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10 Things You Didn't Know About Alex Chesterman

Alex Chesterman

Alex Chesterman is a British businessman and entrepreneur who is also the founder and CEO of Cazoo. He has made many fortunes in the business world. He continues to amaze those around him with a knack for knowing how to create businesses that will net him millions in profits before moving on to his next adventure. If you're not yet familiar with the entrepreneur, here are 10 things you didn't know about Alex Chesterman.

1. Alex Chesterman is capable of radical change

According to The Standard, Alex Chesterman is a tech tycoon who took his interests in a surprising direction with his most recent business endeavor. Cazoo is a used car dealership, which is a big departure from his previous business ventures. He's not shy about trying new things if he knows they will be profitable.

2. He is a serial entrepreneur

Alex Chesterman is currently serving as the CEO of his most recent company called Cazoo. He makes a habit of establishing new startups and then building them up until they are ready to be sold for a tidy profit. He has started other businesses before launching Cazoo. He is skilled in leveraging support for these new companies and to his credit, he likes to see them through to a decent measure of success before moving on.

3. He is the most successful digital entrepreneur in Britain

Chesterman established a company called LoveFilm which provides movie rentals. He sold the company for 200 million pounds to Amazon, then moved on to his next project called Zoopla. This was sold in 2020 for an amazing 2.2 billion pounds of which he profited by 100 million. Mr. Chesterman knows how to make a small fortune in the digital world.

4. He has a secret formula for success

We learned from researching Alex Chesterman's business habits at least part of the reason for his tremendous success in the business world. He comes up with ideas for products or services that people want or need, then he makes it easier for them to obtain the goods and services he sells. For example, Cazoo is a used car market that sells vehicles online. People can purchase a vehicle through the internet from a reputable company without hassle, and they will have it delivered within 72 hours. He goes the extra mile in providing exceptional service.

5. He is well-connected for venture capital funding

When Alex Chesterman wants to start a new business he doesn't have any difficulty raising the capital. From his earlier ventures and proven track record for success, investors are happy to provide him with the venture capital needed to fund a new venture or expand an existing business. When he pitched the idea for Cazoo to them, he was able to raise 80 million pounds with no trouble. Some of his largest financial backers include Octopus, Entree Capital, Stride, and DMG Ventures, with some as repeat funders.

6. Alex also invests wisely

According to Dealroom, Chesterman is quite the investor. He has a ken y for good investments. He has made millions of pounds in investments in startups including Cleo AI, MindLabs, Thirdfort, Lick, and several others. In all, 27 investments currently show up in his investment portfolio. He makes investments in companies that are at all stages of development including seed, early-stage, and late-stage. This suggests that Mr. Chesterman has multiple streams of income.

7. He is an educated man

According to Wikipedia, Alex Chesterman attended college at the University College, London. He enrolled in the Economics program at the institution. It was there that he earned his bachelor of science degree in the discipline. He understood the importance of laying a solid foundation of formal education before embarking on his career, which at this point has become diversified. He's a businessman who truly only fits into the category of entrepreneur as his interests as well as his successes have been varied. It seems that Mr. Chesterman finds success in nearly any type of venture he puts his heart into.

8. He is politically active

Mr. Chesterman has shown favoritism toward the Liberal Democrat party in Britain. As far back as July of 2016, he was rumored to be a supporter of a legal challenge that was aimed at preventing Brexit if the government of Britain would not support a Parliamentary vote on the situation. He also made large donations of hundreds of thousands of pounds during the 2019 UK general election to the liberal democrat party. Although he does not tend to speak out publicly, Alex has his preferences and he shows his support through his actions behind the scenes.

9. Chesterman is a tech angel investor

Alex has a big place in his heart for British technology companies. He steadfastly supports many digital startups such as UniPlaces, CarWow, Swoon, Farmdrop, Secret Escapes, Graze, and more. He supports these companies not only through monetary backing for early-stage development but also serves as a mentor. Alex has been formally recognized for his significant contributions to the development of new tech companies in Britain with a 2016 award of an OBE for his services to new digital entrepreneurs.

10. Alex Chesterman is a celebrated businessman and entrepreneur in Britain

Chesterman is highly regarded in the British technology industry and beyond. It's not only because of the massive support that he provides, it's also because of his accomplishments in business. He was born in 1970 and is currently just 51 years of age. He has already accomplished much in his lifetime and he's not done yet. He was listed in the Telegraph Tech Hot 100 list in 2020, and in 2017 named on Debrett's 500. In 2013 he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Wherever he goes he leaves behind some type of positive impact. He stands as a role model for the younger generation of British entrepreneurs.

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