2022 Morgan Super 3

The 2022 Morgan Super 3 is the latest three-cylinder tricycle that has an exceptional performance level as a three-wheeled motorized machine. The Super 3 may look like a car, but in order to qualify as one, it needs four wheels. Morgan's new model sits on three. It isn't a motorcycle either as this is a vehicle equipped with a steering wheel, not handlebars. This is a motorized tricycle that is in a category all its own. In order to make this vehicle accessible to the European consumer base, the headlights are required to be mounted outboard, just like a car. In the US, these lights need to be situated in the central aperture, just like a three-wheeled motorbike. The Super 3 by Morgan is a brand new vehicle that maintains the basics with its hop-in entry and minimalist-style windshield. If you have long legs, this shouldn't be a problem. As for drivers with shorter legs, it could be an issue. If it helps, use the carefully angled step-plate located in the front of the seats so you can swing your ankle onto it. Then, brace yourself on the roll hoop before sliding in.

Construction & Cosmetics

This is the first vehicle Morgan has produced to come as a unibody design. The inspiration behind the Super 3 likely came from Harley-Davidson's V-twin that was featured in their old three-wheelers from 2011. By today's standards, the powerplant that was used over a decade ago is now deemed outdated. Today, the Super 3 has a Ford-designed 1.5-liter engine with a horsepower output of 118. The torque is 110 pounds per foot. Weighing 1,400 pounds, the power-to-weight ratio of this vehicle is compared to the springy steps of a gazelle. The Super 3 is manned by a five-speed manual transmission that was sourced from one of the older Mazda Miata generations. Much like a small airplane, this vehicle is extremely sensitive to changes in mass. There are two circular digital dials with the Super 3. The one is used to control the speed while the other deals with the engine RPM and fuel level. The switchgear is limited to a turn signal stalk. It also toggles the horn, lights, and engine start button.

What makes Morgan Super 3 stand out is the unconventional appearance. The modernized front end complements the car's overall shape with the flat side panels. As for storage capacity, there are a series of mounting points that accommodates luggage bags and accessories, as well as a small amount of space underneath the rear trunk. The seat is not removable. As for the pedal box, this can be adjusted, as well as the rake of the steering wheel. While behind the wheel, it is still advised to wear some kind of eye protection. The windshield and windscreens do deflect a decent amount of unwanted elements but there are still variables that should be taken into consideration. The interior of this vehicle happens to be fully waterproof. This comes in handy when dealing with the traditional summer season the people of Britain are accustomed to.

The Super 3 can reach sixty miles per hour in 6.9 seconds, according to Morgan. The two front tires are narrow twenty-inch Avons-sized 130/90R-20. The balloon-like sidewalls make them resemble old-style motorcycle tires but have a flat tread that makes them perform more like car tires. This is ideal when it comes to handling slippery road conditions. The back wheel is a 195/65R-15 all-season tire that's fitted to balance the levels of front to rear adhesion. This allows the Super 3 to properly balance its cornering line and its accelerator. When traveling at higher speeds, the car tips the car into gentle understeer. The top speed of this vehicle is 130 miles per hour. When traveling at a more leisurely pace, the rear can be persuaded to slide. The fuel economy of the Super 3 has been rated at thirty-three miles per hour, based on the combination of city and highway travel. Its fuel tank has a thirty-two-liter capacity. In the US, the 2022 Morgan Super 3 is classified as a motorcycle. It is not yet EPA rated. In the UK, with VAT, it's $50,391. According to Road and Track, the base price starts at $54,000 USD, plus shipping rates and taxes.

About Morgan

The Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Before this, he worked with the Great Western Railway until 1904. After developing the first independent front suspension capable of vehicular use while he attended Malvern College's engineering shop, he built a car for personal use in 1909. A year later saw the production of three-wheeled vehicles reach the consumer market. By the time WWI hit, there were one thousand of these automobiles produced. It wasn't until 1935 that Morgan would manufacture vehicles with four wheels that eventually phased out the three-wheelers in 1952. In 1959, the company founder died at the age of seventy-seven years old. His son, Peter Morgan, took his place until the year of his death, 2003. His replacement was Alan Garnett from 2003 until 2006. After he resigned, a management team of four people took over. This started with Peter's son, Charles Morgan. With him on this four-man management team were Steve Morris, Matthew Parkin, and Tim Whitworth.

However, Parkin resigned in 2010 and Charles Morgan became designated as managing director. It was also in 2010 that the Morgan Motor Company became dormant. All of the company's assets were sold to Morgan Technologies and by 2013, Charles Morgan was removed entirely from the company by its board of directors. In 2016, Dominic Riley was the new director and by 2018, Morgan Technologies went back to the name of The Morgan Motor Company. It was during by this time MMC became a numbered company, registered at UK Companies House. On March 5, 2019, the ownership of MMC shifted from a family-owned operation to Investindustrial, an Italian investment group. At the moment, this Malvern, Worchestershire-based company has approximately two hundred employees on its roster that work as a team to produce 850 vehicles per year. The assembly is done by hand and there is a waiting period of about six months for a car to be delivered. This wait has been known to last as long as ten years as well. What makes the Morgan lineup of automobiles so special is the body shell is made from wood in its construction. This is a practice that has a history extending as far back as the Edwardian timeline.

More About Morgan Super 3

The platform used for the 2022 Super 3 is based on the CX-generation that's been used in Morgan's Plus Four and Plus Six lineup. The chassis boasts increased stability and allows the passengers to enjoy a little bit more space than its previous model. At the moment, there are over 450 orders placed for this model out of the three thousand that were made.

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