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A Closer Look at the Glashutte Original SeaQ

Glashutte Original SeaQ

The trending color for 2021 watches is a green dial. It's a color that reminds us of nature, health, prosperity, and new life, but some just prefer the earthy color because it's a bit unusual for the dial of a traditional or classic wristwatch. In keeping step with the public's demand for what they desire, Glashutte offers the latest version of the Glashutte Original SeaQ which launched in 2019, with a special green dial. It's a throwback to the 1960s era in a style that gives off the vibe of being a vintage timepiece with a few modern twists.

A closer look at the Glashutte Original SeaQ

Hodinkee always offers interesting points of view in their reviews of both old and new timepieces. They offer a few in-depth observations about the new variant that make it worth a closer inspection. There are so many small yet significant details that make this example a true masterpiece in horological execution.

History of the Glashutte Original SeaQ

The Glashutte Original SeaQ made its debut in 2019 as a luxury divers' watch with a vintage appeal that offers a nod to the design features of the past. The watch is inspired by the skin divers of the late 1960s era with a sporty aesthetic with a modern twist. It's reminiscent of features found in the Spezimatic Typ RP TS 200 offered in 1969. The original released just 3 years ago has since been offered in a variety of variants with the green dial version of the watch that has made its debut in 2021.

Specifications of the Glashutte Original SeaQ with a green dial

The case of the Glashutte Original SeaQ with a green dial is made of premium stainless steel material with a width of 39.5 mm, which is ideal for small, medium, or larger wrists. the depth of the timepiece is 12.15 mm. It's small for a diver but falls into a range that is suitable for most wrists for the ultimate comfort. The official Glashutte website, further adds that the crown, also made of steel is a screw-down type that enhances the water-resistance of the timepiece to depths of 20 bar. Elements of the case feature a brushed finish which complements the glossy surface of the dial and the bezel. The bezel is a one-directional rotating style with a ceramic inlay, a lovely detail that makes the watch all the more interesting. The case back is closed for water resistance and is engraved with information about the specifications of the model.

The dial

The dial at first glance is highly legible from a distance with bold hour markers that are seen. It begins with a galvanized black background with a green sunburst decoration added to the surface. The numerals and scales are printed on the ace of the watch. They are partially inlaid with Sper-Luminova, a luminous treatment that gives the watch a bright glow during low light environments to make it easier to tell the time, even when it's pitch black.

The movement

The movement is Glashutte Original in-house manufactory component called the caliber 39-11. It's an automatic type with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. It beats at 4 Hz or 28,800 vph. The power plant for the Glashutte original is a Glashutte three-quarter plate with a striped finish, and a swan-neck fine adjustment. The edges are beveled and the steel parts feature a shiny polished finish. The rotor is skeletonized and features a double G symbol signifying the brand's name, with a heavy metal oscillation weight. For a movement that is hidden behind the front and back of the case, Glashutte took their time in developing a lovely movement that is lovely to behold. Perhaps it's enough just to know it's there without the benefit of an exhibition case back. The functions include hours, minutes, seconds, date, and a rotating bezel.

The strap

The Glashutte Original SeaQ is available in a choice of bracelets/strap styles. If you go with the metal version the bracelet is made of stainless steel material that matches the case and crown, with a fold-over fastener. You also have the option of a textile strap or a rubber strap which is more suitable for use in the water. The timepiece fastens firmly enough to the wrist with a sure closure system that ensures it will stay put until it is removed.

Price and availability

The Glashutte Original SeaQ with a green dial is available through Glashutte. It is offered for a price of $9,300 from other vendors. The official website offers contact information to obtain pricing from the manufacturer.

Final thoughts

The Glashutte Original SeaQ with a green dial has made a timely appearance as the latest member of the SeaQ collection debuting in 2019. The modern iteration of timepieces from circa 1969 combines elements from vintage watches in a contemporary style. There has been a growing trend for green dials in the watch industry, for whatever reasons, it's a popular color. Glashutte has delivered their version in a deep reed green color that is reminiscent of the hues one would see in nature or the depths of the ocean. The SeaQ Original is a diver that is certified as being water-resistant yet offered in a uniquely small size of under 40mm that makes it perfect for those with smaller to medium wrist sizes. It's suitable for those with larger wrists as well. It's a versatile diver that offers an additional color choice to go along with its siblings, the blue, black, and bicolor dials. As for the pricing, it's comparable to a high-quality luxury diving watch. The range is between $9,300 and just over $12,000, depending on the vendor. It's wise, as with any valuable luxury wristwatch to ensure the authenticity of the timepiece when going outside of the original manufacturer to make your purchase.

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