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How Barry Weiss Achieved A Net Worth of $10 Million

Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss was born on February 11, 1959. According to A&E, "Barry is a larger-than-life character with a story for every situation, and his colorful personality brings out the best and worst of the people around him." Weiss was only married once, thirty years ago. There is little to no information about his wife or why they split. At one point, he said he'd be single almost three decades and currently dating. Additionally, he's received proposals from the show's fans. He has two children Jack and Julie, as well as grandson Oliver. He is also the godfather to Monster Garage Star Jesse James. People think Weiss' fortune came from Storage Wars; he had a considerable fortune before becoming a reality television star, including a garage full of cars. Even though he describes himself as a professional slacker, Barry Weiss' net worth of 10 million dollars tells a different story.

Produce Business

Weiss' true passion is antiques, starting a collection when he was fifteen. However, most exotic wealth is from a produce company. Twenty-five years ago, Weiss and his brother Joe began to build the company from humble beginnings. After retiring, he had more than enough money to focus on his antique collection. Weiss traveled the world and, looking for exotic pieces to add to his collection. However, he decided he wanted to go home. He was already buying and selling antiques, a multi-million dollar company that helped fund his collecting instincts. Weiss already knew Thom Beers before Storage Wars premiered in 2010. The only reason he decided to take Beers up on his offer as he didn't have anything better to do.

Storage Wars

According to Celeb Answers, Beers said Weiss inspired him to do the show. They discussed the treasures he could find in lockers, and Weiss immediately wanted to do the show. Weiss was one of the most eccentric characters on Storage Wars, probably why many people enjoyed watching him. During his time on the show, buyers nicknamed him "the collector." Many Times Weiss looked like he had little to no knowledge. However, this was the storage locker game and not antiques. He knows an extensive amount about antiques ranging from classic cars to war relics. During his time on the show, he had a fondness for outrageous antics. Some of his stunts included using night vision goggles and a helicopter to check out the lockers. Additionally, he brought colorful characters along with him, including a psychic and a dwarf on stilts. Other shenanigans included his signature skeleton gloves and a chicken car.

He left after four seasons, despite the show's growing popularity.

Even though many people thought Barry Weiss left Storage Wars because he thought producers staged locker finds. A&E wanted him to star in a spin-off show and Barry'd Treasure. The show's premise was Weiss traveled around the country searching for rare items. It didn't have the same success, ending after eight episodes. Additionally, he starred in Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back. Again, the show never reached ratings comparable to Storage Wars; A&E canceled the show after a short time. Even though he left Storage Wars after four seasons deciding to return to his favorite job, professional slacker, he's talking about returning to the show full time in an upcoming season.

Cashing In

After leaving A&E, people circulated rumors Weiss died. Although he was in a motorcycle accident, he recovered and started another career incarnation; working at Sherwood Valley Casino, a quirky Northern California casino in Willits, California. Many casinos have a corporate atmosphere. However, Sherwood maintains a family atmosphere. According to Casino Life, Michael J. Broderick knew Weiss would be a great addition to their branding, so they hired him as an ambassador. Weiss did many different advertisement promotions, including print, television, print, outdoor, and radio advertising. Additionally, he worked with public relationships. While there, people felt he commented well with guests from all walks of life, and people could relate to him quickly.

Other Work

Besides his work on Storage Wars, A&E spin-offs, and working as an ambassador for Sherwood Casino, Weis has done several other projects. He's starred in several documentaries, including Motorcycle Mania III and Beverly Hills Garage-The Bruce Myer Project. His motorcycle accident never slowed him down. His motorcycle accident didn't stop him from wanting to ride again, even considering a Motorsports show.


According to The Cinemaholic, Weiss owns a 1.8 million dollar four-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills built in 1928. He also has an extensive car collection, including a 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac, 1955 Beatnik Custom Hot Rod, 1937 Bugatti 58. He sold a 1955 Ford Beatnik Bubbletop Custom for $150,000. Overall, his car collection is said to top $150,000He's capitalized on his car obsession, documenting himself at auctions. During his time on Storage Wars, he added some impressive finds to his collection. In season four, he paid $1700 for a locker and found car and motorcycle parts for a profit of $10,0000. Another locker was full of salon supplies. Weiss paid 275 dollars and sold the contents for almost $12,000. Despite these impressive finds, Weiss never made a lot of money on the show. Even though he looked stressed a few times, it was probably just for show. After all, it seemed Weiss enjoyed the antics more than the purchases. Besides that, most of the items he finds go into his collection. Nonetheless, he made $10,000 an episode, so that helped offset his storage locker mishaps.

Final Words

Even though Barry Weiss is fond of describing himself as a professional slacker, it's just another caustic comment from the collector. He has worked extremely hard throughout his life and amassed a considerable fortune. Despite looking like he was a bit naive on purchases through the show, it was all in character. At one point, Weiss said they staged a large portion of the show. Nonetheless, he had fun and made his fans laugh while finding new items to add to his eccentric collection. No matter what Weiss does, it seems like he will always have a following. Currently, his Twitter account has 62,000 followers, and Facebook is over 100,000. It would be nice to know how Weiss does it all, but as he says, "I don't have a strategy. But even if I did, I'm not sharing it with you."

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