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The 20 Best Places to Live in Vermont


Once people settle in Vermont, it is hard to see them leave the state. Vermont has lots of reasons to retain its residents and attract new ones. Once you are in Vermont, be assured of your safety since crime rates are low when compared to other states. Other things that you will be sure to enjoy in Vermont are fresh food, friendly people and beautiful sceneries. There are many places that you can live in Vermont with different features that might be appealing to you. One major thing to consider is the amenities available, although the cost of living could limit us since we all come from different income categories. Check on these 20 best places to live in Vermont.

20. Woodstock

If you wish to live in a place in Vermont that has both a rural and urban feeling, then Woodstock is your ideal choice. The value of homes in Woodstock is $343,000, and most of the people are average income earners. What might stop you is the high cost of living in the place since its cost of living index is 125.9. If you can afford it, then be sure to enjoy the security in the place and excellent social services.

19. Burlington

Burlington is the most populous area in Vermont, with a population of 42,453. The high population is proof that it is one of the best places to live. The residents in Burlington enjoy a median home price of approximately $312,700, while the cost of living index in Burlington is 118.5. The price of commodities is high, making the place have a high cost of living when compared to the average in the US. Burlington has a lot of opportunities in terms of employment and investing because cities surround it. Despite the relatively high cost of living, be sure to have a great adventure in Burlington. There are a lot of beautiful gardens and lakes where you can have fun.

18. Essex Junction

Another ideal place to make your home in Vermont is Essex Junction. When you compare the cost of living in Essex Junction with that of other areas, then it is relatively high with a cost of living index of 116.3. As a resident in the place, be sure to, however, enjoy pleasant weather in June, July, and August. Winters can be harsh, unfortunately, but the good news is that it does not last long.

17. Waterbury

Your safety is always important, and Waterbury is the place to be if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. According To Only In Your State, Waterbury has no incidents of crime reported at all. If hiking is your thing, then Waterbury has ideal places for you to explore while enjoying the fresh air in the place. Entertainment areas such as bars, restaurants, and parks are also available in plenty. The cost of living in Waterbury is, however, higher with an index of 113.7. Additionally, it will cost you approximately $295,100 to get yourself a house in Waterbury.

16. South Burlington

South Burlington is also a dream place to be in Vermont. The cost of living index in South Burlington is 111.9, but this should not discourage you. In South Burlington, be sure to enjoy a suburban feel. Most residents in South Burlington own homes since they go for $306,400. Entertainment spots in South Burlington are plenty as you will find lots of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and parks. The place also has the best public schools for those with school-going children.

15. Winooski

Winooski is an area with a fast-growing population which currently stands at 7,203. The economy in the place is also booming as people are setting up businesses and constructing buildings. The residents wishing to get homes in Winooski will get them at an average price of about $248,500. The cost of living index in the place is 110.8 and is relatively high. If you are planning to move to Winooski, then be sure of security and excellent social facilities such as schools and health care centers. The cost of living should not scare you since there are a lot of investment opportunities in the area.

14. Vergennes

Vergennes is also one interesting area with grocery stores all over the place. There are several educational institutions, and students have a higher graduation rate. The cost of living is relatively high, with the index being 106.2. Despite the high cost of living, the employment rate is high because many big companies are in Vergennes. The value of homes in Vergennes stands at $210,500. If Vergennes is your place of choice, then be ready to enjoy a peaceful environment and a lot of business and employment opportunities.

13. Montpelier

Fishing and outdoor activities are some of the reasons to be found in Montpelier. The schools in the place are good, and most of the students do well. If you love having fun, then there are many night clubs where some residents claim that they found love. The cost of living in Montpelier is slightly high when compared to average places, with the index being 105.3. Most of the people living there have families and enjoy a peaceful environment. Homes in the area go for around $250,200. According to Reddit, there are excellent farmers in Montpelier who will assure you food fresh from the farm. Montpelier is one of the best places to retire in Vermont.

12. St. Albans

St Albans is home to many artists and musicians in Vermont. The cost of living index there is 102.6, which is slightly above average. Older people form a greater part of the population in St. Albans. The average home price is $212,100, and most of the residents live in their own homes. There are a lot of employment opportunities brought by the neighboring cities that have government offices and industries.

