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How Anthony Mundine Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million

Anthony Mundine

Anthony Mundine is one person who knows what loss is; in 2013 his café was destroyed by a fire and as 2018 ended, when he was coming to terms with losing to Jeff Horn in a fight that lasted 96 seconds only, his home was robbed, and thousands in goods and cash were stolen. Lucky for him, such unfortunate incidences do not come close to decreasing his net worth of $30 million. As we get into the details of his boxing career and how it helped Anthony Mundine net worth grow, you will also learn of his other endeavors that have increased his bank account.

Playing Rugby

Anthony Mundine can get on your nerves when everything he says has to touch on the subject of racism with him always claiming to get the shorter end of the stick. It is these racism claims that he used to leave his rugby career and join boxing. Since he is making a comeback to the league, one can only wonder why he would return to a place where he felt he was being treated unfairly.

Whatever his reasons are, it seems that he was getting paid better than his white colleagues in the league because he is acclaimed to have been the highest NRL player at the time. Currently, some of the highest-paid rugby players earn between $700,000 and $1,000,000 with Cameron Smith allegedly being the highest-paid according to Telstra.

When Anthony Mundine claims that nothing much has changed in the NRL, he is right because in 1998 when he was the highest-paid player, he was getting $600,000 and now that twenty years have passed, players have not received much increase. Now that he has signed up with Matraville Tigers, we can only assume that he raised this point to negotiate a bigger pay for himself and if that is the case, then his net worth will be on the increase in the next few years.


If there is one sport that most parents would not dream of their children participating in, it has to be boxing especially when they see how Muhammad Ali suffered brain damage from being hit in the head approximately 200,000 times in the span of his career that comprised 61 fights. The Mundines, however, do not mind it seeing that Anthony's father, Tony Mundine, was a middleweight contender in the 1970s and he decided to train his son.

As revealed on Wikipedia, Anthony began as an amateur boxer at 17 and became a professional when he was 25. Anthony fought in 2001 against Sven Ottke for his first world title, and it was the first time he lost after being knocked out in the 10th round. When Anthony fought against Antwun Echols in September 2003, he won thereby claiming the super middleweight title which he defended once before losing it to Manny Siacca.

In 2011, Anthony faced Rigoberto Alvarez and won the interim WBA Light Middleweight title, which qualified him to go against belt holder Austin Trout in the mandatory challenge. Unfortunately, in March 2012. Anthony turned down the chance to fight Trout, which led to him being stripped of his title. Fate seems to have decided that Mundine would never fight Austin Trout because the next time he was due to fight Trout on May 9, 2015, he suffered a perforated eardrum leading to him being replaced by Luis Galarza. Despite the setback, Anthony is the mandatory contender for the WBC world championship belt held by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

With all these fights, whether he won or lost, Anthony Mundine still received some money. According to Career Trend, many boxers do not earn enough to make a living from their boxing career with some making as low as $2,400 per year. However, top boxers make millions with the example of Floyd Mayweather earning $32 million against Roberto's $3 million in their fight or Floyd's $150 million against Manny's $100 million. The fact that Anthony Mundine is a top-rated boxer means his pay is in the range of millions.

Additionally, the pay-per-view brings some extra income to boxers. Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine was a much-televised fight and got the third-highest sales for pay-per-view in Australia. Anthony Mundine is as well the biggest pay-per-view star in the history of Australian sports according to Dynamic Boxing; a feat that is bound to translate to tons of money for the boxer every time he gets in the ring.


Anthony is an enterprising athlete who decided to invest in a clothing business in 2001. When he established the company, Boxa, it stocked boxing equipment, but later on, he expanded it also to include clothing. According to Wikipedia, Anthony Mundine advertises the sportswear while other celebrity athlete friends like Blake Ferguson and Quade Cooper endorse the brand.

Television appearances

Once you hit the celebrity status, your bank account seems to be always on the increase because you can command a high pay to appear in any television show, and that is what Anthony Mundine does. In 2002, Anthony was a cast member on Celebrity Big Brother, alongside other celebrities and according to Cheat Sheet, getting into the house already has the cast making money. The season 1 cast of Celebrity Big Brother received $200,000 for going into the house, but the amount was halved in season 2 meaning that Anthony got paid for being cast in 2002.

In January 2018, Anthony was a celebrity contestant on "I'm a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here", and although he walked out in February 2018, he still got paid for his appearance. According to Now To Love, in 2016, famous cricketer Shane Warne received $2 million for appearing in the show. With such precedence, Anthony must have been paid a similar or higher amount because a dollar less would have him throwing claims of racism, as he always does.

Anthony Mundine has been a guest on other television shows including "Burke's Backyard" where he appeared on an episode alongside his father. He also has been on "Dancing with The Stars," "Footy Show," "Greeks on The Roof," and "The Contender Australia" among many more. Each appearance is, of course, accompanied by a huge paycheck, translating to higher net worth.

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