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A Complete Traveler's Guide to Using the Virgin Club Lounge

The Virgin Club Lounge comes from Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and Virgin Atlantic International Limited. This is a 1984-established British airline that has its head office situated in Crawley, England. Formerly known as British Atlantic Airways, it was originally co-founded as a fly-between London, England, and the Falkland Islands. Its maiden flight took place on June 22, 1984, when it took off from London's Gatwick Airport to Newark International Airport in Essex County. Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary later changed their company's name to Virgin Atlantic Airways. Soon after that, Fields sold his shares after getting into a disagreement with Richard Branson over its management. Today, Virgin Atlantic has expanded as a multi-national flight service that offers a variety of air travel options, as well as other travel-related services. This includes the Virgin Club Lounge and what it provides.

More About Virgin Atlantic Airways

When Virgin Atlantic first became an official airline in 1984, it soon hired Richard Branson to serve as manager. Because this was a new airline that had much to prove, it needed to draw enough attention and consumer confidence to get the business going. The parent brand of Virgin Atlantic was the same that owned Virgin Records. Because of this, the airline used recording artists such as Culture Club and Simple Minds as influencers to promote it. There were very few boundaries the charismatic Branson didn't cross in order to win over an audience with full intention to turn them into customers. As the company grew, reaching into new markets, the flair of Branson's personality made it easy for the company to continue growing by leaps and bounds. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Virgin Atlantic Airways became one of the leading airlines over the pack as the company's reputation for speed and reliance became world-renowned. In 2012, Virgin Atlantic teamed up with Delta Air Lines so they would be able to reach destinations they weren't able to do so previously. In 2019, Virgin Atlantic Airways expanded again by teaming up with Air France KLM.

More About Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Memberships

Virgin Atlantic has its own flying club, which is also referred to as the Virgin Club. There are three different tier levels that allow members of this club to collect miles each time they fly with its airline or with any of their global network of partners. In addition to the miles collected, there are also Tier Points. The higher you go, the more benefits you enjoy as a member. The level starts with Red, which starts you on your way to reaching the next level, which is Silver. At four hundred points, this is where you graduate. This plateau awards you thirty percent more points for each flight you take with Virgin Atlantic and its associates. There are also a few other perks that come with it. Once you've reached a thousand points or more, you're all the way to the top tier of Gold. You now earn sixty percent more points while at this level, as well as Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse access. This is the only level that grants you all the perks to gain access to the exclusive clubhouses and lounges associated with Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounge is accessed only by approved members belonging to Virgin Atlantic's Club members, Delta SkyMiles as Diamond or Platinum Medallion cardholders, and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Elite Gold and PPS cardholders. Cardholders that are gold status or higher with Air New Zealand are also able to access the Virgin Club Lounge while traveling via Virgin Atlantic. These luxurious lounges, or rather clubhouses, can be accessed only on the day the member's flight is scheduled for departure. If there's an overnight connection between flights, access to it can only be on the day of the flight from London Heathrow only. This also includes its Revivals Lounge.

In total, there are six clubhouses Virgin Clubhouse Lounges members may access. They are as follows;

  • Boston, Massachusetts - Clubhouse at BOS, located at Boston Logan Airport
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - Clubhouse at JNS, located at O. R. Tambo International Airport
  • London, England - Clubhouse and Revivals Lounge at LHR, located at London, Heathrow Airport
  • New York City, New York - Clubhouse at JFK, located at John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • San Francisco, California - Clubhouse at SFO, located at San Francisco International Airport
  • Washington, D.C. - Clubhouse at IAD, located at Washington D.C. Airport

Clubhouse at BOS

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Boston's Logan Airport is located at Level 2 in Terminal E, opposite Gate 11. The hours of operation usually start four hours before the first flight of the day is scheduled until the time of final departure of a Virgin Atlantic Airlines flight. While inside the clubhouse, there's access to its Brasserie Restaurant, as well as the Deli, the Lounge, the Library, and its Business Centre. There's also luggage storage that will keep your belongings safe until you're ready to depart.

Clubhouse at JNS

Located on the mezzanine level of the international retail area within international departures, just after airport security, is the Clubhouse at JNS in Johannesburg, South Africa. Just like all the Clubhouses belonging to Virgin Atlantic, this exclusive lounge can only be accessed on the day of departure by yourself and a guest that's accompanying you on the same flight. While inside the clubhouse, you have full access to all it has to offer, including the complimentary meals, beverages, and services that are available.

Clubhouse and Revivals Lounge at LHR

At London's Heathrow Airport, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is located in the Upper-Class Wing at Terminal 3, which has an array of amenities set in a relaxed environment. There's also the Clubhouse Retreat, which is designated as the ultimate spot for relaxation before you embark on your flight. There's also a collection of Peloton bikes at the Clubhouse for members to score a workout before it's time to board the plane. Under normal circumstances, the operating hours of this clubhouse location run from 6:30 in the morning until 10:30 in the evening. The closing time may vary according to the final departure time at the airport.

