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The 10 Best Places To Get A Bloody Mary in Wisconsin

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is one of the most beloved cocktails. It's a favorite at tailgate events. It is packed with nutrients that help keep a hangover at bay. Why do we love our Bloody Marys so much? Because they taste great with zesty tomato juice and an array of spices that include celery salt and other ingredients that offer a satisfying savory experience. The tomatoes supply a helping of sodium and potassium. These are electrolytes that help to boost the body after consuming alcohol. It comes with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C and other vitamins to help you feel better. We love them because they taste good and promote a better day after. If you live in Wisconsin or plan to travel to the state, here are the ten best places to get a Bloody Mary.

10. The Wicked Hop

345 N Broadway, Milwaukee

The Wicked Hop is a bar and grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's known for its outstanding bloody marys and imported and local beers. The venue sets in a historic part of town. It is a bi-level bar that also offers an exceptional selection of pub food. Live music is also played on select evenings. You can make an evening of it with dinner and drinks at The Wicked Hop, and you can't leave without trying their highly-acclaimed bloody mary.

9. Original Sobelmans on St. Paul

1900 W St Paul Ave, Milwaukee

Sobelmans on St. Paul is a bar and grill that is situated in an original Schlitz tavern. This establishment serves burgers and sandwiches but its main attraction is its bloody mary cocktail. Dave Sobelman began experimenting with different ways to make his bloody mary's unique. He now serves some of the best garnishes to go with his zesty house-made bloody marys. Every bloody mary served comes with a feat including a pickled Brussels sprout, asparagus, a stalk of celery, a green onion, a pickled mushroom, a polish sausage, Colby-jack cheese, a lemon wedge, grape tomato, and a shrimp on a toothpick. The bar serves an interesting array of garnishes with this cocktail.

8. Rusty's Backwater Saloon

1715 W River Dr, Stevens Point,

Rusty's Backwater Saloon is known in Stevens Point for its bloody mary cocktails Some say they're the best they've ever had. Rusty's Backwater Saloon is a bar and grill that serves some of the best pub food in the city. It's a great place to go for a lovely meal followed by drinks. The Saloon does not have a website up so you'll have to take our word that they have plenty of pub food options, along with cocktails and a selection of imported and local beer. If you're in Stevens Point, don't forget to spend an evening at Rusty's.

7. The Keg & The Patio

732 Oak St, Wisconsin Dells

The Keg & The Patio is a bar and grill in the city of Wisconsin Dells. It's known for its outstanding pub food and bloody mary cocktails. The owners provide guests with a venue for fun and relaxation. There's usually an event going on at The Keg & Patio with live music and other entertainment. Enjoy a meal, some great entertainment, and relax to the music with one of the best bloody marys in the state of Wisconsin.

6. Big T's Saloon

2007 3rd St, Eau Claire

Big T's Saloon is the place to be when you're visiting Eau Claire. The name of this bar and grill is pasted across social media. Guests swear that it's the best place to get a bloody mary anywhere "in the universe." That's a bold statement but it leaves us to assume that the saloon does an exceptional job. The bar has earned this distinction for six consecutive years.

5. Del's Bar

229 3rd St N, La Crosse

Del's Bar opens at 2 in the afternoon and runs until its late-night closing at 2 am. This bar doesn't take debit or credit cards. You'll need cash or use the ATM on-site. Del's Bar has a reputation for the best bloody mary cocktails in La Crosse. Del's Bar is known for its affordable prices.

4. Mulligan's Sports Bar & Grill

16707 WI-32, Mountain

Mulligan's is one of the best sports bars in the city of Mountain. It's situated in a log cabin and is considered the best gathering place in the area. It serves American-style tavern fare and some of the best bloody marys around. Fans can enjoy the large screen TV to catch trending sports events. There's also a patio to hang out in warm weather.

3. The Loaded Slate

1137 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr, Milwaukee

The Loaded Slate is a bar and grill that is known for its broad selection of sandwiches and cocktails. it also has a generous beer menu. The tavern has a low-lit atmosphere with a TV for catching local sports. Guests rave about their bloody marys so it's worth giving them a try. The Loaded Slate offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery services..

2. Kathy's Buffalo Bar

814 N Church St, Watertown

Kathy's Buffalo Bar is known for its outstanding pub food and its bloody marys. The garnishes are rated as tasty and ample. The bar opens early in the morning and stays open until 2 am 7 days a week, except on holidays.

1. Mickey's Tavern

1524 Williamson St, Madison

Mickey's Tavern is the best thing going in Madison. The bar is a comfortable venue that offers a patio, pool table, and live music. They're known for their exceptional pub grub menu and spicy bloody marys. The drink comes with a small meal of pickled garnishes.

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