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Which is the Best Cadillac Limo Model of All-Time?

 Best Cadillac Limo Model

Cadillacs make the best limousines because of their plush luxury design. Some of the more spacious Cadillac models were ideal for fabrication and stretching the wheelbase to the limits, adding a solid infrastructure with more axles, and creating an even more luxurious environment. They've been customized for dignitaries as well as for commercial vehicles used to transport celebrities to and from events, airports, and other destinations. The Cadillac limo is a symbol of prestige and style, but some of the more prolific creations stand out above the others. Here are the five best Cadillac limo models of all time for your enjoyment.

5. 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo

1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo

Popular Mechanics  revealed the three Cadillacs that were used to escort United States Presidents. Cadillac wasn't selected to produce a Secret Service limo until 1983. Two 1983 model year Fleetwoods were chosen for fabrication by the Hess & Eisenhardt coachbuilders to customize a pair of limos for Presidential use. Each vehicle was stretched by an additional 17 inches with three inches added to the height. The bullet-proof glass was installed to keep dignitaries safe from harm.

4. 2001 Cadillac Deville Limo

2001 Cadillac Deville Limo

The Cadillac Deville was the next choice of the Secret Service for Presidential transport. This was during the tenure of President George W. Bush. Although Cadillac had ceased production of a full-frame rear-drive car that was the best choice for conversion, GM did have a few other options. They based the Presidential limo on the Cadillac DeVille ad made modifications to the car so it didn't look anything like a DeVille when it was completed. It was speculated that the coachbuilders started with the frame of a full-size SUV and stretched it.

The elements of this limo conformed to the most stringent specifications of all time. The armored doors with five inches thick and thick bullet-proof glass barely allowed sunlight through. The coachbuilders in charge of this project created an area within the limousine to make a safe room. The enclosure was a backup safety feature in the event of an emergency. It was complete with its air supply in preparation for a catastrophic event.

3. 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine

2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine

In 2009, Cadillac released a Presidential limousine that weighed approximately 10 tons. It was the limo made for President Barak Obama, not associated with any known production car model. Some of the limo's components were borrowed from the DeVille. SUV such as the door handles, headlights, and side-view mirrors.

Some features of the STS sedan such as the rear backup lights, third brake light, and taillights. This limo was perhaps one of the most impressive examples of custom coachbuilding that was ever applied to a Cadillac in a conversion to stretch process. The limo was approximately the same length and width of former President Bush's ride, but it was much heavier.

2. Cadillac Escalade Bentley Edition Hybrid

Cadillac Escalade Bentley Edition Hybrid

The Cadillac Escalade Bentley Edition steps up the luxury a few notches. Limousine World  offers a closer look at this powerful and spacious luxury ride. Coachbuilders created this vehicle for top performance and high-end luxury. The Escalade 4x4 hybrid is powered with a two-mode hybrid powertrain for those who prefer a greener approach to luxury.

The powertrain is made up of a 6.0-liter V8 engine and two 60 kW electric motors with a combined output of 379 horsepower. This is a full-time four-wheel-drive vehicle with an upgraded suspension package. On the interior of the CEO Executive Escalade Hybrid limo, hardwood panels with inlays that have been hand-crafted decorate the cabin enclosures.

All materials used for finishing are UV protected to preserve beauty and integrity. The electronics are modernized and fitted to maximize the use of space with a forward-facing 7-inch flat screen LCD monitor, 12-volt power ports, and an HDMI port for connecting laptops to the central 15-inch flat-screen. The interior is ultra-plush with customized thermal radiant barrier insulation for optimal sound absorption for a quiet and comfortable ride.

The limo features a privacy divider along with a hands-free intercom system for passenger communication with the chauffeur. The rear windows are fully tinted to keep out prying eyes. The roof is raised by over 8 cm to more space for standing and moving around. All leather electric captain seats with reclining functions and orthopedic-quality contoured foam provide passenger comfort.

1. Cadillac 130" Dubai Edition

Cadillac 130" Dubai Edition

The most impressive Caddy limo from Limousine World is the Dubai Edition is a fully extended version of the Cadillac XTS. It's among the most spacious Cadillac limousines ever built. Among the many features are its capacity for catering to large parties who require private transport. The limo seats up to nine passengers in luxurious comfort.

It's the top choice for groups including politicians, diplomats, royal families, VIPs, corporate executives, celebrities, and more. Coachbuilders fully stretched a base XTS model and customized it with top-grade craftsmanship resulting in one of the plushest limousines available today. It's loaded with stylish features including fiber optics, mirror ceilings, individual reading lamps, an illuminated hardwood vanity, 12-volt personal power ports for charging and powering electronic devices, and more.

The media center includes a 13-inch embedded flat-screen television for entertainment. The rear compartment of the Dubai Edition Cadillac limo is fully tinted to ensure the absolute privacy of passengers. A hands-free intercom system allows passengers to communicate with the chauffeur. To further enhance privacy, the limo is equipped with an electric rear-controlled privacy divider. It's at the top of the luxury limousine class.

Final thoughts

There are hundreds of unique Cadillac limousine conversions out there, but some stand out above the rest. We chose those with a historic value that protected our Presidents as they made their way from one destination to another. Others are worthy of VIP occupancy with the latest technology and entertainment features, but all are designed to provide the utmost in creature comforts and safety for passengers. These are our picks for the five best Cadillac limousines of all-time.

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