Clubhouse at JFK

The menu belonging to Clubhouse at JFK has the whole day covered from breakfast to late-night snacks that have something for everyone to meet their culinary preferences. This also includes complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They're located just beyond the TSA checkpoint in the A-Concourse area, just above the boarding gates of A4 and A5. Their normal hours of operation are from 5:00 AM until 8:30 AM, then from 2:00 PM until 10:30 PM.

Clubhouse at SFO

The Clubhouse at SFO opens up four hours before the first departure of a Virgin Atlantic flight is scheduled and stays open until it has departed. You can access this after passing security on level 5 at the San Francisco International Airport. It has its own menu that caters to everyone's personal preferences. The drinks are complimentary, regardless of its alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Clubhouse at IAD

Located across Gate A32 in Terminal A of the Washington D.C. Airport, the Clubhouse at IAD opens up its doors to Virgin Club Lounge members only four hours before a scheduled Virgin Atlantic flight. One friend may accompany the member for as long as they walk in the clubhouse together and out together. This clubhouse has its own menu selection, offering complimentary food and snacks that cater to every person's dietary choices and needs. There are also complimentary beverages that are served here.

Virgin Atlantic Lounges

There are also alternative private membership lounges that can be accessed by Virgin Atlantic Club Lounge members. They serve as an exclusive flyer's club belonging to Virgin Atlantic and its holdings. In the United Kingdom, there are four of these shared lounges. They each allow their upper-class members to bring one associate with them into the lounge for as long as they're traveling on the same flight. This is no different than the Clubhouse Lounges directly belonging to Virgin Atlantic. The services in such lounges are the same as in the company's partner airport lounges. Private spacing, along with complimentary food and drink, is part of the package while relaxing before or between flights. Each lounge offers a high-speed WIFI connection, as well as power outlets. There are also forms of entertainment to help cure travelers' boredom while they wait. The list of these four shared lounges is;

  • Belfast - The Causeway Lounge
  • Edinburgh - The Aspire Lounge
  • Glasgow - Lomond Lounge
  • Manchester - 1903 Lounge

In the United States, there are seven shared lounges that do the same thing as the U.K. They are;

  • Delta Sky Club (located in Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Delta Sky Club (located in Austin, Texas)
  • The Club as LAS (located in Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Star Alliance Lounge (located in Los Angeles, California)
  • LATAM Lounge (located in Miami, Florida)
  • Delta Sky Club (located in Orlando, Florida)
  • Delta Sky Club (located in Seattle, Washington)

There are also seven lounge locations in the Caribbean.

  • Antigua - Executive Lounge
  • The Bahamas - The Lignum Club Lounge
  • Barbados - Airlines Executive Lounge
  • Grenada - IAM Jet Centre
  • Havana - Elegante Salon
  • Montego Bay - Club MoBay Departure Lounge
  • Saint Lucia - Iyanola Executive Lounge

Virgin Atlantic also has six lounges in Asia, as well as one in Africa, and one in the Middle East.

  • Delhi, India - Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Hong Kong - Plaza Premium First Lounge
  • Islamabad, Pakistan - CIP Lounge
  • Lahore, Pakistan - CIP Lounge
  • Mumbai, India - GVK Lounge
  • Shanghai, China - China Eastern No. 77 Lounge
  • Lagos, Nigeria - Oasis Lounge
  • Tel Aviv, Israel - Dan Lounge

As is the case with the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses, the lounges mentioned each have their own operating hours, their own menu selections, and their own collection of amenities. They also share the same policies. Should you have a flight that sends you to any of the lounge locations listed, check ahead to ensure they're accessible while you're there. When booking your flight, this is the best time to learn as much as you can.

The No1 Lounge Collection

Virgin Atlantic Airways has the No1 Lounge Collection, which offers a discounted and private entry for all their passengers to any lounge that's part of the collection. There are four of these, which are located at London Heathrow Terminal 3, London Gatwick North and South Terminals, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. According to the No1 Lounge Collection setup, entry is limited. It is advised to book ahead so that are able to gain entry without disappointment. Each of these lounges offers unlimited WiFi, as well as free access to magazines and newspapers. There's also a bistro menu, as well as a self-service pantry. The fully tended bar offers a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are complimentary.

Is It Worth It?

If you travel often and Virgin Atlantic Airways meets your needs as an airline, then obtaining a Flying Club membership with the company is worth it. Like all memberships, you get more bang for your buck when you use every opportunity you can to make good use of everything the membership has to offer. Once you've reached the Silver level, you can begin to take advantage of all the benefits offered by Virgin Hotels. In most cases, the tier points don't last forever. There is a twelve-month period that begins on the day your membership level has been upgraded to either Silver or Gold status. Should the twelve months pass and you haven't earned enough points in that time frame to stay where you are, you will be sent back down to the tier level below. It should be pointed out while at the Gold Tier level, in order to keep the Clubhouse passes so you can gain access to the Virgin Club Lounges, you need to maintain an expenditure of 1,500 points within each twelve-month period.

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