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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Virginia Beach

Located on the coast of Virginia, Virginia Beach is a coastal city that is known for its boardwalk and for its many tourist attractions, including the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Due to its coastal location, it is also known for the high-quality seafood that is available in the area. This is something that the local restaurants take advantage of, as you will find seafood included in many of their menus. There are also many excellent restaurants that specialize in serving seafood. Here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach.

10. Catch 31 Fish House and Raw Bar

An upscale seafood restaurant, you will find Catch 31 Fish House & Raw Bar on Atlantic Avenue in Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront. One of the highlights of this restaurant is the raw bar, which offers a wide selection of raw seafood, including oysters. The raw bar is not the only option, as there are plenty of delicious hot seafood dishes on the menu, many of which are comfort food served in an upscale manner. This restaurant is also known for its tasty selection of cocktails. The option to eat outdoors on the seaside patio is another appealing feature of this restaurant, although diners can still enjoy impressive ocean views from the interior dining room. It is equally suitable for dining with friends or enjoying a romantic meal with a loved one.

9. Murphy’s Irish Pub

This Pacific Avenue restaurant is family-owned and has been open since 2003. The meals are hearty and use fresh, local ingredients, with seafood dishes featuring highly on the menu. It is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner daily. It is the ideal choice if you want somewhere to eat late at night, as it is open until the early hours of the morning. People who enjoy a lively environment will also enjoy dining in this venue, as there is lie Irish music played throughout the week. There are happy hours for cut-price meals and drinks, including cocktails. Diners say that the customer service from the friendly staff is excellent.

8. The Atlantic on Pacific

A casual venue on Pacific Avenue, The Atlantic on Pacific serves crowd-pleasing dishes, such as lobster rolls and oysters served in a variety of ways. The crab toast is also a favorite at this restaurant. There are also some dishes with international flavors, such as the glazed salmon with noodles. In addition to the food, this restaurant is also known for its excellent selection of whiskeys. It has a lively vibe that is ideal for dining with friends.

7. Lucky Oyster Seaside Grill

Lucky Oyster Seaside Grill is a casual eatery with a rustic vibe that is located in Strawbridge Marketplace on General Booth Boulevard. Open for both lunch and dinner, this affordable venue delivers excellent customer service. Oysters are one of the best options on the menu, and there are special platters on offer at various times during the week. Former guests say that this place has a great atmosphere that is perfect for dining out with friends and family.

6. Tautog’s Restaurant

Flavors from around the world are used in the creation of the dishes at this restaurant. Expect to see dishes including tuna sashimi, Cajun shrimp, crab nachos, and scallops Barca. The variety of dishes means there is something to suit all tastes. There are also gluten-free options for people with gluten intolerance. Some nights there is live music for entertainment while you dine.

5. Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant

You will find Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. A unique feature of this restaurant is the glass artwork, including two large stained-glass domes. There is both an a la carte menu featuring both fish and seafood dishes and a set-price buffet where you can sample a vast array of seafood prepared in a variety of ways. The buffet also includes baked chicken and salads.

4. Waterman’s Surfside Grille

Three Best Rated lists Waterman’s Surfside Grille as one of the top options for seafood in Virginia Beach. This restaurant serves almost every seafood ingredient you can think of along with fish of the day options. Many of the dishes are grilled at this affordable eatery, although there are dishes created using many other methods. If you are looking for a seafood venue that is open at breakfast, then this is one of the best options. You should also know that this restaurant has happy hours, a kid’s menu, and cocktail events.

3. Pirate’s Cove

There is a refreshing, tropical vibe at Pirate’s Cove, as it is decorated in bright colors. It is a comfortable and family-friendly restaurant that is run by married couple John and Becky Tillery. The seafood-rich menu includes lots of Virginia classics, and there are plenty of options for younger diners. The desserts at this restaurant are also noteworthy, so save some room to give them a try.

2. Passion the Restaurant

Passion the Restaurant is just as well-known for its extensive fine wines list and cocktails as it is for its stunning seafood dishes. Although there is plenty of classic dishes on the menu for traditionalists, there are plenty of more exotic options for people who want to try something new or different. Furthermore, there are a couple of beef options that will please those in your dining party who are not seafood fans.

1. Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant

According to the the local Cavalier Mazda, the best seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach is Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant. First opened in 2014, this seafood restaurant has established an excellent reputation amongst the locals in the past five years. The menu predominantly consists of dishes created using locally sourced fish and seafood served in a variety of ways. There is also a seafood market at the restaurant, so you can buy fresh fish and seafood to take home.

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