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How Andrew Schulz Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

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Hard work always pays. Therefore, when Andrew Schulz began performing stand-up comedy, he never focused on being rich. He did not worry about success; Schulz knew prosperity would follow if he did his best. True to his belief, the comedian has amassed millions solely from his ability to make people laugh. Andrew Schulz’s net worth is currently at $3 million, and here is how he achieved it.

Stumbling into Stand-Up Comedy

Looking at Schulz effortlessly cracking the ribs of his audience would probably have you thinking that he was born to be a comedian. However, he told Medium that never in his lifetime had he ever considered becoming a stand-up comedian.

He admits that he loved humor and spent most of his time visiting clubs to watch others perform, but never thought he could do it. Fortunately, his stars aligned to push him towards the right path while working at a restaurant while still pursuing his education.

While studying in a Californian college, Schulz was also the manager of a restaurant. As if by fate, the restaurant usually had a comedy night, and the show’s producer asked Schulz if he would be interested in trying out his luck on stage. Having already been part of the audience of his favorite comedians, Schulz was more than glad to utilize the opportunity despite the lack of preparedness.

As a result, he went on stage, and the only thing that came to his mind was joking about how Magic Johnson played with HIV and averaged 18 points a game.

His Career Began that Day

He asked his audience why Magic Johnson was not averaging 100 points. Looking back, Schulz believes that millions of comics had thought of the joke, but his delivery was poor because he was new to the game. Although the first night did not go as well as he had expected, Schulz still stuck to comedy for a month in California.

In his interview with Best Comedy Tickets, he revealed that he returned to New York and performed at Comedy Village. He even took to the streets to lure more people into his audience.

The comedian believes the best part of performing at Comedy Village was the chance to perform alongside established acts. He cited Mike Destefano and Greer Barns among those he had to compare himself against to see if the audience liked his performance.

Although Schulz does not reveal how much he was paid during his days at the Comedy Village, some sources publish that a stand-up comedian pockets between $30 and $45 per show.

Being on MTV

Schulz disclosed that he has always been unapologetic about when he wants, and it saved him from being picked on while in school. As an adult, he still dares to speak his mind as he did with Lauren Zinns; when she wanted him to do a show on MTV, the comedian said he would prefer one with a male perspective.

For this reason, Zinns recommended Schulz to Ryan Ling, who created “Guy Code.” After the audition, the comedian landed the job. Glamour published that MTV would be airing the premiere episode of “Guy Code,” which would be hosted by Schulz. In his interview, the comedian explained that he was also part of the writing team and detailed the aspects of the show that probably the public did not know.

The premiere season attracted 440,000 viewers on the initial airing. By 2013, the show had aired its third season, and it was the most-watched original series on MTV. It became so successful that it even had a spin-off version, “Girl Code,” whose early ratings revealed total viewership of 1.4 million.

Schulz hosted the show for five seasons, and while it is unclear how much he was paid, we can still assume it was a lucrative sum. According to Pop Culture, Rob Dyrdek received $35,000 per episode of “Rob & Big,” but by the fourth season, he was earning $125,000. If we go by such parameters, it means that Schulz was raking in a fortune by the time he did the fifth season of “Guy Code.”

The show had 63 episodes, so even if Schulz earned only $35,000 per episode, he would have earned at least $2.2 million by the time they wrapped up the fifth season.

Venturing Into Other Deals

“Guy Code” resulted in Schulz having other projects to think about, especially when the public felt that his comedy was not PG-rated and mainstream media thought he was politically incorrect.

According to The Ridgefield Press, the comedian said that “Guy Code” is what led to many great things, such as the podcast with Charlamagne tha God titled “Brilliant Idiots.”

He has never thought highly of being on TV, so he decided to utilize the internet. In 2017, he produced and released his debut comedy show on YouTube. The video titled “4:4:1,” has garnered over 2.5 million views, and his channel has reached 1.7 million subscribers.

He has since posted other videos which average at least a million views, enabling the comedian to rake in a fortune. Schulz has also been going on tours ever since he realized it was up to him to find ways to take his comedy to the public.

Despite mainstream media being reserved about his language, the comedian realized his audience loves the R-rated content; hence, his shows sell out. In 2019, he posted on Twitter that he had sold out seven shows in Washington DC.

In May 2021, he also tweeted that his show in Austin sold out within an hour. As per some sources, while an average ticket can go for $40 for a live show, VIP tickets are sold at $1,000 for performances held in prominent venues. Therefore, if he performs at Brown Theater, where the capacity is 1,400, Schulz can make at least $150,000 in a night.

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