The 10 Best Restaurants in All of Rochester, NY

One of my favorite things I enjoy about traveling is eating at different food establishments and restaurants that reflect the culture in a particular location. Also, what I love about the United States is that you can experience so many different cultures from a culinary perspective and never have to leave the country. Something as simple as iced tea is different depending on what part of the country you visit. I am going to focus on Rochester, NY today. Let’s take a look at the 10 best restaurants in Rochester. Because of the fact that styles, cuisine, and ambiance vary, these restaurants are not listed in any particular order. Basically, a five-star rating does not necessarily make a restaurant better than another that sells comfort food. It is the total experience and since different people demand different experiences, the ranking would be different for each person.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

I have to admit that being from Texas probably makes me biased when it comes to Bar-B-Que; however, I believe that it is safe to say that Barbeque is a favorite of many around the country. When it comes to Barbeque in Rochester, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que stands out. Not only is the food delicious, but the environment is authentic and service is exceptional.

Rooney’s Restaurant

If you are into fine cuisine, you will find several four to five-star restaurants on this list, starting with Rooney’s. According to previous guests, the beef tenderloins are to die for and the beet salad is delicious. Although a great restaurant begins with great food, the experience is also important. At Rooney’s, the ambiance is remarkable and the service is incredible.

DiBella’s Old Fashioned Submarines

You have to have a least one sandwich spot on the list. Sandwiches are quick pickings and the personality of sandwiches are so diverse. Plus, any restaurant title with “old fashioned” in it has to be good, right? The bread is baked fresh and sandwiches are made to order. For the person who is looking for something delicious and affordable, this is not a bad place to start.

Swan Market German Deli & Catering

From the outside looking in, there is nothing special about this restaurant, but luckily, you are not eating on the outside. This is one of the few restaurants in the city that has a perfect 5 on a five-point rating scale. The place is known for its schnitzels and potato salad. It gets very high ratings for service and value. And the food is rated as high as it can be.

Shmeg’s Diner

If you are looking for a good breakfast, you definitely want to check out Shmegs, which has some of the best waffles and eggs you have tasted. This establishment consistently gets top ratings when it comes to its food and the reviews are the quality of service are exceptional as well. Some of the guest favorites include homemade bread, the turkey club, and French toast, just to name a few.

Sinbad’s Mediterranean Cuisine

If you have a passion for Mediterranean food like falafel or gazpacho, then you will definitely want to stop into Sinbad’s Mediterranean Cuisine. The guests absolutely rave about the Cornish Hen. The restaurant gets a high rating for all of its food and it has received great reviews for providing exceptional value. It suffers a little in the area of atmosphere and service, but a lot of that is due to cultural intersectionality. When you understand the culture, the service is actually pretty good.

Ristorante Lucano

Here is another fine cuisine establishment that boasts an exceptional ambiance and remarkable food. This restaurant ranks high in every measurage category from food taste and presentation to value and service. Customers absolutely rave about the veal medallions and corvina. This is a great place for a romantic outing.

The Owl House

The Owl House is fine cuisine at an affordable price. More than 52 percent of the people polled on travel sights grade this restaurant as excellent. The specialty is a special and unique meal called buffalo wings. Think of buffalo wings and substitute cauliflower for the wings. The food and service at this establishment are remarkable and the value is easily realized.

Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria

Okay, the list would not be complete without at least one pizzeria on it. Actually, I would love to put at least three, but I wanted to ensure that this list is diverse enough to satisfy almost everyone. Napa Wood Fired Pizza has received an excellent rating of more than 55 percent, one of the highest in the area. The pizza is wood fired and it shows in the flavor. They are also known for their pear and gorgonzola salad.

Texas de Brazil

If you are an entre-minded person, then Texas de Brazil is definitely a restaurant you want to visit when you visit Rochester. While the food and entres at this establishment are nothing short of remarkable, it almost missed the list solely due to the fact that you can find them all over the country, especially in Texas. However, to ignore the remarkable food at this restaurant would be a travesty.

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