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Can You Drink Your Own Alcohol on an Airplane?

alcohol on a plane

Some people might be wondering whether they can bring their own alcoholic beverages on an airplane or not. If so, they should know that alcoholic beverages are one of those items for which the relevant rules can be a bit complicated. As a result, it is a good idea for interested individuals to investigate further to make sure that they are in full compliance with the rules. In the United States, there is a considerable difference when it comes to the alcoholic beverages that people can bring in their carry on bags and the alcoholic beverages that people can bring in their checked bags. In the first case, they are limited to a maximum of 3.4 oz of the stuff, which would the equivalent of a maximum of 100 ml of the stuff. Moreover, interested individuals will need to make sure that such a mini-bottle can fit comfortably into a quart-sized bag. As for checked bags, interested individuals can bring more alcoholic beverages with them. However, the exact limits depend on the kind of alcoholic beverages that are under discussion. For alcoholic beverages that are either 24 percent alcohol or less, interested individuals can bring as much as they want because there is no limit. Meanwhile, for alcoholic beverages that are more than 24 percent alcohol but no more than 70 percent alcohol, interested individuals will be allowed to bring a maximum of 5 liters or 1.3 gallons per passenger. However, these products will need to remain in their retail packaging, which must be unopened. Be warned that anything with more than 70 percent alcohol won't be allowed in either carry on bags or checked bags, so that is definitely something that interested individuals should keep in mind if they were thinking about bringing either grain alcohol or any other kind of alcoholic beverage that is more than 140 proof.

Can You Drink Your Own Alcohol On an Airplane?

In any case, if people are thinking about bringing their own alcoholic beverages with them because they want to consume their own alcoholic beverages while they are on an airplane, they should know that they aren't permitted to do so when it comes to U.S. airlines. Violating this rule isn't just a matter of violating some kind of industry-wide standard. Instead, it is violating the rule laid down by the Federal Aviation Administration, meaning that it is breaking the law. Of course, there are people who choose to consume their own alcoholic beverages on an airplane anyways. For that matter, some of them have even been known to get away with it for one reason or another. Sometimes, this is because the airplane's crew can't be bothered to care. Other times, this is because JetBlue is willing to let passengers consume their own alcoholic beverages so long as they present it to one of their flight attendants, who will then serve it to them, thus ensuring that everyone remains in full compliance with the law. In any case, while interested individuals might be tempted, they should keep that temptation under control because it is just a bad idea.

As for why people aren't allowed to consume their own alcoholic beverages on an airplane, well, it isn't difficult to figure out why. In short, alcohol lowers people's inhibitions, with the result that the latter becomes more willing to make what one might call less than optimal choices. Sometimes, someone who is inebriated is just happier than they should be. Unfortunately, someone who is inebriated is angrier, more depressed, or more of some other potentially problematic emotion than they should be. Something that increases their chances of doing something ill-advised while they are on an airplane, which isn't exactly the kind of place where it is easy to get help. By refusing to allow passengers to consume their own alcoholic beverages, airlines can maintain a degree of control over their alcohol consumption. As such, the idea is that while interested individuals will be able to enjoy themselves, they won't be able to get too drunk because they will be cut off before they hit that point. Something that should make for less potential complications than letting interested individuals do whatever they want.

What Else Should You Keep in Mind about Liquids on Airplanes?

Besides this, interested individuals should also remember that the limitation on liquids has been in place for quite some time now and will presumably remain in place for the foreseeable future. Simply put, alcoholic beverages aren't the only things that are limited to either 3.4 oz or 100 ml. Instead, the limitation is in place for every other liquid, gel, paste, cream, and similar substance. Moreover, interested individuals are going to need to put all of these things in a single quart-sized resealable plastic bag, which explains the requirement that was mentioned for alcoholic beverages earlier. There are exemptions for a couple of kinds of items. One would be medication while the other would be food for babies and infants. Otherwise, there is always a limit.

As for why airlines take this so seriously, the gist of it is that there was a terrorist plot to carry out an attack on airplanes going from the United Kingdom to the United States and Canada by carrying liquid explosives disguised as soft drinks onboard before blowing them up. Fortunately, U.K. police became aware that something was going on because of the activities of someone they were keeping a watchful eye on. After which, further surveillance enabled them to catch everyone involved before any attack could be carried out. Still, aviation authorities quickly implemented measures to prevent similar plots in the future, as shown by moves to ban electronics as well as liquids in the immediate aftermath. Since then, limitations have loosened to some extent. However, it seems safe to say that the liquid rule will remain for the foreseeable future because of safety concerns.

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