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A Closer Look at the $37,500 Air Jordan 4 Eminem

Air Jordan 4 Eminem

The Air Jordan sneaker line has produced some of the most highly prized and valuable shoes in the history of the industry. A rare model called the Air Jordan 4 Eminem sold at auction for an amazing $37,500. Even if you're loyal to the brand and its one of your favorite sneakers, you might be wondering what could make an older pair of sneakers from any brand worth this much money? As unbelievable as it may sound, this is actually a bargain for a collectible Air Jordan sneaker. Some have gone for over $100K. We did our research on this pair of sneakers to understand what makes it so valuable to sneaker enthusiasts as well as to collectors and here is what we learned.

Ultra rare and hard to find

We were browsing through the Fight Club site online because they're the vendors who sold a pair for a whopping $37,500. Prior to the sale of this model, we learned that there was a pair of them offered on eBay, and the shoes sold for $14,500 in a mere 20 seconds after being listed. This gives us all an idea of just how fast they go and if the auction had lasted longer and had not offered a set price, who knows what the top bid would have been. Fight Club has been calling for all owners of these rare, valuable and in-demand shoes to list them on the site. They realize that the market is hot for these particular shoes right now and they're out of stock until someone else decides that they can bear to part with any in their possession. As the site proclaims, it's something that you really don't see that often. God forbid a pair should show up at a yard or estate sale, but if you do happen to stumble across a pair, then you have an idea about their assessed value.

Understanding the market for collectible Air Jordans

If you're a sneaker enthusiast then you have your own reasons for loving certain models. Most people like them for their styling, comfort or durability and performance benefits, but there is a level that goes way beyond creature comforts and it is based upon a passion for the history behind an iconic model, as well as for the inherent value of the model or in some cases, the specific example. Then there is the good common sense rationalization about the value of the collectible. These shoes are worth a lot of money and that in itself is one of the reasons why some are willing to bid to the sky just for the privilege of ownership. Some wear them while others keep them in a private collection, while others will purchase the sneakers, as they would a fine work of art, as an investment, then sell them when the market for the particular model will yield a decent return.

Market History for Air Jordans

To really get the gist for those who are new to rare sneaker collection, it's important to know that once you get a taste of it, you can quickly become hooked. For starters, the Eminem collection has always been a hot commodity with 10 pair of these shoes going for more than $227,000 at auction in 2015. The highest price paid for a size 9 of the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 sneakers was $30,100 with the lowest selling price $18,750 for a size 7 at the auction. Eminem collaborated with Air Jordan on all of the models within the line bearing his name. The example that went for $47,500 was first released in 2005 and it was a special sneaker that was designed and produced in celebration of the release of his "Encore" album the same year. This is the Air Jordan 4 Encore in bright blue and there were only 50 pairs produced. This makes it one of the rarest retro sneakers within the collection and the pair that went for nearly $40k were pre-owned.

The Holy Grail of Sneakers

The Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem which sold for $37,500 in 2014 was the very last one out of ten examples that were offered for sale, in a size ten that year. When you visit their site in search of your own pair, we wish you luck. It's going to be a matter of being online at the right time, should another pair surface on the site. From what we've observed, once a pair is listed for sale, it is gone in a matter of seconds. You need a super fast computer with a stellar internet connection to be fast enough to become a lucky buyer. This shoe is one of just a few models that belong to an elite group of rare and valuable Air Jordans who have joined the status of being the holy grail of sneakers. Collectors and sneakerheads consider them to be highly prized treasures and it's not hard to see why.

Final thoughts

The collaboration between Eminem and Air Jordan has been a successful venture on both sides. The shoes were hot commodities from the day that they were offered, albeit, in limited numbers, for sale to the general public. The frenzy that kicked off in 2005 hasn't died out one bit, and if anything, the fervor to acquire a pair of the ultra-rare Air Jordan 4 Eminem shoes in bright blue has picked up the pace. We're not seeing nearly as many surfacing for sale which tells us that the collectors who are in possession of the sneakers are simply not willing to part with them ... at any price. If you just happen to have a pair lying around in the bottom of your closet, they're worth a small fortune.

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