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Are There Beaches in Louisiana? Here are the Best Ones

Louisiana beaches

Louisiana has many attractive sandy beaches with picturesque landscape views. They have soft sand, which is white or golden, are less crowded, and their waters are pristine and sparkling. By going to any of the breathtaking shorelines in Louisiana, you can enjoy a wide range of activities with your family like fishing, camping, sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, bird watching, or just relaxing under the warmth of the sun. According to, most beaches permit pets and camping, two appealing aspects often not available at other vacationing destinations. Here are the best ones.

1. Rutherford Beach

Locals largely inhabit this secluded beach, and they are usually more than willing to guide visitors to great fishing spots. Some visitors even state that they received a crabbing lesson without being charged by a friendly inhabitant who loves sharing the area’s culture. At Rutherford beach, there is a lot of roaring waves to ride and sand to roam. This beach allows pets and groups can camp beside the water. It also has outhouses that you can use too. You can also collect pretty shells in the morning. Rutherford beach lies close to the Mermentau River’s mouth, and from there, you can easily see the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Cypremort Point Beach

This beach is a portion of a state park extending into Vermilion Bay. It is a marshy and relatively remote stretch of land, and various small towns dot the road from Lafayette. Vacationers engage in activities like sunbathing, swimming, and casting their lines to catch fish at the beach. There is a pier at the beach that anglers use, and a boat ramp also lets water vessels enter into the water. Cabins are also available close to the beach where families can stay. It is a great area to spend the weekend.

3. Grand Isle Beach

This is a popular beach close to New Orleans. It is located in a park owned by the state, which sits on one of the barrier islands in Louisiana. The park is another great location for people who love wildlife and nature. The beach has wonderful trails, and visitors can enjoy bird watching, crabbing, and fishing. The locals are friendly, and it is not overrun with people.

4. Holly Beach

This is mainly a residential area, which is built with resilience after storms such as Katrina. Locals and tourists love Holly beach because it is a great place to have family fun. You can engage in activities like boating, windsurfing, fishing, and swimming. The shorelines have attractive shells that your kids will love to collect. There are appealing stilt houses around the community and minimal commercial development. It is a refreshing beach that defies condo-laden beaches and restaurant lines.

5. North Beach

This beach is not right near the ocean but rather on Lake Charles in Louisiana. Here, you can find a beach adventure that is more bustling. Festivals often take place regularly around the water body. This beach is popular for its super white sand. It is the only beach that is known for its sugary white sand from Texas to Florida. In the opinion of, it is one of the most family-friendly beaches to visit. By vising it with your family, you can create new memories as you spend the day bonding. Families can enjoy picnics, playing beach volleyball, or swimming.

6. Fontainebleau State Park Beach

This beach sits on a lake in southern Louisiana, and it is a great place for families with children to visit. A significant benefit of visiting the state park is the amenities, including the large bathrooms and recreational activities. Travelers commonly camp at the state park because the site is ideal for recreational vehicles with many hookups and a dump station too. At the pier and beach, children can have fun in the play area with a splash pad.

7. Lake Claiborne State Park

This woodsy haven is located in northern Louisiana. Around the lake with the same name, there are sandy, spacious beach areas. Visitors can rent rustic cabins, and many of them come for a day to play frisbee golf or lease kayaks for afternoon paddles. The lake is ideal for peaceful floats. Apart from water activities, several hiking trails are winding through the area.

8. White Sands Lake Day Beach

This beach is a water playground ideal for visiting when you cannot get to the real ocean. Visitors can enjoy playing with inflatable water toys like water trampolines, blob bags, slides, and other playthings. They can also rent cabanas for the day. Kayaks are reasonably priced too and are an excellent option for tourists who do not love lake swimming. According to, this beach is enjoyable for everyone. It offers season passes, daily beach passes, and group rates.

9. Port Fourchon Beach

Hurricane Katrina heavily ravaged this beach, but it is now better than the hurricane. It is among the best beaches for families in the state. It has an attractive coastline where tourists can walk for miles and take peaceful strolls with their loved ones. The beach is wide, and vacationers can play a game of tag or catch with youngsters. It is also a great surfing spot for those who love riding waves. This beach is pet-friendly.


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