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A Closer Look at the Benrus Type II Limited-Edition Watch

Benrus Type II Limited-Edition Watch

Benrus is known for making and supplying military-based watches throughout history. It all began in 1972 when the United States Military requested a watch from Benrus for American soldiers in Vietnam. The watch was supposed to meet the requirements of the specialized UDT (Underwater Demolitions Team) divers and be used for field functionality. That was how the Type II watch was born and was produced from 1972-1980. During this period, the watch was not made available to the public.

To pay tribute to the military heritage, Benrus rereleased the Benrus Type II Limited-Edition Watch in 2022. Its design is the same as the original, except that it has been improved to meet current watchmaking technology standards. If you want to wear this retro watch, you will have to buy it as soon as possible. According to Hypebeast, the company has only released 500 pieces of the watch. Before buying the watch, here are some features you should know about it.

The Watch Uses a NATO Strap

NATO straps are made of nylon. Some people may not fancy the idea of wearing a watch with a nylon band. After all, some people have grown up believing that gold is the only material that keeps a watch attractive. That is evident when you watch some movies or hip-hop videos. On the other hand, some people may revere nylon straps for their simplicity.

That is because some people would not want to wear straps that make them the center of attention. Even if you do not like its appearance, you will appreciate the level of comfort it offers. First, nylon is a lightweight material. Due to its lightweight, your wrist will not feel the weight of the watch. Another aspect of comfort to consider is its ability to ward off moisture. If you wear this watch on a hot day, you will not feel the sweat beneath the watch since nylon wicks moisture away from the skin.

Its Dial is Protected by a Double-Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass

Have you ever wondered why some watches crack or break while others do not? The cracked or broken glass was likely not made from sapphire. Sapphire does not break or crack due to its hardness. According to Gem Society, its hardness value is 9, which makes it the second hardest mineral after diamond at 10. So if you accidentally drop this watch from a high point, do not worry about the sapphire glass becoming damaged.

That is because you would need significant effort to damage it. Another reason sapphire glass is preferred is its high transparency. Transparency is crucial since it is what allows you to view time on the dial. However, due to its high transparency, glares occur. Glares occur due to excess reflection. In order for you to view time on the dial without any glare, the glass is dome-shaped to redistribute the light that reflects on it.

Its Water Resistance Stands at 30 Meters

Water resistance is a misunderstood concept. Judging by the header, you may think you can use this watch 30 meters below water, but you would be wrong. On the contrary, it means that you should not be anywhere close to 30 meters since the watch will get damaged. So, if you want a water-resistant watch that you can swim with, consider ones above 50 meters. According to Mondaine, the watch’s water resistance allows it to only withstand droplets of water from handwashing or rain. Instead, the 30 meters level refers to the pressure equal to that level, not depth.

The measurement assumes that the watch is submerged in a water body 30 meters deep without any movement from the watch or water. Ideally, water cannot be still, which means that its constant movement would generate pressure that damages the watch. If you frequently expose this watch to water droplets, it is advisable to have it checked and serviced regularly. That is because gradual, continual exposure to water can erode the gaskets. As they erode, they slowly allow water which can damage the watch’s internal components.

The Watch’s Hands and Markers are Laced With Super-Luminova

Thanks to the Super-Luminova luminescence, you can view time in the dark. The luminescence uses strontium aluminate, which is nontoxic and nonradioactive. Before its invention in 1993, watchmakers used a radioactive element called radium. Although it was an effective afterglow material, it quickly impacted their health. Radium killed off the watchmakers by causing cancer. One thing you can appreciate about this luminescence, besides being harmless, is its durability. The material cannot age, fade or decay. Instead, the luminescence may become less dim with time. This is no cause of alarm since it fades when not exposed to light. For the luminescence to emit brightly, you can charge it using natural or artificial light.

This Brand Has a Bi-Directional Rotating Bezel

Bi-directional implies that the bezel rotates either counterclockwise or clockwise. This is important since it provides you with the flexibility of beginning your timing from anywhere. The bezel determines elapsed time. If you are a diver, you can use the bezel to assist you with distance marking. This watch’s bi-directional bezel has a 12-hour insert with minute markings for the first 20 minutes. It is made of stainless steel, which gives this watch a visually-appealing look since it forms a seamless transition between it and the case. Additionally, the metal is resistant to shattering, which means that this bezel can function for many years to come.


After reading about the Benrus Type II Limited-Edition Watch, it is clear why the military liked this watch. We can begin by talking about its comfortable band, for instance. Also, when you are at war, items are likely to break, including a watch. Since this watch is made from sapphire, shattering is not an option. So if you want to grab this historical watch, order it while stocks last.

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