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10 Things You Didn't Know About Beerud Sheth

Beerud Sheth

Beerud Sheth is a businessman and entrepreneur from India. He is the co-founder and CEO of the smart messaging startup Gupshup. Mr. Sheth is a successful entrepreneur who brings years of experience and a talent for designing useful tech platforms that are well-received by the public. We were interested in learning more about the secrets of his success and looked into his career and personal history. We made some interesting discoveries about him. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Beerud Sheth that you might find inspiring.

1. Beerud Sheth was educated in India and America

According to Entrepreneur, He is an educated man. He earned his BTech degree with a focus in Computer Science from Bombay's Indian Institute of Technology. He continued his education at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned his master of science degree in computer science.

2. He is a brilliant thinker

Gupshup is a company that is thriving and going through a period of intense growth and expansion. Sheth is doing an exceptional job of leading the company forward successfully. He is the person in charge of the overall strategy for the company as well as the execution, and it is his planning and perseverance that have contributed to its growth. He possesses a high level of expertise when it comes to launching a startup and seeing it through to successful standing in the business world.

3. Gupshup isn't his first startup

Before he founded Gupshup, Mr. Sheth established another highly successful business. He is also the founder of the largest online services marketplace in the world, named Elance. Beerud saw Elance through the concept of the company through each of its various growth stages. He brings years of hands-on experience and a successful track record for achieving business success.

4. Before success he worked at a job like everyone else

Beerud Sheth knows what it is to work for others. He spent time working at other companies before he became an entrepreneur. Before he founded Elance, he worked at a few different well-known financial companies. He landed a job with Citicorp Securities. After that job, he became employed with Merrill Lynch where he learned a lot about trading fixed income securities and derivatives. He learned a lot about the financial service industry during his time in these positions.

5. He is a silver medalist

According to his LinkedIn page, Beerud Sheth was an active member of the math club at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. He attended the school from 1987 through 1991. While he was there he participated in various mathematics competitions. He emerged as a silver medalist in the Indian National Math Olympiad. This comes as no surprise because of his current skills for figuring out logistics and financial matters.

6. He is the founder of Upwork

Upwork is a company that was formed when Elance and Odesk merged in 2014. Mr. Sheth is the founder of Elance. He served as the Vice President of the company and he oversaw the merger of the two companies. Elance served millions of users during his tenure there which lasted from 1998 through 2005. He also served as the CEO as well as a board member of the company. After the merger of Elance and Odesk, he also helped in facilitating the initial public offering that took Upwork public with listing on the stock exchange as a publicly-traded company.

7. He went from Wall Street to entrepreneur

According to Your Story, Mr. Sheth began his professional career in a different environment than he is in now. The versatile businessman's time working for Merrill Lynch and Citicorp Securities had him square in the Wall Street Scene. He took his career in a completely different direction and went into the technology sector, developing services that helped to connect people looking for freelance jobs with people who were looking for workers. Next, he moved on to found Gupshup, which is in the communications sector of the tech industry. He's done a little bit of everything in his life so far. He's just getting started with Gupshup. We expect to hear more about the company's continued success in the future.

8. He also invests in startups

Beerud has a good sense of what it takes to make a new startup profitable. He's proven that to the world already. According to Crunchbase, he also makes investments in new companies that he believes will one day be profitable. He is an investor as well as the owner of a very successful company. He currently has four investments in his portfolio. He has invested in's Series B funding round with an investment of $32 million made in December of 2020. In October of 2020, he invested $4.2 million in a round of Series A funding for a company called Pepper Content. In September of 2019, he invested an undisclosed amount of Seed funding for Happy Shappy, and in December of 2015, he invested in a seed round of funding for Fit Circle.

9. He lives in the United States

Mr. Sheth is currently living in the United States and serving as the executive of his company Gupshup. His residence is in San Francisco, California. He has remained in the United States since he left his home country of India to attend school at MIT.

10. He is also an author

Mr. Sheth is a talented businessman and entrepreneur who has done many things in his life. Among his many talents is a flair for writing. He has written on different business-related topics but within different industries. he wrote a piece on the Food business called "Food For Thought: Restaurant Go Digital To Survive and Thrive." He also authored "Why 2018 Was the Year of Transforming Messaging Trends," and "Why Bots Matter" which is an informative article about chatbots and how they solve common problems in apps and websites.

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