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Why Beanie Baby Digger the Crab is Worth $3,500

Digger the Crab

There is a hot market currently for collectible and rare editions of several of the Beanie Baby stuffed toys which were manufactured by the Ty Inc. company. If you have a collection of these toys from your youth, it may be worth your time to look through them to see if one of yours is among these rare, and sometimes pricey items. Digger the Crab is one such BB, with a current market value that goes as high as $3,500. While there are only certain editions which fetch this high price tag, you're in luck because we have all of the information that you need to determine if you have one of these rare toys in your possession.

What makes Digger the Crab a Beanie Baby worth thousands?

Digger the Crab was released for the first time on June 25th of 1994. He was made of a bright orange material and had an antenna made of black thread, two black button eyes, two pincers, and eight legs. The color of Digger was changed in 1995, to red. The orange-colored Digger was officially retired by the Ty brand on June 3rd of 1995. This version, which was also the first release is much harder to find and it is the rarest, making it a collectible edition, and worth up to $3,500.

How much does Digger the Crab sell for on average

We were curious about how much the average selling price for the Beanie Babies by Ty, Inc.'s Digger the Crab was. We checked around on several auction sites and saw many of them listed for a wide price range, starting for as low as $5.99 as a buy it now price and going upwards from there, all the way to $3,500. The prices are all over the place and even though some of these toys have gone for thousands, there have been others that have not found buyers at any price. As with any fine collectible, it's important to authenticate the item in some way, then to advertise it among the right audience members, especially those who are collectors of Beanie Babies, and this can be a tricky task, but they're out there. You just have to find them.

What distinguishing features indicate that a Digger the Crab is rare and valuable

The first thing to look for is the color. The orange Digger the Crab Beanie Babies that were made in the first year of production are the rarest, and the most valuable. Only the first editions are worth this much and in order to get $3,500 for one such crab, it must be in pristine or mint condition with the tags still attached. This is a tall order, which is why finding one that fits this description is rare and hard to accomplish. There must also be a hang tag that indicates it is from the first generation, and additionally, a tush tag that also states that the toy is from the first generation. From the selling histories that we reviewed on these specific editions, the value ranged between $650 to $3,500 with the lowest, not in perfect condition going for as low as $300.

Other interesting facts about collectible Digger the Crab Beanie Babies

The price guide which recommends the average prices for different editions of Digger the Crab Beanie Babies also described other versions. One such toy which featured a hang tag from the second generation and a tush tag from the first generation went on average for $200 in 2017. Another with a hang tag from the third generation and a tush tag from the first generation averaged between $50 to $150. The red version of Digger the Crab with a third-generation hang tag and a first-generation tush tag only sold for $30. Finally, the red version of Digger the Crab with a fourth-generation hang tag that has a yellow star on the tag was not considered to be worth much at all. So this is the breakdown of how all versions of the Digger the Crab Beanie Baby have been valued.

What really determines the rarity of a Beanie Baby Digger the Crab?

The rarest Digger the Crab Beanie Babies are as described, from the first generation in orange color with the appropriate hang and tush tags. The real rarity of the most valuable examples of these vintage toys is in the condition that they are presented in. It's hard to find one that has been well preserved in its mint condition, but if you do, don't settle for less than the highest bidder is willing to pay, even if it takes a while because there is someone out there who will be willing to give top dollar.

Final thoughts

The Digger the Crab Beanie Baby toy by Ty Inc. is a part of an elite collection. The rarest and pristine of these examples is worth thousands of dollars to the right collector. Even if you're not a collector or if you don't have a trained eye, it's not that difficult to learn what to look for and how to tell if the Digger the Crab that you own, or any other collectible Beanie Baby for that matter, is a rare edition that could net you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are likely, adults who have a few of these precious toys well preserved in the attics of their parents, who don't realize that the vintage toys that they once treasured as children are now in demand among collectors. For some, the rewards of selling such a find could be a big financial boost, but for others, just knowing that they're in possession of a rare collector's item that they would never part with serves as its own reward. So if you just happen to be a former Beanie Babies fan and you think that you might have one of these rare toys lying around somewhere it could be well worth your while to investigate further.

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