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A Closer Look at The HYT Moon Runner Supernova Blue Watch

HYT Moon Runner Supernova Blue Watch

HYT has continuously dominated the market niche as the only watchmaker to show time with fluids since 2012. Having paused its operations in 2020 because of the corona pandemic-linked challenges, the brand announced they have new financial backers in November 2021 and also unveiled Davide Cerrato as the new CEO. With the new partners and Davide Cerrato on board, the brand is committed to continuing its inimitable time presentation by venturing into sci-fi terrain and unique spaceship-inspired cases. Their recent release is the HYT Moonrunner Supernova Blue Watch, only ten days after the unveiling of the Green Laser. The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner uses a similar vessel design and movement as the Hastroid Green but features a 3D display that represents lunar phases, satellite day and month. Let's take a Closer Look at The HYT Moon Runner Supernova Blue Watch.


The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner watch has been powered by the same design and build as the HYT Hasteroid Green model. However, the company has made a few changes to provide it with a new and unique space-themed touch. The new incorporated 3D dial display is superb. At first glance, the watch can be confusing, but at a second look, the satellite day and month indicators and the moon phase illustrations are vivid. The state-of-the-art watch displays calendar functions, rotating lunar cycles, fluidic hours, and calendar functions. The watch seems like a spaceship. The inspiration for the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner watch is based on the HYT’s determination of scientific knowledge and achieving the precision of the moon phases. It displays the moon and its cycles in an exceptionally functional watch. HYT is known for promoting moon fascination, and the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner is just proof of the HYT’s love affair with the celestial.

Technical Specifications

You are most likely interested in the technical specifications of the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner. To start with, the case has been uniquely styled in a blue and gray titanium sandwich style. The diameter is 48mm by 52.3mm with a depth of 13.3mm. It has a black titanium crown with a screw-down design and a sleep-domed sapphire crystal. The dial has blue Supersnoval flowing hours with Arabic numerals. They are located on the outer ring with extra luminescence in reduced light situations for readability. Looking at it from the side, you will appreciate how complex the sandwich-style case is with the blue side indentation with an aerated grid and the elegant, brushed grey areas. The open-worked parts of titanium lugs display blue details below, accentuating the blue and black color scheme and giving the watch more depth. The minute track features matte black color with five-minute intervals with the minute hand attached to the rotating blue disc. The days and months are represented in two matt black rings. The center of the dial is a rotating spherical moon with a moon phase shown at the circular aperture. All the minute tracks, hour hands, minutes hands, month, and date tracks are well coated with white SuperLumiNova.


The watch movement features a hand-wound HYT 601-MO caliber that beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour and has 41 jewels. The 601-CM manual-winding movement that powers the functions was designed by Eric Coudray, who previously developed the H5 movement. It has a 72 hours power reserve and functions at 4Hz. The specific movement features a spherical lunar phases moon and retrograde fluidic minutes, hours, and months. The watch has a two-tone aesthetic, with the strap being a rubber(black) adorned with blue Alcantara and closed with a black titanium clip with lustrous sandblasted finishes. HYT has become perfect in using capillary tubes with colored and clear fluids with repulsive colors that can never mix. Also, to prevent the effect of expansion due to external temperatures, HYT has designed an internal thermal compensation system to maintain the fluid pressure at appropriate levels. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters deep. The titanium central case safeguards the movement and gives the watch 50 meters of water resistance.

A 3D Moon

Compared to most flat moon traditional phase representations that are subtly inserted into the dial’s aperture, the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner watch inputs a 3D model of the adjacent satellite smack at the center of the dial. Designed with grey and blue-colored titanium hemispheres, the 3D sphere orbits at the dial center in the form of a V-shaped arm with a circle that extends from the minute’s flange highlighting the corresponding moon phase. The date and month are displayed by two black matte titanium discs that orbit the moon with lumped inscriptions aligned at six o'clock using a luminous indicator. The third disc characterized by blue segments is placed at a lower level. Its luminescent and open-worked triangular hand rotates to show the minute track divided into five-minute white segments. The whole Moon runner dial is highly impressive in how it displays information and the deep 3-D design that properly uses the space under the vastly curved azure crystal dome over the face.

Availability And Price

This HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner is a limited-style collection. HYT will only market 27 of these watches worldwide. The price of one watch goes for 100,000 CHF (Swiss Francs) or $105,065.80 in US dollars. Anyone interested in buying the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner should visit the official HYT website for more information.

Bottom Line

The Closer Look at The HYT Moon Runner Supernova Blue Watch is a sleek and latest in the watch series of great technological marvels designed by HYT. This innovative watch will trigger your imagination and bring you closer to comprehending the lunar cycles. You can see the moon's phases at a glance at your wrist. Despite having a large case size, this is a very interesting luxury watch that is not overly flashy but comes with a space-age gadget vibe. We expect many more advanced watches in the coming years as the technology advances more.

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