The 10 Best Cruiser Motorcycles of All Time

Cruiser motorcycles are set apart with a few comfort and style innovations that are not always present in other types. Rider comfort is enhanced with handle bars that extend backwards towards the rider to ease arm fatigue, the seat is positioned lower than the fuel tank and the seat is usually larger and padded for the ultimate in comfort. If you’re looking for the best cruiser, we have a collection of the top ten of all time for your consideration.

Indian Chief – Starting at $18,500

The Indian Chief is a cruiser that features an 1811cc V-Twin engine that generates 76 horsepower and 119 lb. ft. of torque. These bikes were produced until 1922 and remain among the most prized collectibles, but they’re not only valued for their rarity, they are also comfortable cruisers that make a stylish statement about the rider. They have a unique aesthetic that is easily distinguished from other brands with the illuminated figurehead and design that commands attention. The saddle is western style accompanied by generous floorboards for cruising in a comfortable position. The addition of modern conveniences to these bikes include cruise control, key-less ignition and ABS brakes among other customization possible.

Moto Guzzi MGX-21 -Starting at $22,000

The Moto Guzzi MGX-21 is an Italian cruiser that is an experimental model that has met the requirements necessary to make it to the top 10 best cruisers of all time. This futuristic model delivers a smooth ride and the ultimate in performance with a 1380cc Transverse V-Twin engine that cranks 97 horsepower and 89 lb. ft. of torque. The MGX-21 features carbon fiber materials for the body panels, integrated hard cases and front wheel. This bike is designed to combine riding comfort with classy styling and reliable performance.

Ducati XDiavel – Starting at $20,500

Ducati’s XDiavel takes the brand’s reputation for sporty racing to a new level with the addition of cruising comfort by embodying the elements that bring the handle bars in towards the rider, the seat beneath the tank and a decrease in the sporty aesthetic to culminate the modifications into a motorcycle fit for cruising. An update in comfort does not come at the sacrifice of performance. This lighter bike weighs in at 545 pounds and is powered with a 1262cc L-Twin engine that generates 152 horsepower and 93 lb. ft. of torque. It’s got the speed and performance that lives up to the reputation of the brand, plus a little extra.

Honda Fury – Starting at $10,500

The Honda Fury is a chopper style cruiser that shows the design and engineering expertise of Honda’s team with a factory equipped ride that stretched the wheelbase to almost six feet with a sloping top line chassis for the ultimate positioning of the handle bars above chest level. This comfy cruiser is powered with a 1312cc V-Twin engine cranking 67 horsepower and 78.9 lb. ft. of torque.

Honda Rebel 500 – Starting at $6,100

The Honda Rebel is among the most affordable cruisers when a smaller size is preferred and a light weight of just 408 pounds. This motorcycle is frequently referred to as an “entry level cruiser.” It handles with fast maneuverability and quick responsiveness. The Rebel 500 is a popular choice for smaller riders who are looking for a comfortable cruiser at an affordable price. The 471cc Parallel Twin engine puts out 46 horse power with 32.9 lb. ft. of torque and is valued for its performance in urban areas.

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec –┬áStarting at $8,400

The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec has emerged as an ultra comfortable cruiser with an upgrade to the rear shocks, larger displacement for customization, a low weight of 542 pounds and aesthetically pleasing paint, graphics and seat trim. The Bolt R-Spec is powered with a 942cc V-Twin engine with a 47 horsepower output with 59.3 lb. ft. of torque. This bike is a mid-range cruiser that is smaller in size but can be upgraded as necessary to grow with the rider.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom – Starting at $8,500

The Vulcan 900 custom is Kawasaki’s most versatile cruiser on the market today. They’ve got 30 years of innovations and design experience behind the and the Vulcan 900 is a customizable version that can be ordered in a 650, 900 or 1,700cc displacement option. It’s fully packed with a low riding saddle and a riser drag bars for optimum stability. The Vulcan 900 is a cruiser that has a look of its own and it’s all good.

Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. – Starting at $15,000

Suzuki has managed to integrate extreme handling and performance with the elements that make this unique cruiser. What makes this motorcycle such a beloved cruiser is the build that features an inverted fork in the front and for additional riding comfort, the rear mono shock is a real plus. A comfortable reach, cruise-worthy proportions and a super cool aesthetic with out of this world maneuverability puts the Suzuki Boulevard BOSS on the highly desired cruiser list. It’s powered with a 1783cc V Twin with 123 horsepower and 118 lb. ft of torque all rolled into one amazing motorcycle.

Triumph Rocket III Roadster – Starting at $15,700

Let’s start with the name in our description. The Triumph Rocket III Roadster is labeled correctly as the exotic cruiser that is packed with power with no sacrifice made in the comfort sector. It was made for cruising, yet deserving of attention for its powerful 2294 inline 3 cylinder engine that cranks 148 horsepower with 163 lb. ft. of torque. It’s also outfitted with a plush suspension and large brakes to give the rider total control when giving it reign.

Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe – Starting at $18,000

The Harley Davidson company has been in operation for more than 100 years and is a brand that represents quality in American engineering and design. The Softail Deluxe is a premium cruising bike that is readily distinguished from anything else on the road. There are seemingly limitless opportunities for customization of the Softail base. The base model comes with a 1753cc V Twin engine generating 77 horse power and 109 lb. ft. of torque. It’s one of the most comfortable cruisers, offers plenty of power and one of the best features is the Harley Davidson brand that stands for quality inside and out.

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