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The Five Best Potato Vodka Brands Out There


What are most vodkas made of? If you answered potatoes, you would be wrong. According to Liquor, only 3% of vodkas worldwide are made of potatoes. However, in the past, most vodkas were made of potatoes. Manufacturers switched to other alternatives like grain since potato takes time to ferment. Despite the low percentage of potato vodkas out there, you can still get your hands on a potato vodka drink. Without further ado, here are the five best potato vodka brands you should try today. To make it easy for you to decide, we will also indicate the percentage of alcohol in each brand in brackets.

5. Woody Creek (40%)

Woody Creek is often considered the best vodka in the world. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it won double-gold for Best Vodka at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Winning the competition is enough proof that the vodka is exceptional. The vodka has a light sweetness to it. Its sweetness is due to the use of Polish Stobrawa potatoes to make it. These potatoes are generally known for their high starch content and flavor complexity. In terms of texture, it is soft and buttery. Amazingly, it does not have an intense burning sensation like most vodkas. Truthfully, not many people like vodka. However, due to its taste, it is now preferred by people who do not even like vodka. So, if you wanted to try vodka for the first time, this particular brand would be the best to try before drinking other vodka brands.

4. Blue Ice American Vodka (40%)

The vodka is so clear that it does not leave behind any sediment. Upon swirling it, you will notice a thin clear coat inside the glass. As for its taste, it is slightly sweet with alkaline properties like cocoa. It feels oily and a bit thick on the tongue. As you ingest the vodka, you will not feel any strong burning sensation. Instead, you will feel a warm, comfortable feeling as the vodka goes down your throat. Another factor some vodka enthusiasts consider is the smell. Let's face it; it is hard to drink vodka with pungent smells reminiscent of rubbing alcohol. Even if you could drink such vodka, you would quickly become self-conscious. For instance, you will keep expecting people to mock you for drinking cheap alcohol. Fortunately, this vodka has a pleasant heavy smell. You may not like this vodka or vodkas in general, but you will like its bottle at the very least. It has an elongated horseshoe shape. The bottle has an ice blue color with crenellations and molding on the back of the bottle to simulate ice and icicles. You could even use it as a décor item.

3. Chopin Potato Vodka (40%)

Most vodkas are too bitter to be taken neat. When drinkers want to opt for a drink they can take neat, they will usually go for tequila or whisky. Fortunately, you can take this particular vodka neat due to its creamy and full-bodied flavor. You will feel some hints of vanilla nose and green apple. Another reason to take it neat is that it does not burn. Taste is not the only factor that makes this vodka one of the best ones. Its distillation is the best since the makers distill it in a copper column. Copper removes sulfides from the vodka, and you end up with a better tasting and smelling vodka. There is nothing inherently wrong with sulfides unless you are allergic to them. According to Health Line, people who are allergic to sulfides may experience diarrhea, headaches, and swelling. If you are allergic, you can safely consume this vodka without worrying about any possible side effects.

2. Vesica Vodka (40%)

This Polish vodka is sweet since it includes caramel and berry fruit flavors. On the tongue, you will experience its creamy mouthfeel and warm finish. Due to its taste, drinking is not the only way to enjoy this vodka. According to Taste of Home, you can use it to make dishes like martini cheese dip and watermelon vodka sorbet, chicken thighs, Bloody Mary soup with beans, etc. The vodka is clear and does not leave any sediments behind. Its clearness is due to it being filtered through activated carbon. Activated carbon removes organic impurities that would otherwise alter the vodka's smell, color, and taste. For this vodka to retain its clearness, it is distilled through the activated carbon more than once.

1. Born and Bred Vodka (40%)

The vodka emerged due to Channing Tatum's quest to find the best vodka in the United States. He sampled vodkas from 25 different distilleries before finally meeting Grand Teton Distillery in Driggs, Idaho. Once he tasted their vodka, he liked it, and they teamed up to create this vodka. Grand Teton Distillery is known for making multiple gold medal-winning vodkas. Channing was therefore lucky to have chosen one of the best distilleries in the United States. One unique thing about this vodka is that it has been distilled 20 times. So, when you drink this vodka, you will not be worried about any side effects from any impurity whatsoever. Also, the vodka stays attractive due to its clear look due to the multiple distillations. As for its aroma, there are hints of potato, vanilla and banana. At first, you will experience the soft creaminess of the vanilla. As you swallow it, you will gradually feel the banana taste. Finally, you will experience a warm peppery sting.


There are many reasons why people opt for potato vodkas. For instance, they are generally considered the healthiest vodkas. Potato vodkas are sugar-free, so you will not have to worry about gaining a lot of weight. If you wonder how these vodkas are sweet without any sugar, it is because of the residual sugars. Another reason to opt for these potato vodkas is due to them being gluten-free. So, if you happen to be living with celiac disease, do not let the disease hold you back. You will be able to consume the vodkas without developing any inflammations. Of course, you need to remember to drink the vodkas in moderation.

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