The 10 Best Seiko Watches of 2019

When it comes to watches, there are a few names people always drop, and most of them are Swiss. However we feel that some brands just don’t receive the love or accolades they deserve, and Seiko is one of those brands. Horology aficionados can tell you that Seiko was the company to create the very first quartz movement. These gorgeous and innovative watches have always been a worthy addition to any classy collection of wearable timepieces. From the original “Timekeeper,” produced by Seiko (then known as Seikosha) founder Kintaro Hattori in 1895 to this year’s latest model, *Seiko lives up to its exquisite name.

10. Black Ion Solar Chronograph

Seiko Black Ion Solar Chronograph

Our first pick is this stunning standout in orange and black. The ion plated stainless steel of the case is sure to wear beautifully, and the nylon band makes a perfect compliment to this bold beauty. This is not a watch for the subdued wearer who wishes only to blend into the crowd.

9. SGF206 Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

SGF206 Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

Another truly outstanding and memorable watch from this year’s lineup is the SGF206. This gorgeous golden accessory exudes luxury without the excessive price tag. The simple beauty of the coin edge bezel adds just enough detail without going overboard. The 3’oclock date window adds a small detail to the face without breaking up the attractive smooth background too much.

8. Men’s RECRAFT series

Seiko Men's RECRAFT series

The sky blue, orange and black nylon band sets off the blue face on this watch making it stand out from the crowd. Many of this year’s Seikos are clearly inspired by color stories that are bold and brilliant. We especially like the ‘hollow sword’ hands and the six-month power reserve.

7. Men’s SNA414 Flight Alarm Chronograph

Seiko Men's SNA414 Flight Alarm Chronograph

Another truly outstanding and memorable watch from this year’s lineup is the Flight Alarm Chronograph. This gorgeous golden accessory exudes luxury without the excessive price tag. The sheer level of intricate detailing on the face is enough to hold your attention as it ticks the hours away. If you’re seeking a level of detail that would make a dollhouse miniature maker green with envy, then you’ve found it in the SNA414.

6. Padi Special Edition

Seiko Padi Special Edition

You can take your Special Edition PADI scuba diving if you like. Though it’s not the only scuba friendly Seiko this year, it’s our favorite. It’s always a good idea to have a reliable timepiece when your air supply is limited. You can relax and enjoy the reef with this handsome blue watch with it’s red, white and silver details. The lumibrite hands and details guarantee you’ll be able to see everything and make it back to the boat in time for lunch.

5. Prospex LX Spring Drive

Seiko Prospex LX Spring Drive

To be fair, this isn’t one watch. The entire LX line is worthy of an article on their own. Though they won’t be released to the public until June, these sport watches are designed for the active sporty man who needs to look good on the go. Whether you intend to dive, fly or hit a regatta, you’ll find you can pair your activities perfectly with a Prospex LX from Seiko.

4. Men’s Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel Skeletal Window Watch

Men's Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel Skeletal Window Watch

Seiko does minimalism in a maximally effective way. This asymmetrical face still manages to perfectly balance all the beauty you could want in a watch. The exposed gems add a nice touch. Combining the seamless integration of the band with art nouveau appeal of the lug brings together the overall appeal to make a uniquely attractive accessory. We also love the manual or automatic winding option.

3. Excelsior Solar Powered Ion

Seiko Excelsior Solar Powered Ion

The unique bracelet band design on this watch reminds us of everything we love about robots and everything we loved about knights in shining armor combined in one enchanting piece. The height of beguiling masculine details in this hematite-like finish is visually arresting and everything we could ask for in a watch. Excelsior literally means, “Ever upward,” which is where you’ll be headed in this watch. When it comes to dressing for the job you want, there’s nothing else as suited to the job.

2. Men’s Gold and Black Chronograph

Seiko Men's Gold and Black Chronograph

For a classic chronograph feel, this black leather and gold dress watch is the perfect partner for any upscale suit. Something about this particular watch reminds us of the hand emerging from a chauffered Benz in an upscale New England neighborhood.

1. Seiko Chronograph White Dial Edition

Seiko Chronograph White Dial Edition

Not only is this incredible and timelessly fashionable watch a standout piece, but the price is an absolute steal. The calfskin leather gives a great soft feel on the wrist. Moreover, the obvious nod to aviator watches while maintaining a waterproof rating that would allow the wearer to go snorkeling without worrying that their watch might stop gives this unique creation a sense of class all it’s own.

**Bonus- SBGC230 From the Grand Seiko Collection – $42,000

This ridiculously ravishing red watch with its rose gold details is truly a King among wristwatches. The Grand Seiko Lion inspired this piece, and it shows. With a crocodile leather band, lumibrite hands and 50 jewels, the SBGC230 honors it’s heritage while still standing out as the leader it’s meant to be.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a watch that’s as innovative as Citizen, as timeless as Cartier and yet better priced with style unto itself, Seiko is the way to go. This year they’ve gone above and beyond with the bold, bright colors and visually dynamic designs that are meant to be noticed. You can easily stay a step ahead of the crowd with any one of these chronographs on your wrist.

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