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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV

 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV

Most people have been waiting for the new 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV. The electric vehicle will be on sale in the U.S and Canada market from 2021. It has a flat-floor cabin, up to 300 miles of range, and a hands-off driving mode. The new 2022 Nissan Ariya is the electric crossover for EV enthusiasts and customers who would not want to fade into the battery-power background of Leaf’s 226 maximum. Its design is unique from the current sharp angular lines on most Nissan cars. It has a low, wide stance that differentiates it from Rogue, giving it a sporty look. It comes with two different batteries of various sizes. One is a standard battery of 63.0 kWh while the larger one is an 87.0kWh. It is also available in front or all-wheel drive. Below, we have detailed ten things you did not know about the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV.

1. The design

Many compliments go to the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV designers for its unique design. Manufacturers of Nissan calls the design “Timeless Japanese Futurism.” The door’s downward-sloping concave section is among the elements that may take some time for the car owner to get used to. Most people assume that the vehicle was a future version of Murano, but its small dimensions sit between Audi Q4, which is slightly smaller, and Tesla large Model Y. However, the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV has a similar swagger to the Murano with its clean window line and a robot-warrior version. The 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV manufacturers offered the vehicle a six two-tone paint to grab onlooker’s attention. Its 20-inch wheels make the Ariya look like tomorrow’s SUV. 19-inch wheels are also available.

2. Transmission and engine performance

 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV 1

The Leaf comes with front-wheel drive, but the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV is pulling from features of other vehicles, including the GT-R sports torque-split system, to provide optional all-wheel drive. The Ariya’s all-wheel-drive can peak from zero to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds. The base front-wheel-drive can be slow but can offer high-spirited acceleration.

3. Fast-charging formats

The 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV will offer CCS in both Europe and U.S. However, in Japan, it will stick to CHAdeMO. The standards are developing, and the manufacturer wants to make EV adoption easy for its customers.

4. Connectivity and Infotainment

 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV 2

Nissan manufacturers have also disclosed details about connectivity features and the infotainment system. The 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV dual 12.3-inch displays serve as infotainment and a digital gauge cluster. The in-dash navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto should be the standard features. In 2019, experts showed an Ariya concept had a feature that allowed the vehicle to sync with the driver’s schedule to pre-heat and pre-cool its interior while charging. The concept also showcased a technology that allows drivers to park their Nissan Ariya using their phone from a close location using the ProPilot’s Remote Park.

5. Interior comfort

Manufacturers of the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV appear to have discarded each button possible for a smooth dashboard operation. The whole setup favors a sleek look to match the vehicle’s exterior design. Nissan claims that the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV cabin is more advanced than the traditional automotive interior. The vehicle’s minimalistic theme is unique, making the cabin look like an excellent place to spend time. The utilization of an all-new electric platform gave Ariya designers the freedom to create more space and comfort. They placed the battery under the floor and did away with the transmission tunnel to create more legroom. Manufactures mounted the vehicle’s climate control system under the hood to create ample space for the innovative center storage box, and a fold-out tray one can use as a mobile office or a picnic table. The Nissan Ariya has a two-screen setup with steering-wheel controls. It is an excellent middle ground between the current interiors and the Tesla Model Y’s futurism. However, some may argue that the infotainment screen looks old-fashioned compared to the Tesla and the Mach E tablet display. Manufacturers design the center console together with its box disconnected from the dashboard and it is adjustable.

6. Safety and technology

 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV interior

Both the (IIHS) Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have performed crash tests on the 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV. However, Nissan has provided plenty of driver-assistance features. The vehicle will feature the second generation of Nissan ProPilot semi-autonomous technology as an optional feature. In specific driving scenarios, the system allows drivers to take their hands of the wheel.

7. 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV Price

The 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in 2021 and will arrive in Canada and the U.S in late 2021. Nissan’s administration claims that U.S pricing can start from around $40,000. With that pricing, it would undercut the Model Y current price base by $13,000 and the Mustang Mach E by $4,000. The Nissan Ariya styling may polarize, but it will appeal to those who embraced the Tesla. The vehicle looks ready to serve as the bridge between the current cars in the market and the future electric SUVs.

8. The electric drive system

 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV 4

The 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV will come in a preference of either single motor and front-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. The single-motor Nissan Ariya delivers 215 horsepower while the all-wheel-drive produces 389 horsepower. Nissan will offer both powertrains in standard and long-range versions. The former will have a 65-kWh battery pack, while the latter will have a 90-kWh pack.

9. Warranty and maintenance coverage

The 2022 Nissan Ariya Electric SUV will come with a basic warranty package similar to that of the Leaf when on the market. The warranty will include competitive bumper-to-policy and battery protection for 100,000 miles or eight years.

• The limited warranty covers 36,000 miles or three years.
• The powertrain warranty covers 60,000 miles or five years.
• The battery warranty covers 100,000 miles or eight years.
• No complimentary scheduled maintenance

10. Eco-friendly materials

 2022 Nissan Ariya Electic SUV 5

Nissan used sustainable and eco-friendly materials further to highlight Ariya’s green side, including synthetic leather. The designers focused on contrasting accents, textures, and lighting to provide the cabin with a premium advanced feel. Another cool feature the manufacturer designed is the illuminated line around the cabin.

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