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How Albert Pujols Achieved a Net Worth of $170 Million

MLB Player Albert Pujols

Baseball fans have been watching Albert Pujols for years, and yet some of them couldn't name him despite his incredible record. He's an outstanding player, and he has been from the first. Everyone who watches the sport is bound to have seen him play, and it's a real treat to watch him work. Some people con their way to the top, others scheme or fight while still others are born there. Then there are those rare few who are simply so outstanding at whatever it is they do that they naturally rise like the creme in raw milk. Albert Pujols is one of the latter. Sadly, like the creme at the top of the milk, no one really has much to say about him, other than he's stunningly talented and super-nice, which is downright bizarre. "I've never seen anything like it. He's quick to the ball with his bat, he hits to all fields, he rarely goes out of the strike zone, and no situation seems to rattle him." - Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon.

Net Worth$170 Million
NameJosé Alberto Pujols Alcántara
BornSanto Domingo
Birth DateJanuary 16, 1980
Source of WealthDominican Professional Baseball Player
CountryDominican Republic

More Than a Player

Albert Pujols is a multimillionaire, and a versatile player with talent to spare, however, when it comes to greatness, that's not the whole story. If you ask him, and plenty of people have, baseball is fantastic, but what matters more are his other commitments. As a married man with children, his family is his life when he's not on the field. Playing with his children matters more to Albert than playing with his team. He's devoted to his wife Deirdre and their life together. Pujols also credits his faith as a huge and incredibly important aspect of his life.

Strange Things

When you think of famous people who are outspoken and work against human trafficking, who do you think of first? If your answer was Ashton Kutcher, then you read and watch the same news as most Americans. If you didn't say, Albert and Deirdre Pujols, then let us tell you another completely ridiculously overlooked fact about Albert (and his wife): They founded Strike Out Slavery, an organization to help end human trafficking. The MLB alone donated half a million dollars to the cause. Yet, you won't see their names on lists of celebs who are raising awareness, or even big names who specifically fight against sex trafficking.

The Scandal That Wasn't

Did you hear about Albert Pujols doing Performance Enhancing Drugs? It's true, or at least he was indeed accused of it. Unfortunately for the tabloids and gossips, it turned out to be nothing more than a strange rumor that one guy started one time. It's possible it was out of jealousy at the meteoric rise of Pujols on the field. However, once the statement was retracted, nothing ever came of it. Pujols is tested for PEDs as often as any player, and there's nothing more to say about it. He got more attention for the five minutes that story ran than he did when he hit his 600th home run.

Are You For Real

Did we mention that Albert Pujols is the fourth player EVER in MLB history to make 600 home runs and 3000 hits? We didn't? Ok, well since no one else seems to be willing to shout this from the rooftops, we'll do it for them. Albert Pujols is a living legend, and nobody seems to notice because he's not scandalous! His biggest problem is that he doesn't have any noteworthy issues. His coaches love him, his teammates say nice things about him, and he's so talented it's almost painful to watch. Quite literally, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Alex Rodriguez are the only other players who ever did what Albert Pujols has done.

We're floored when we see people complaining that the Angels got a lousy deal when, at their own insistence, they signed him to a ten-year contract for $240 million, which they created. Now there's (ridiculous) talk, in one article about invalidating his contract because his age might be wrong. Frankly, this sounds a lot like the steroid accusation. Someone else (from the same place, the Dominican Republic) did it, so he must have done it as well. Yes, ages have been skewed by Dominican players in the past, for example, Octavio Dotel, Miguel Tejada, and Vladimir Guerrero, to name a few. If we had to lay a bet on it, we'd say that even if his age was misrepresented, which we doubt, there's not a malicious bone in his body and the Angels are very lucky to have him, again, at their insistence.

Where's the Money

From his emergence back in 2001 he's done nothing but work hard and win often. He was an All-Star in 2001, and again from 2003-2010, then again in 2015. On top of that, he was National League MVP three times, in 2005, 2008 and 2009. He fills in all over the field and can hit to anywhere. We're wondering if he's not genetically enhanced or possibly some sort of amazing cyborg from the future, and even if he was, we don't think anyone would cover the story unless he streaked across a field first.

Final Thoughts

If you're not totally clear on how Albert Pujols made his millions, we can sum it up for you in a single word: Talent. We really shouldn't need to say this twice, but since no one else will: Albert Pujols is epic. He's genuinely one of the most talented and jaw-droppingly superb players the sport has ever seen. Until someone proves he's actually done something wrong on purpose, we're going to go ahead and say he earned every penny of his millions and we wish him well.

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