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The 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Money Can Buy

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If you can read this, you probably need a set of blue-light-blocking glasses. The blue light that's found outside, illuminating indoor spaces, brightening your tv, computer screen, and even coming from your phone is powerful stuff. Unfortunately, it can penetrate your retinas and cause symptoms similar to macular degeneration. Worse still, it raises your chances of getting cataracts. So what can you do about light that's literally everywhere? The best solution is to invest in one of the ten best blue light blocking glasses money can buy.

10. Amazon: Spectra 479- $40

If you're looking for a fast-shipping, cost-effective option that doesn't sacrifice any of the quality you need, then look no further than the Spectra 479's from Amazon. The amber lenses on these well-designed wrap-around glasses allow as much non-blue light as possible inside. You'll love the flexible, rugged TR90 thermoplastic frames.

9. Discount Glasses: Bluetech Eye-Density- $59.95

Not only are Bluetech's Eye-Density blue-light-blocking glasses good for your eyes, but they'll also help you stick to a budget as well. You don't need to spend a fortune on decent glasses. You'll be impressed with the BluTech BPF1 Lenses. Plus, you get a case and cleaning cloth with these lightweight glasses. Better still, the lenses are almost clear, so there's none of the telltale yellow tint some people dislike.

8. Look Optic: Blue Light Bond- $68

Do you want blue light blockers but also need magnification to spot all the tiny details? Look Optic has you covered. The Bond is timeless and understated. These clever frames were inspired by the fictional James Bond, a spy from literature and film was known for his sophisticated style. You can choose from eleven colors and five magnification levels to find the perfect fit for your aesthetic and your eyesight.

7. Occushield: Carson- $70

It seems like everything gets gendered, but not the Occushield Carson glasses. These classy, neutral blue-light-blocking glasses don't care what your birth certificate or driver's license says because they look good on everyone. Carsons are also anti-fog, anti-smudge, anti-glare, and FDA approved if that wasn't enough. Plus, they donate a pound to Moorfields Eye Charity for every sale.

6. Gunnar: Cypher- $79.99

Gunnar's Cypher glasses look as cool as they feel. This forward-thinking style has all the advantages you need in blue light blockers, and they come from the trusted Gunnar name. More importantly, they look spectacular while saving your eyes strain and damage. These are the action heroes of the blue-light-blocking-glasses world.

5. Lens Direct: Emory- $85+

The Lens Direct Emory glasses are lightweight and modern. However, what makes this company stand out is its excellent reviews. You can get this style in plain blue light blockers, readers with magnification, or prescription lenses. As Healthline points out, "For prescription eyeglasses, they offer standard clear lenses in addition to several types of premium lens coatings, such as anti-scratch coating and anti-glare. They also carry ultra-thin lenses."

4. Warby Parker: Haskell- $95+

Warby Parker's Haskell blue light blocking glasses are versatile. Intriguingly, this and many of their styles come in men's and women's options to fit different faces. You can even order these with an optional low bridge if it's more comfortable. Suitable eyewear should look great, fit well, and feel right.

3. Diff Charitable Eyewear: Bella- $98

For those who prefer a more prominent style that's on-trend and unique, we recommend Diff Eyewear's Bella. These lightly blue tinted clear frames are made from hand-cut acetate and stainless steel. An oversized appeal shows off your eyes and your fashionable side. However, the most important thing other than looking great while you protect your eyes is knowing that you're making a difference as well. Diff Charitable Eyewear has donated over one and a half million pairs of glasses worldwide, and they're not about to stop helping the world see better anytime soon.

2. Felix Gray: Amber Kepler- $160+

Felix Gray is the place to go for high-quality eyewear. Not only does FG have grade A ophthalmic quality lenses and a Proprietary Blue Light filtering solution, but they also have a double-sided anti-glare coating. The medium-wide fit of these geek-chic classic Kepler's is excellent for most faces. Plus, you benefit from additional UVA/UVB protection, free exchanges, and a one-year manufacturer warranty.

1. Tom Ford: 55MM Round- $445

Sometimes, nothing but a trip to Saks will do. When you need a truly top-of-the-line eyewear experience, it pays to shop with the creme of the crop. While Saks carries numerous excellent options, we like the Tom Ford 55mm Round glasses. They have a neo-classic feel that exudes quality and confidence while also keeping your vision protected on the down-low. Plus, you can shop Saks online and have them delivered even if you're away on business and can't pick them up in-store.

Bonus Kids Glasses: Eyekeeper: Rectangle Memory Frame DSK1804- $32.99

Don't leave the little ones out. Kids need durable and flexible eye protection. Eyekeeper's DSK1804's have a rugged Memory Titanium frame with spring hinges. Most importantly, they block ninety-eight percent of blue light. Keep their eyesight as good as it is today by fostering lifelong good habits with these special blue-light-blocking glasses.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your eyes is about more than wearing goggles if you're working around dust. Who knew wearing the top ten blue-light-blocking glasses could help you in so many different ways? UV and blue light can damage your vision permanently. Fortunately, it's never too late to cut down on the bad light. Best of all, less blue light is linked to a better night's sleep, which reduces stress, daytime fatigue and helps with numerous other health issues.

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