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The 10 Best Añejo Tequilas Money Can Buy


Like cheese and some other alcoholic beverages, there is such a thing as aged tequila that matures in oak barrels for at least twelve months before it is bottled and released to the consumer market. This aging process allows the liquid to infuse various flavors to make Anejo tequila products as tasty as they are. Fans of matured tequilas find the combination of spice and character essential for a quality sipping product. Unless the balance of wood and flavor is there, the Anejo tequila fails to deliver to the tastebud what it craves. Just as is the case with all products manufactured and sold on the market, some are really good at their craft while others may want to reconsider their business venture. Among the best in the business, at least according to critics who know at least a thing or two about tequila products, there are ten standout favorites that have made the grade.

10. Espolon Anejo Tequila (Average Cost - $40.00 USD)

The inspiration behind Espolon Anejo Tequila came from the spur of the iconic rooster that has summed up the name of Espolon ever since it was established as a tequila producer in 1998. Espolon was brought forth as a tequila for the people, aged in American white oak casks for at least a year before it is finished in heavily charred Wild Turkey bourbon barrels. This formula fuses the rich complex flavors of the whiskey into a product that knows how to serve up quite the party as a tasty tequila worthy of the $40.00 USD price.

9. Enemigo 89 Anejo Cristalino (Average Cost - $70.00 USD)

The Enemigo 89 Anejo Cristalino is a step away from the ordinary as a tequila. Aged for over a year in new American oak before filtered through a three-phase carbon-cellulose system, this spirit removes the pigment from the spirit to make it a smooth and silky alcoholic beverage to consume. The name behind this product came from the eighty-nine attempts it made to craft this Anejo tequila into the work of art it has become. On its own, this is a remarkable flavor mix of coconut and almond that deservedly won awards, including double gold medals at the 2019 San Fransisco World Spirits Competition.

8. Casa Noble Anejo Tequila (Average Cost - $60.00 USD)

The smooth Casa Noble Anejo Tequila owes its character and elegance to the certified organic blue agave from the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico. Slow-cooked in stone ovens before it becomes triple distilled and aged for a full two years in French oak barrels. The genius blend of floral, fruit, spice and toasted wood serves as a sensuous, full-bodied highlight to a smooth tequila that is great on its own or as part of a flavorful cocktail mix. Jose "Pepe" Hermosillo began his journey as one of the world's finest tequila producers and is the pioneer behind this family-run business that has so far run for over seven generations.

7. Penta Anejo (Average Cost - $145.00 USD)

Aged in American, Hungarian, and French oak barrels, the premium tequila, Penta Anejo, undergoes an aging process of fourteen months before the double-distilled and triple-distilled agaves, combined yeast of champagne and tequila, becomes available for consumer consumption. Serving as a favorite foundation to build a tasty cocktail or as a neat sipper, the earthy and woody flavor is enhanced with spice and tobacco to make it a worthy $145.00 USD favorite.

6. El Tesoro Extra Anejo Tequila (Average Cost - $195.00 USD)

El Tesoro Extra Anejo Tequila serves as an homage to Don Felipe Camarena, the man behind the 1937 establishment known as La Alterna Distillery. The agaves used in the oak barrels that once served as home to the aging of bourbon go through a minimum of four years to become a truly exquisite sipping experience for the tequila fan. Smooth and well-balanced, the mix of coffee and dark chocolate, along with dry fruits, roasted almonds, and a hint of pepper makes this an easy favorite to be enjoyed on its own or with a bite to eat. With an average price of $196 USD per bottle, this extra-aged Anejo tequila may not come cheap but is worth every penny who puts no price on the taste of quality.

5. Gran Patron Burdeos (Average Cost - $500.00 USD)

At $500.00 USD per bottle, Gran Patron Burdeos as an Anejo tequila definitely doesn't come cheap. However, this oak-aged work of art has been crafted in limited quantities, using the finest weber blue agave grown in the Jalisco Highlands, Mexico. Aged in American and French oak barrels, this tequila product is then finished off in vintage Bordeau wine casks, resulting in a dark amber color and flavor that's so velvety smooth with hints of vanilla and raisin that the price may no longer seem like such an issue. What adds to the appeal of the Gran Patron Burdeos is the refusal to use additives for flavor enhancements. The Gran Patron name is well known as a tequila brand with products coming at much cheaper price levels such as $50.00 USD. However, the Gran Patron Burdeos has a special quality to it that beats out the rest of the lineup and earn a spot here as a fan favorite money can buy.

4. Patron Anejo (Average Cost - $50.00 USD)

Patron Anejo tequilas are a favorite among liquor establishments, thanks to this oak-aged beauty featuring the combined flavors of baked agave, burnt caramel, dried fruits, and smoked wood. This can go with anything as a great sipping beverage or on its own. The twelve-month aging process is the standard practice of Patron Anejo, giving the product enough time needed to be worthy of the average $50.00 USD price tag it's normally sold at.

3. Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Anejo (Average Cost - $70.00 USD)

Starting at about $70.00 USD per bottle, the Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Anejo Tequila has earned its rightful place as a fan favorite for its smooth combination of dried fruits, caramel, oak, and roasted nuts. If you love tequila but haven't tried this particular product, the price is just right to do so. Relatively new to the spirits scene, the Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Anejo began introducing this product to the consumer in 2006. They may be newcomers compared to producers who've been in the industry much longer but they certainly know how to bring forth a quality product that's worth every penny. The designs of these bottles are pretty cool and can easily serve as a decorative piece for the home when utilized by crafty homeowners. Already in the short period of time Grand Mayan Tequila has been in business as a producer of tequila products, it has won a multitude of awards for the quality of its product and the artsy design featured on its bottles. The Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Anejo undergoes a minimum of three years inside oak barrels, aged to perfection before it is released to the consumer market for consumption.

2. Don Julio 1942 Tequila (Average Cost - $180.00 USD)

1942 was the year Don Julio Gonzalez first got into the business of producing handcrafted Anejo tequila products and had the recipe of roasted agave flavors and vanilla mature in warm oak for at least thirty months. This recipe has brought forth a luxurious brand of tequila that is made with blue weber agave and has been an award-winning brand, earning as recently as a 2020's gold medal from the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition. The Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila was also named one of the top trending tequilas, according to the 2020 Drinks International Awards. At $180.00 USD per bottle, this rather pricey but exquisite tequila product has proven to be worth every penny among consumers who favor quality over budget.

1. Herradura Anejo (Average Cost - $35.00 USD)

First produced in 1962, the golden Anejo Tequila from Herradura Anejo quickly became an industry favorite once it reached the consumer market. During its twenty-five-month aging period inside American white oak barrels, the full-bodied spirit features a beautifully balanced blend of cedar spice, citrus, dried fruits, vanilla, and wood. Should you be into margaritas, Herradura Anejo's tequila will definitely make it a magical experience. The cool horseshoe design on the front of the bottle makes Herradura Anejo an easily identifiable favorite on the store shelves belonging to liquor outlets that carry this multi-award-winning product for consumers who want more than just the average tequila to liven up their tastebuds. On average, the Herradura Anejo Tequila costs about $35.00 USD per bottle. This is reasonable enough for consumers who are loyal to the product as well as first time buyers wanting to try something new.

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