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The 10 Best Disney Themed Watches Money Can Buy


Watches do come in handy as they help you track and manage your time well. They can also help accentuate your personal style. If looking for the best timepieces to add to your collection you may want to consider Disney themed watches. They are authentic, stylish and timeless classics. Below are 10 of the best Disney themed watches money can buy.

10. Disney Women's MK2128 Mickey Mouse Rhinestone Watch

This timepiece is highly precious and loved by many people worldwide. It’s a silver-tone watch whose bezel features inset rhinestones. It also has a 37mm metal casing, a glass dial window, and an applied Mickey Mouse on the white Mother-of-Pearl dial. Its analog display has quartz movement. Additionally, this watch features a metal alloy link bracelet that has a jewelry clasp closure. It displays Arabic numbers 12,3,9, is slick, and excellent for regular wear. It is retailing on Amazon at $22.30.

9. Disney Minnie Mouse Women's MCK624 Moving Hands Watch

This timepiece features moving minute and hour hands with Arabic numbers. Additionally, it has a brown and black woven strap with a black and silver casing. This case supports a Minnie Mouse whose hour and minute hands move around the dial. This watch also has a red-colored second hand and a 3-hand quartz accuracy. It is retailing on Amazon at $24.95.

8. Disney Men's MM0060 Two-Tone Mickey Mouse Watch

This watch is one of the world's most exceptional timepiece imported by Disney and manufactured by Ewatchfactory company. It features different whimsical styles with a stainless-steel adjustable bracelet that has a fold-over clasp. This timepiece has a mineral crystal, is scratch-resistant, and water-resistant up to 30meters. Its sporty design features a circular case and a gold-tone dial with an official Disney logo engraved on its stainless-steel back case. Furthermore, it has a Japanese quartz movement that also has a date window. After purchasing this watch, you receive a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. It’s retailing on Amazon at $59.99.

7. Disney The Princess & The Frog Women's W002517 Jasmin Watch

Manage your time effectively with this fully licensed timepiece. The Disney CZ alloy bracelet is designed by Ewatchfactory and features your favorite Disney character on its dial. It is an excellent pick for kids since it has well-labeled ‘minute’ and ‘hour’ hands to help them quickly tell time. The watch has a polished, matte steel finish and Japanese Analog quartz movement for precision timekeeping. It is water-resistant up to 99 feet and features a 40mm diameter case. This classic timepiece meets and even exceeds all the US regulations for adult watches. Although it’s currently unavailable on Amazon, it’s retailing on eBay at $70.50 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

6. Disney Men's W000507 Mickey Mouse Honor Rubber Strap Watch

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase this W000507 Mickey Mouse Honor watch from Disney. It features a white dial with Arabic numbers and minute track. Additionally, it has a metal case and a black rubber strap with a buckle clasp. Its analog display has an enhanced Japanese quartz movement. This unique timepiece is mineral crystal scratch-resistant and water-resistant up to 30meters. It is retailing on Amazon at $71.99 and comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

5. Invicta Men's Disney Limited Edition, Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch (Model: 23764)

This timepiece features a 17mm thick, 48mm full yellow gold-plated stainless-steel case that has a unidirectional accented, blue bezel as well as a textured push-pull crown. The 23764 model has a TMI-VJ43 Japanese powered quartz movement and textured blue dial imprinted with the official Mickey Mouse logo. It also has white accents, luminous gold-tone hands, dot hour markers, as well as day& date display functions. This watch is flame fusion crystal, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant up to 200meters. Additionally, it comes with a 26mm wide stainless-steel and blue silicone strap with a buckle clasp. It is retailing on Amazon at $99.95 and comes with a 5-year warranty.

4. Invicta Women's Disney Limited-Edition Quartz Watch (Model: 22731)

This iconic Invicta timepiece features a luminous 18k ion-plated stainless-steel bezel with 120 white1.5mm zirconia stones. Its White Mother of Pearl Dial features an official Mickey Mouse logo with the date window at 3:00. What's more, it has white and gold-tone hands, as well as gold-tone Mickey Mouse markers. This limited-edition quartz movement watch has an 18k Gold stainless-steel case, bracelet, and a screw-down crown. It has a case diameter of 40mm. If you are into water sports or marine activities, this timepiece is the perfect choice since it's water-resistant, up to 200meters. According to Amazon, it’s retailing at $138.83 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Citizen Collectible Watch (Model: FE7060-05W)

This watch brings to light the notable characteristics of a timeless Mickey Mouse; love, fun, and optimism. Now, the modern unisex Mickey Mouse timepiece by Citizen featuring a friendly Mickey Mouse face embossed on the dial. It also features a black leather strap, a black dial, and a 40mm diameter stainless steel case. The strap has a bright red inner lining. Another impressive feature that makes this watch unique is the eco-drive technology, meaning it's powered by any light and doesn’t require any battery in its lifetime. It also features a precise quartz movement. This watch is retailing on Amazon at $215.81 and comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.

2. Citizen Watches Mickey Mouse (Model: AP1053-15W

According to Citizen Watch, this model features a white dial with an accented Mickey Mouse logo. It has a moon phase with analog day and month/ date display. A rose gold-tone stainless-steel casing, and a black leather strap. Furthermore, this model uses an Eco-Drive technology, meaning it uses any light. It is retailing on Amazon at $ and comes with a 5-year warranty.

1. Citizen Watches Women's Mickey Mouse (Model: GA1051-58W)

We saved the best for last with this Citizen Mickey Mouse GA1051-58W watch. It features advanced eco-drive technology meaning it doesn’t require any battery. It also has a 29.5mm diameter stainless-steel case and bracelet featuring a double push, fold-over button release. A quartz movement powers its 3-hand analog display, and its black dial has silver-tone hands, a Disney logo, and diamond embellished markers. This timepiece is water-resistant, up to 165 feet. It retails on Amazon at $337.50 and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


If you are a Disney aficionado, then you’ll probably love to own a Disney timepiece. Well, this list gives you the best Disney Watches you can find online. Go through the list to choose one watch that best suits your tastes.

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