11. Swanton

One of the places with rapid population growth in Vermont is Swanton. The place is mainly ideal for families since all the basics for the development of a child are available starting with early childhood education. The cost of living is slightly below average indexed at 102.0. You can get a house in Swanton at the cost of around $194,100.

10. Johnson

One of the places in Johnson dominated by young professionals is Johnson. It is a place that has many employment opportunities since it is at its period of expansion. One fantastic thing in Johnson is the cost of living that averages 101.4. The value of houses is relatively low when compared to other places in Vermont, with homes going for $197,700. It is a safe place to live and start a family.

9. Morrisville

If you not financially well-off and looking for a place to call home in Vermont, then Morrisville is one of the perfect choices. The cost of living in Morrisville is low at 98.8 hence favoring your pockets. If you also want to get your dream home in Morrisville, then you don't need much since a house goes for around $189,000. The area has a population of 2,128, which is growing at a high rate. The atmosphere at Morrisville is friendlier in the rural areas of the place than in the urban centers. According to Pall Spera, the rural part of Morrisville is one of the most popular vacation villages in Vermont.

8. Enosburg Falls

Enosburg Falls is a host to many cultural and educational facilities in Vermont. The University of Vermont is the main education center that makes Enosburg Falls popular. The place also has a perfect environment in which you will enjoy the fresh air as you go on with your daily activities. The index of the cost of living is 98.3, hence the place is affordable to many. To get yourself a house in Enosburg falls, you will need around $151,200. Entertainment places in the area are also available to keep you preoccupied in your free time.

7. North Bennington

North Bennington is the eighth cheapest place to live in Vermont as per Home snack, with a cost of living index of 95. Cities surround it, and hence, the commute time is less. If you have a job in one of the cities than you will spend little when it comes to transport money. The approximate value of a medium home in North Bennington is $165,400. If you love spending time in the outdoors, then the numerous restaurants, bars, and gardens are available in North Bennington.

6. Barre

One of the affordable places to live in Vermont is Barre. The cost of living index is 94.4, which is lower when compared to many other places in Vermont. The price of homes in Barre is also affordable, as they cost approximately $168,900. The place has little recreation facilities and has some incidences of crimes. The value of homes in the place is low but appreciating at a high rate. If you are a real estate investor, then you have the chance to grab the homes now and wait for their value to increase.

5. Bellows Falls

Bellows Falls is one place in Vermont that is growing and has a lot of potentials when it comes to developments. The fascinating thing is the cost of living that stands at 87.4, while houses go for approximately $128,700. One thing that you will come across when you first arrive in Bellows Falls is the friendly nature of the people. The products in the place are also relatively cheap, especially the locally-produced ones, and this makes the place convenient for all income groups.

4. Lyndonville

If you are planning to start up a business, then you must identify places that will have a wider market in the future. Lyndonville is one place that is expanding after a college built around the place. The current businesses are few enough to sustain the current population, but there is anticipated growth in population. The cost of living in Lyndonville is low, with an index of 85.3. The prices of the homes go for around $122,400 but are appreciating at around 2.6% per annum. The chance to get those homes, therefore, is now and then enjoy the profits in the future. The job availability is low, but this should not deter you from making it your home since the surrounding cities have plenty of job opportunities.

3. Rutland

If you want a place that has low crime, then go to Rutland. According to Livability, 82% of the commuters have their vehicles. For those without vehicles, the commute time to jobs is around fifteen minutes. The cost of living is also low, having an index of 84.5. The moderate value of homes in the place is $137,900. The unemployment rate is also low because of the manufacturing companies neighboring Rutland.

2. Poultney

Poultney is an ideal place for someone looking to settle or start their lives. For the person who wishes to settle, all the necessary social amenities are readily available. The homes are not also expensive as they go for around $146,200. For the person making their start, then Poultney will not hit you hard with expensive bills since the cost of living index is 83.4. You will also be sure to secure a job if you explore the neighboring cities that are full of opportunities. Transport cost won't be high for you because of its proximity to the cities.

1. Newport

Newport has the lowest cost of living with an index 82.1, making the area favorable to anyone irrespective of your financial status. It is one of the best places to live while you try to look for financial stability. The value of an average home in Newport is $120,100; hence, most of the residents, 51% to be precise, own precise homes while 41% rent homes. If you are planning to move to Vermont and want to live a life with fewer bills, then consider Newport.

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