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A Closer Look at The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream

You don't have to be a watch fan to appreciate the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream, but it helps. This stunning timepiece is a variant of the Super Sea Wolf, and the familial similarities are stunning. Yet as a stand-alone watch, the Aquamarine Dream is a work of art and craftsmanship. From the evocative and modern colorway to the comfortable fit on the wrist, this is clearly a piece any collector would love to own. Every angle is precise, and every tiny detail is thoughtfully constructed. Let's take a closer look at the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream.

Restyled Classic

If this watch looks slightly familiar, then you have great taste or encyclopedic watch knowledge, to say the least. The original Super Sea Wolf came out in the 1960s, but this reinterpreted vision captures both a timeless feel and a thoroughly modern appeal. If you can't smell the salt sea air just looking at this watch, then you may need to have your prescription checked. According to Little Treasury, artist Ariel Adams was trying to capture the beachside feel of Nassau and the Bahamas. Once you see those crystalline waters, the colors will stay in your memory forever. This watch does exactly what it was intended for by evoking that same pure warmth in cool tones. The box for the Aquamarine Dream more directly mirrors the sea with a wave and water pattern to match the watch. The thoughtful details are both a delight and no less than you would expect if you know the work of Ariel Adams, who founded his own watch blog in 2007. Best of all, you can flip this dive watch over and see the inscription "I'd Rather Be Swimming." If that doesn't bring you joy and reminiscences of warm summer days, not much can. The lacquer medallion with its whimsical words is more than a mere nod to the beach. This detail is highly personal. The writing is actually an exact copy of the artist's actual lettering. Small moments like that are the difference between a good watch and a truly great one.

Watches On The Water

Too many of us have lost otherwise great watches to moisture-related disasters. Fortunately, that won't be a problem with the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream. The sea does not just inspire this oceanic wristwatch; it can resist its ravages as well. If you drop the Aquamarine Dream in the water, it will shrug it off just fine. Any watch inspired by dive watches of bygone eras should be able to resist a little spill, but this one has a water resistance of up to 200m. You can wear your Aquamarine Dream out sailing and even take it for a real dive without any concern.

In The Details

Notably, there have been other remakes of the 1950s-1970s Sea Wolf diving watches. However, most of these came in the same colorways and looked much more identical to their retro progenitors. The Aquamarine Dream is a sharp divergence from that thinking but a welcome one. The signature statement plaque and main color choice aren't the only things that stand out about this watch. Though the modern remake has the same shape and profile as its predecessor, many of the small details have changed. Adams specially chose the hue of Super-Luminova to suit this watch so you can really see it even in daylight, and it doesn't mismatch the rest of the design. Similarly, the original had a bakelite bezel. Meanwhile, the upgraded version for this century has a hardened mineral variation that suits the overall tone and is much harder to crack. Though slightly prone to scratching, it's a better quality material than the original.

Select Your Style

Although this watch comes with a standard silver steel band installed in the box, you don't have to settle for that look. After all, the classic band is fin, if a little common. The flaw in that flexible weave is that it can pull hair or pinch slightly. Fortunately, you get a second option with the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream. The tropic style rubber band adds even more of that bold, brilliant hue. More importantly, it doesn't heat or cool the way metal can, depending on the weather. The flexibility and addition of multiple rows of ventilation holes give a casual finished look. Still, they also have the added bonus of letting your skin breathe and stay cool as you move around. Those with active lifestyles or who live in warmer climates will especially appreciate this included option.

More to Love

Owned by Fossil watches, Zodiac is one of many companies that benefit from the watch conglomerate. For example, Zodiac purchased Swiss Technology Production (STP) back in 2013 to obtain a regular supplier for the high-end movements they produce. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream sports an STP3-13, a clone of the ETA 2824 automatic movement with a forty-hour power reserve. According to ABlogToWatch, the rounded edges on the hands were a well-thought-out addition. Intended to remind you of the smoothing of sea rocks, those un-sharp edges add to the overall mellow tone of this oceanic watch. The lumed hands and bezel also make it easy to find your watch in low light and even tell the time when you're diving in the uncertain, shifting light of the water. The uni-directional mineral crystal top ring adds a subtle shine to the overall composition of this watch. With a forty-millimeter case, this watch is large but not oversized and well suited to most wrists. It wears comfortably, especially when paired with the rubber tropical band. The case has a sapphire crystal, which pairs perfectly with the overall look and luxury feel of this surprisingly affordable watch. Though the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream isn't a limited edition, it was originally a pre-order-only product. Fortunately, they are more widely distributed now, and you can easily gift one to your favorite watch lover or add it to your own collection.

Final Thoughts

Timeless and stunning, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream lives up to its name. Dual bands of brilliant color encircle the large face with its simplified relief markings for each hour. While this isn't a watch that goes with every style, it is certainly a vacation or beachside piece for the finest occasions and a good all-around casual wear watch for those who don't fear bright pops of color. Ariel Adams' fearless design is worthy of inclusion in any collection.

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