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10 Things You Didn't Know about Abhiraj Singh Bhal

UrbanClap is a mobile and online platform for finding and attracting trustworthy homes and local services. The company's mission is to use intelligent processes to structure the highly unorganized services market and emerging markets, empowering one million+ service professionals to become micro-service entrepreneurs. Abhiraj Singh Bhal co-founded UrbanClap in 2014. The company's headquarters are in Gurgaon, Haryana, and Bangalore, Karnataka, respectively. Customer access and branding, tech-led standards, training and certification, and so on are all areas where the UrbanClap platform assists these professionals in becoming micro-entrepreneurs. UrbanClap serves over 2 million consumers and has built a network of 50,000+ experienced service employees across India and Dubai. Every month, the group helps around 300,000 people with a wide range of home service requirements. It has recently expanded into Dubai and operates in all of India's major cities. UrbanClap has received funding from Tiger Global Management, Accel, Vy Capital, Steadview Capital, and SAB Holdings. The company raised $75 million in a "Series E" financing on August 2, 2019. UrbanClap has raised $185.9 so far.

Abhiraj is the CEO and Co-Founder of Urban Clap, renamed Urban Company) His life is a commitment to education and pushing limits; Urban is not his first startup. However, the prior one was unsuccessful. A chance encounter with two other people was the early days of Urban. The company has strived to create a thriving market in India and assisting in rebuilding the economy. He remembers well what it was like when his parents went to work in a lackluster economy. His humble roots in an oppressed country instilled life lessons he may not have acquired. Education and continual learning are paramount in his life. Reading through interviews, one gets a sense of the force he is. According to issue, "Initially, all three started looking for beauticians, plumbers, photographers as they would then connect them to friends and families."Given the fragmented and mostly disorganized nature of the Indian home services sector.

According to Nitesh Viswanathan, "Urban Company took the choice to protect jobs, not cut compensations, also institutionalize different monetary and medical care measures for Urban Company's service partners, and took every choice with the short-as well as the long term" His life is driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, so there is little mention about the things he does outside of work. There are a few comments about his wife, whom he loves to cook for; he's mentioned learning new things every day and seems to be a person who needs to remain busy. Although the information was minimal, these are ten things about Singh that all of his successes might overshadow.

  1. Singh began his entrepreneurial journey while working at the Boston Globe Campus Bombay for two years, eight months in Singapore, and three months in Delhi. While there, his mission was to complete tasks that were both interesting and challenging and develop the work ethic that would help him launch Urbanclap.
  2. After working with BCG for three years, came back to India and established a startup called Cinema Box (a business that provided a mobile app that helped customers stream movies while traveling over Wi-Fi). The startup was co-founded by Khaitan, a fellow student from IIT-Kanpur whom he knew from Boston.
  3. In the early part of Abhiraj's life, he lived in Mumbai, graduated high school at Navy Children's School. Once he completed the 8th grade, Singh relocated to Visakhapatnam to complete the remaining amount of his education.
  4. He has won numerous awards, including Fortune 40 under 40, Fortune 30 under 30, and the Entrepreneur award NTLF2020
  5. Commodore Ashok Bhal lives in Vishakhapatnam with his son, Bhal's father, Mr. Bhal. His grandfather is also IIT alumnus as well, obtaining a degree his electrical engineering from IIT Roorkee. After he finished school, he joined the Indian Navy as an electrical engineer specializing in designing weapons for the navy.
  6. In his limited free time, he enjoys thrill sports like skydiving. Additionally, he runs marathons and goes scuba diving.
  7. He believes writing gives him a better perspective on life, allowing him to see things more clearly, even commenting he'll write when no one asks him. In a few different interviews, he confessed that he has many notebooks everywhere, so he doesn't miss an idea or inspiration.
  8. Apart from being a dedicated athlete, he enjoys the gym, enjoying pushing himself to the limit with CrossFit workouts, embracing the philosophy: the race is the easy part, but consistent training and hard work every day is the tough part.
  9. Abhiraj shadows his service professionals regularly and now shows up at customer's houses to oversee the process. Though an adamant proponent of "getting one's hands dirty," always happy to lend a hand to customers, not only washing a customer's car but also pushed it from the garage to the driveway.
  10. He didn't have a clear vision of his career. Early on, a photographer was his first choice, followed by a pilot. Between fifteen and sixteen years old, he decided on ITT.

During an interview with Nasscom he said, "We believe the 80:20 Principle where 80% of the earnings are passed on to the service professionals. Our vision is to build a company to last and not to sell. It has to stand the test of time – that's our belief." It is this mindset coupled with a tenacity that has made him a successful entrepreneur. Looking through his social media accounts, you get a picture of a man who is not only successful at business but life and a true visionary mindset. Throughout his life, there has never been hesitancy to take risks where there is fervor. Anything you read about him tells a story about a man driven to succeed. Although some of his ventures didn't last, with his commitment to Urban, there is continual growth and expansion in upcoming years. Since he is one of the people who spearhead this corporation, success is eminent.

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