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A Buyer's Guide to the Ferrari 550 Maranello

Ferrari 550 Maranello

The Ferrari 550 Maranello offers the prestige and power of a V12 Ferrari. This model has generally aged well when compared to its contemporary 1990s era cars from the brand. It's a super car that you can find without a lot of difficulty if you're looking in the right places, the trick is getting a good value for the collectible vehicle. If you're in the market then you'll find this buying guide a handy companion for going about your acquisition. Here's what you need to know before you make your inquiries.

Basic facts you'll need to know

The 550 rolled off the lines at Ferrari to replace the 575 model. It was the cure to the sickness of its predecessor having many of the major kinks that were identified worked out. The handling was the chief issue. The Maranello 550 was introduced in 1996 with a starting price of around $183,000. It offered better leg room with better access to the cabin when compared with the F512.

The power of this supercar was decent with test track results rating it at a top speed of 200 mph and acceleration from a standstill to 62 mph in just 4.4 seconds. In the later 1990s, it set speed records for a production vehicle. When it comes to collectibility, the 550 Maranello was made from 1996 through 2001. If you find a right-hand drive model there were only 457 of them made with 457 of the open-top Barchetta Pininfarinas made in 2001. This figure includes the 10 pre-production examples. There were a total of 3,083 Ferrari 550 coupes built during its run.

Where to look

Ferrari 550 Maranello 1

Pre-inquiry browsing helps you get an idea of what's out there marketwise for a used 550 Maranello. It's wise to check out the dealerships first and look through the classic luxury supercar providers. Preferably, those two retain authorized Ferrari mechanics for the purposes of a proper inspection. If not, find one before you decide to close the deal. This is especially important if you're dealing with a private collector or an auction house.


The average price range that you can expect for a 550 Maranello is between $104,100 and $131,560.This is based on the assessed value. To get the best deal which means a good value for the cost, you'll need to have your checklist in order. There are a few basic things to look for that can affect the overall value of this collectible car.


Condition of the car

Ferrari 550 Maranello 2

The first thing to do is visually inspect the car. If there are any damages it can affect the value and should bring down the cost. Repairs on this model are high so you'll pay a pretty penny for bodywork and paint restoration. A few other elements on the condition include looking for the obvious such as condition of the exterior, as well as the interior, making sure that everything is in good working condition with no major damages or signs of excessive wear and tear. Also inspect the vehicle for any signs of corrosion on the metal in the sills, under the wheel wells, and other areas.

Service history and logs

It's best when the seller possesses the history of the vehicle. This includes date of original sale, service logs so you can make sure it's been properly maintained through the years, and logs of any work performed. Ideally, repairs were made by an authorized Ferrari mechanic with original or factory parts and not aftermarket components. This can affect the value of a collectible.Storage is also important. Was the vehicle garaged or was it a restored barn find? It's important to get as much on the history of the particular vehicle you're considering that you can. Also consider the mileage. If the car was left sitting for years and it hasn't been gone through there's a chance that the fluids have condensed and this means it's going to cost for restoration to perfect running condition. The service history should be well documented so you'll know how well the car has been treated.You want a car that has been driven, but not one that's been worn out.

The test Drive

Ferrari 550 Maranello 3

It's important to take the car out and get a feel for its overall handling and sound. You can tell a lot by taking it out on the open road. Consider the responsiveness, smoothness of the shifting, the sound of the engine. If it jumps out of gear during acceleration, you're looking at gearbox issues and this can run into a major expense.The oil pressure should show an instant pick up when you turn over the engine without any blue smoke.

Potential issues

The steering racks for the Ferrari 550 Maranello tend to need work around 30K miles. It's something that should be indicated in the maintenance and repair logs with some consistency and it's not difficult to compare the current mileage with the logs to confirm it's been done at the proper times. If not, this job isn't that expensive, but it's worth noting.

Catalytic converters

Ferrari 550 Maranello 4

The cats are spendy but they're necessary. Check on the condition of the converter to make sure it's in top condition. The Car is to legal for road use if it isn't or if it's not present. You may not be able to insure the car without this important component, but still, some owners remove them.


It's not that difficult to find a good deal on a Ferrari 550 Maranello, but the trick is making sure that it's a good value for the asking price. It pays to have any example you're considering inspected by a Ferrari expert. You might pay a little extra if you go through a reputable dealership, but in the end, it might be worth it. If you keep the tips we've offered in mind as you browse, you should have success in cutting a good deal on this collectible super car.

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