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A Closer Look at the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43

2023 Mercedes-AMG C43

The 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 has better fuel economy and more power than before. For instance, it has an inline-four-cylinder which provides a horsepower of 402 at 6750 rpm and 369 lb-ft of torque starting at 5,000 rpm. Also, the car has a unique electrical exhaust-gas turbo system, which is commonly used in F1 cars. Additionally, the car has styling upgrades for those who value aesthetics. According to Motor Trend, the car is equipped with a bulging hood, quad exhaust outlets, snarling intakes, and a vertical vertical-slat grille. As for the interior section, it has bolstered seats, a sporty steering wheel with an AMG drive mode selector and shift paddles and red seat belts. Now that you have understood a bit about the car, it is time we go into detail about this car. Here are four features of this car below.

Exhaust Turbocharger

Its turbocharger works almost the same way as a piston engine. For instance, the exhaust gas is what drives the turbine. Ideally, this exhaust gas would be expelled into the air. After the turbine moves, the air compressor spins and pushes extra air into the cylinders, which means fuel burns each second. It explains why the turbocharger produces more power since it produces more energy per second. Earlier, we noted that the turbocharger does not release any gases into the air. Since none is released into the air, your fuel is completely utilized hence good for fuel economy. Turbochargers lessen the fuel consumption by about 6-14%. Besides being good for fuel economy, it also reduces carbon dioxide emissions significantly. Carbon dioxide is responsible for the greenhouse effect, which means the Earth becomes warmer than usual. So, this car is useful if you want to do your part to preserve the Earth's environment.

Inline-Four Engine

Generally, inline-four engines are small. There are many advantages to having a small engine. First, it does not take up much space in the engine bay. With plenty of space in the engine bay, it allows engineers to squeeze in other features in the car. For instance, engineers could introduce a pump for the antilock brakes (ABS), air filters, horns, and so on. Also, small engines weigh less, which allows you to cover more ground with this car. That is because it is able to deliver enough power for you to accelerate within a short time. For example, this car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 4.6 seconds. As a result, you will be able to travel long distances before you can run out of fuel.

All-Wheel Drive Transmission

In an all-wheel drive system, the front and rear wheels receive power at the same time. However, the power ratio is usually different. For example, according to Road and Track, 69% of its torque goes to the rear and the rest to the front. Due to the difference in power distribution to the wheels, it provides better traction. Traction is especially needed when you drive on a wet or icy path. Without proper traction, your car will skid and may hit an object. In this transmission system, power is only directed to the wheels that need it. So, for instance, if a wheel is skidding, the transmission will reduce its power to prevent it from moving anyhow. Additionally, this transmission provides better acceleration for this car. Despite the differences in power ratios, all four wheels still receive power. As a result, you will be able to take off within seconds, unlike in a front-wheel drive transmission. In a front-wheel drive transmission, only the front wheels receive power. That means the car will not accelerate since the rear wheels will be yet to receive any power.

Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

In a six-speed transmission, the driver has only one high gear (sixth gear) that they can use to reduce fuel consumption. Since it is the least used gear, the driver consumes a lot of fuel. For you to reduce fuel consumption, you have to strive to drive using the highest gear. Contrast that with the nine-speed transmission, which has the three highest gears that you can use: the seventh, eighth, and ninth gears. The driver, therefore, has three gears that they can use to limit fuel use. Also, the transmission system provides better acceleration to this car. Generally, you use low gears to accelerate. However, the ratios of the speeds of the low gears differ in nine-speed and six-speed transmissions. For instance, the low gears in the nine-speed transmission start you off with a strong 4.7:1 while the six-speed transmission offer 3.4:1. So, the more gears it has, the more its acceleration power. Another advantage of this system is that it also delivers high torque. High torque is especially helpful when you are about to hit an object. You will naturally swerve to avoid hitting an object when you are about to hit it. However, the turn must be quick; otherwise, the object may still hit you. Since the transmission delivers a torque of 383 lb-ft in this car, you will be able to swerve fast enough. Torque is also an important factor when overtaking another car. In order to overtake a car, you have to turn to the other lane and appear in front of the car. If the torque was not powerful enough, another car in the other lane might catch up with you.


The 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 car is every speed enthusiast's dream. It has great power due to its nine-speed transmission system and inline-four engine. We have seen how speed is necessary when you need to overtake. Also, speed is necessary when you have to participate in a safari rally. Even though the car delivers fast speed, you still have to drive at reasonable speeds. It is not uncommon for people to participate in street racing or drive at high speeds in traffic. Some drivers already know the consequences of over-speeding, yet they cannot help themselves. So, when you drive this car, only drive at a particular high speed when necessary. Claiming back a life lost to a speeding accident is impossible, so you need to remember to drive safely.

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