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The 10 Best Beaches to Visit in New Hampshire

New Hampshire

There are many reasons to visit New Hampshire, including its history, architecture, attractions, culture, and food scene. Another highlight of visiting this part of the world is the beaches, as New Hampshire has beaches along both the ocean and the lakes. Most people who visit this state spend at least some of their time on the beach, either to relax, to have some family fun, or to enjoy the scenery. If you plan to spend time at the beach during your visit, here are the 10 best beaches in New Hampshire.

10. White Lake State Park

White Lake is a glacial lake, and it is surrounded by the eponymous state park. Well-maintained paths surround the park, so visitors can take a walk during their time at the beach. Along the trail, you are likely to see loons and beavers. A popular activity is to take a boat out onto the lake for trout fishing. However, many people prefer to stay closer to the shore and swim, as it is known as one of New Hampshire's best beaches for swimming. Along the beach, there are family and youth group campsites.

9. Ellacoya State Park Beach

Ellacoya State Park in Guildford, New Hampshire, spans 65-acres and is home to Lake Winnipesaukee, which has a 600-foot stretch of beach. It is important to note that there is a small fee to spend time on this beach, and there is a limited capacity. There is an accessible bathhouse with showers and changing areas, an on-site store for refreshments, and a small boat launch for kayaks and canoes.

8. Wallis Sands State Beach

A safe and family-friendly beach to visit is Wallis Sands Beach, which is in Rye. It is quieter and smaller than Hampton Beach, so it is a good option for families who wish to avoid the crowds. During high season, there are lifeguards on duty from 10 am to 5 pm, and the waters are calm enough to enjoy paddling and swimming. Some of the facilities on the beach include a convenience shop, an area devoted to playing frisbee, a shower room, and changing areas. From this beach, you can enjoy views of the Isle of Shoals.

7. Wellington State Park

Within Wellington State Park is Newfoundland Lake, along which there is a beach that is the perfect setting for fun and outdoor activities. There are well-maintained restrooms, a bathhouse with showers, a kayak rental, a boat launch, and a shop selling ice creams, beverages, and souvenirs. Along the sandy beach, there are several shaded areas with picnic tables and grills. There are also numerous trails running around the lake and into other areas of the park. Some activities to enjoy on this beach include sunbathing, volleyball, horseshoes, and fishing.

6. Weirs Beach

Planetware recommends spending time at Weir's beach during your visit to New Hampshire. It is one of the most popular and accessible beaches in the state, and there are lifeguards on duty during peak season. Due to its popularity, the beach is often crowded. Along the beach, there are some shaded picnic benches and a public bathhouse. This beach is also a fun place to visit, as there are many attractions along the shore. These include a drive-in theater, bumper cars, and five arcades. The beach is also the starting point for several themed boat tours. However, if you are not interested in the other attractions and boat trips, you can simply enjoy the beach and the ocean.

5. Odiorne Point State Park

Those who enjoy dramatic rocky coastlines will love Odiorne Point State Park. There is an extensive trail network along the beach, over the rocky coastline, and through the surrounding area. Therefore, it is one of the best coastal locations for hiking and for enjoying views of the Atlantic Ocean. In the past, the park was occupied by the military, and visitors can explore this aspect of the area's history. Visitors can also go to the Seacoast Science center to see the exhibits and learn about the coastal habitat.

4. Jenness State Beach

One of the top beaches for families is Jenness State Beach, which is in an oceanfront Atlantic setting. Some of the amenities available include a public bathhouse, parking, and lifeguards during high season. The water is not as rough and dangerous as some other beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, so it is a safe place to take the kids paddling and swimming. Along the stretch of sandy beach are many attractive detached properties. On most occasions, Jenness State Beach is much quieter than some of the other coastal beaches.

3. Mount Sunapee State Park

The main features of Mount Sunapee State Park are Mount Sunapee and Lake Sunapee. A beach runs around the perimeter of the latter that is known as Newbury Beach. Along the beach, there are kayak and canoe rentals, a children's playground, a bathhouse, a store, and a boat launch. Visitors to the beach enjoy picnicking, fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, and water skiing.

2. Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is a state park in New Hampshire that sits along the Atlantic Ocean coastline, and it is one of the most popular beaches in the state. Visitors flock to the sandy beach to enjoy the ocean views, coastal walks, fishing, and picnicking. It is also possible to swim in the ocean when the lifeguards are on duty between June and September. There is a campsite at the beach for those who wish to spend the night.

1. Echo Lake State Park

According to Vacation Idea, one of the best beaches in New Hampshire is at Echo Lake State Park. Located in North Conway, this state park covers 15.7-acres. The park is known for its lake ad for the two rock ledges, Cathedral Ledge and White Horse Ledge, which both offer stunning views. There are trails along the lakeside beaches, and other activities to enjoy include swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking.

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