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The 10 Best Hybrid Motorcycles Money Can Buy

Best Hybrid Motorcycles

It took a long time for planning and engineering to develop the hybrid motorcycle strain. Many major brands are still in the process of perfecting their designs and have yet to produce a true hybrid model featuring both electric and fuel power.

In the advent of electrification within the automotive industry, some impatient riders were waiting for years, while others showed little interest because it seemed like an electric motorcycle would somehow be considered cheating.

They're finally here. For riders who want to do their part to help clean up the environment, here are the 10 best hybrid motorcycles that money can buy.

10. HondaPCX150


Top Speed, revealed Honda's first hybrid scooter. The PCX150 was announced at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2018 with a 125cc engine and the addition of a hybrid powertrain. This was the first brand to launch a hybrid version and they continue to update the bike for environmentally conscious riders. This model is only sold in Japan.

9. TVS Zeppelin Concept

TVS Zeppelin Concept

Top Speed, announced the TVS 310R manufactured by TVS, India's third-biggest motorcycle manufacturer. This hybrid sports bike features both gas and electric power to help cut down on the emissions produced. They combined a 1200 watt electric motor with a 220 cc petrol powered engine and they're setting sales records. The bike was first revealed at the Indian Auto Expo in 2018.

8. Yamaha Gen-Ryu Cruiser Concept

Yamaha Gen-Ryu Cruiser Concept

The Gen-Ryu Cruiser was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005. The concept bike was equipped with the R6 sport bike's powerful 600 cc four-cylinder engine with a large electric motor unit to supplement the petrol-powered engine. The parallel hybrid design featured a new design that used both engines to power a generator that charged the battery. The unveiling was kept low key at a time when the financial crisis within the industry lowered expectations but hopes were high for the new model.

7.Eko ET-120 Hybrid

Eko ET-120 Hybrid

The Eko ET-120 is a hybrid motorcycle that achieves a top speed of 64 km per hour. It's excellent for fuel consumption thanks to the combination of petrol and an electric motor. It's a Green-tech bike that is reasonably priced in the country of India where it has been met with high favor by the locals.

Eko is a smaller manufacturer but their presence is appreciated for the environmentally friendly and highly affordable means of transportation it provides. The bike was first produced in 2011 and it's highly valued as a commuter motorcycle.

6. Furion M-1 Concept Hybrid

Furion M-1 Concept Hybrid

Electric Hunter reveals the Furion M-1 Concept hybrid motorcycle. The Furion M-1 Concept will be available to the public in 2021. What this means is that you won't have long to wait. Furion is a French brand. The M-1 Concept bike takes its design inspiration from the Yamaha YZF-R6.

The model is a joint effort through a partnership between the Furion Motorcycle company and Yamaha. The Furion M-1 features a 750cc gasoline block complements of Yamaha and an electric motor that enhances its environmental friendliness.

5. Piaggio MP300ie Hybrid

Piaggio MP300ie Hybrid

The MP300ie is Piaggio's hybrid motorcycle model. It's a three-wheel bike with a novel front end with two wheels for tilting and steering. The Piaggio MP300ie Hybrid features a 15 horsepower engine. It's a fuel-injected 124 cc for stroke engine with a companion high-torque electric motor.

The 300ie is a plug-in hybrid with a sohc 278vv Piaggio Quasar gasoline engine with a brushless electric motor. It charges via a conventional 12-volt outlet or by the gasoline engine. The charging time is approximately three hours.

4. Schneider Electric Hybrid

Schenider Electric Hybrid

APC reveals the joint effort between Orange County Choppers and Schneider Electric. The Schneider Electric hybrid motorcycle is the result of teamwork from the famed mechanics at Orange County Choppers to develop a green approach to powering the bike.

The hybrid has made the rounds in North America. It has inspired a host of changes within the industry towards a more environmentally responsible means of transportation and riding enjoyment. The hybrid is a one-off bike so it's not for sale as a production model at this point.

It gives us an example of how we can change the world one sector at a time to more practically manage our resources without sacrificing the things we enjoy. Essential pleasures are speed and performance.

3. Made in China 125 cc Pocket Bike MC-506

Made in China 125 cc Pocket Bike MC-506

This motorcycle is made in China and sold to retailers in minimum lots of 5 bikes. It comes with your choice of a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine. The starter is an electric kick start and pull start. The hybrid bike combines your choice of a gasoline or diesel engine combined with electric power. The Made in China bikes are among the first hybrid motorcycles that are mass-produced.

2. Izh-1 Hybrid Motorcycle

Izh-1 Hybrid Motorcycle

The Izh-1 Hybrid originates in Vladivostok, Russia. The designer is Igor Chak. It's a concept motorcycle that features a reinforced V-twin 8500 engine. An electric motor mounts on the rear wheels to give the bike a hybrid status. The creators of this motorcycle take a green approach to save on fuel consumption.

1. Logos Technologies RedShift MX Hybrid

Logos Technologies RedShift MX Hybrid

The new stealth bike is a unique model produced for special forces teams. It combines hybrid automotive technology in a motorcycle that is silent as a whisper for completing stealth missions. Both electric and gas power combine in this ultra-fast motorcycle that allows commandoes to creep in unaware.

The electric motor helps the bike to achieve high speeds. The gas engine boosts speed to even higher levels. The project is the dreamchild of Logos Technologies for DARPA through contract. There has been no word on whether the bike will be available to the public yet.

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