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Where To Get The Best Chinese Food in Fresno, California


Fresno is a popular tourist destination with numerous attractions and some of the best food in the San Joaquin Valley. Visitors begin their journey to the Yosemite National Park at Fresno. They visit the massive rock formations and waterfalls. There are other fun activities in Fresno. It's home to the Forestierre Underground Gardens with its catacomb-like passages. Visitors also enjoy visiting the Chaffee Zoo to touch a stingray and see the sea lions. The Shinzen Japanese Garden is another popular attraction. Fresno is also the home of some of the best Chinese food in the San Joaquin Valley. If you're planning a trip to the area, here are the places to get the best Chinese food in Fresno.

10. Jimmy Wen's

Jimmy Wen's guests voted it the best Chinese food in the San Joaquin Valley. The restaurant specializes in preparing authentic Chinese cuisine. It gets high reviews for its orange chicken and potstickers. The restaurant is a mom-and-pop family-owned restaurant that first opened its doors in 2005. It's been providing fresh dishes made to order for the residents and visitors of Fresno for over a decade.

9. Wah's Kitchen

Wah's Kitchen is another favorite in Fresno. The restaurant offers convenient online ordering with takeout only. They do not offer in-restaurant dining at this time. The restaurant is known for its Hong Kong chow mein, orange chicken, and potstickers. The food is delicious and made of fresh ingredients every time. Wah's Kitchen goes the extra mile to ensure that the food prepared meets the highest standards for its customers. You can learn more about this restaurant by visiting its official website.

8. China Station Food To Go

China Station Food To Go is a convenient strip-mall Chinese restaurant that offers a long list of authentic Chinese dishes. It's known for its exceptional chop suey. The eatery is conveniently located on the California State University campus to make it easier for students to access, but it's open to everyone. They do a lot of business at this location.

7. Moy's Restaurant

Moy's Restaurant has been in business for over three decades. It has become a staple in Fresno. The restaurant serves modern authentic Chinese cuisine. Guests who are regulars list it as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. The food is delicious, affordable, and the plates contain large portions. The menu is extensive, and the service is friendly and fast.

6. Kar Wah Chinese Restaurant

Kar Wah Chinese Restaurant is located in Times Square in Fresno. Regular guests at the restaurant give it high ratings for its Mongolian Beef over steamed rice. It also gets high marks for its Cashew Shrimp, potstickers, and Chow Fun. The eatery offers an extensive menu of authentic Chinese dishes along with modern iterations of old favorites. You're welcome to place your order online or to come in and make the order. To learn more about Kar Wah Chinese Restaurant, please visit their Facebook homepage.

5. Flower City Restaurant

Flower City Restaurant is a casual Chinese restaurant with a minimalist environment. The restaurant offers your choice of Dine-in, Takeout, or Delivery. They're best known for their exceptional King Pao Shrimp, and Chow Fun. The restaurant has been in Fresno for more than 20 years. It has established a solid reputation as one of the best places to get authentic Chinese cuisine with no long waits or hassles. They're friendly, fast, and the food is exceptional.

4. Jim's Chinese Restaurant

Jim's Chinese Restaurant staff are friendly and courteous. The food is high-quality for a reasonable price. They source fresh ingredients and serve delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. They're best known for their orange chicken, chop suey, and large egg rolls. The portions are large and the prices are affordable. You get your money's worth and then some at Jim's. Jim's Chinese Restaurant offers your choice of dine-in or takeout eating. It does not deliver.

3. Shanghai Chinese Cuisine

Shanghai Chinese Cuisine receives high marks from regulars and occasional visitors. The food is authentic Chinese fare with a modern twist. It's moderately priced and the servings are large. Some of the most popular menu items are Punjin Shrimp, Brandy Chicken Wings, Mue Shue Pork, and Chinese Chicken Salad. They also serve Sizzling Beef and numerous chicken, pork, and beef dishes. For more information about the menu and hours of operation, please visit the official Shanghai Chinese Cuisine website.

2. PF Chang's

PF Chang's is in the River Park Shopping Center. It's one of the most famous authentic Chinese restaurants in the country. This is one of many restaurants in the nationwide chain. They offer an extensive menu. You may order online and pick up your food, or reserve a table online.

1. Hunan's Chinese Restaurant

Hunan's Chinese Restaurant is a casual place with an extensive menu. The establishment is moderately priced and known for its lunch and dinner specials. It offers deals for two or more diners. They offer modern Chinese cuisine with the options of dine-in, delivery, or curbside pickup.

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